Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Photo Ninja


Back again! OK, so admittedly with another brief blog but it's about forming the habit again ok? 

Gym Ninja has noticed a worrying trend at her gym. She's mentioned it before.  It annoys her immensely. OK, so that doesn't narrow things down. So allow this next section to do so...

So, are you getting Gym Ninja's rage now? OK so maybe it's not really rage-worthy, but it is pointless.  Unnecessary even.  Gym Ninja has a few questions for those who partake in such weird habits.......

So the number on the locker isn't enough for you to remember where you stashed your gym kit? Are you REALLY in the gym so long you forget? 

As you DO seem to be unable to retain a locker number or location, you have selected some way of triggering your memory that works best. You thought a cuddly toy hanging from the padlock was a good idea? Not perhaps a coloured padlock?

In what world does a grown adult BUY a keyring with a cuddly toy on it? Did you happen to have the keyring anyway or did you go out and purposely seek a cuddly toy key ring specifically for gym locker use?

FINALLY.....not only is the cuddly toy NOT enough to help trigger your memory, but you have to make the goddam toy wear a T Shirt with your NAME On it?


Yes, Gym Ninja is talking to you Rachel and Sally (see above). Name and shame!


Gym Ninja wonders if the Mens Locker Room have similar problems? 

Just before Gym Ninja goes, she has received thanks for yesterdays bargainous Maximuscle offers. So as you have all been patient, you can have another one. Yep. Consider yourselves spoiled...and there is a link too!!!!! 

Three for Two on Cyclone as a Deal Of The Day! if you've not tried it then do so. Gym NInja is talking noticeable results in 30 days with this stuff.  Apparently they do a different deal every day (hence the name!) 

Now off you pop! Come back tomorrow yeh?

Gym Ninja x