Saturday, 27 November 2010

Roller coaster Ninja


Obviously things have been going on, hence the lack of blog posts (again). 
Uhh, remember the good old days when Gym Ninja blogged daily? Let us pray those days return as Gym Ninja's head is full of blog fodder ready to spill over into this area of online faffiness.

Thursday saw the return trip to see Vole, the Physio given the task of de-tingling Gym Ninja's arms and hands. The condition (most likely a trapped nerve) was brought on by heavy mileage driving the Blandmobile if you recall?  

Vole: "How are you getting on? Any better?"

GN: "No, in fact if anything it's even worse. More tingles that keeps me awake and affect my grip".

Vole looked back, with her non-responsive face.

Vole: "What about the exercises I gave you? Have they helped at all?"

Hmm, now you can all read back to the last post to see what they were. Effectively a bit of faffy stretching and some rubber band work. Of course, if Vole listened properly then surely having heard Gym Ninja's comment about the tingling growing worse, she'd realise that this in turn meant the exercises had not helped whatsoever?  Gym Ninja clarified this with Vole. Vole looked glum. 


Then followed some physio-waggling of Gym Ninja's arm. Gym Ninja had to say how it felt in certain positions whilst lying on her back like a Muppet.  After much waggling, Vole decided it was definitely upper back/neck muscular tightness that was compressing a nerve that was in turn causing tingles. Great. We kind of knew that before we came here.

Gym Ninja was asked to sit on the bed whilst Vole stood behind her.  Vole pressed Gym Ninja's neck and traps. At one point Gym Ninja mentioned something to Vole.

"I often press there as it kind of helps relieve the pain or discomfort when it flares up".

Vole continued to press on the trigger point silently as Gym Ninja sat in front of her. Gym Ninja felt as if she were posing for one of those Victorian photos-the ones where you sit/stand in a fixed position for ages whilst the camera  takes the shot. 

"What I want you to do, is press on this area and when the pain subsides, press a bit deeper, OK?"

Riiiight. So Vole wants Gym Ninja to do what Gym Ninja has already been doing
No problem. 

Then Vole waggled and twisted Gym Ninja's arm out to the side, flexing the wrist.

"I often do that when it gets tingly" Said Gym Ninja. "It seems to help".

Vole nodded. Well, Gym Ninja assumes she nodded, as Gym Ninja was sat in front of Vole  in the Victorian Photo position.

"OK, so the other exercise I want you to do is this..." And with that, Vole then flexed Gym Ninja's wrist in the EXACT SAME WAY Gym Ninja had already said she already did.


Phyiso exercises for THIS week are exactly what Gym Ninja told Vole she does anyway, and Vole repeated back to her. Fan. Bloody. Tastic. 

Confessional Ninja.

Gym Ninja, has 12 days to a Secret Project,  therefore is eating clean with a vengeance. Everything is being focussed onto this project and Gym Ninja's meals and training sessions are super strict to reflect this. Saying that, sometimes the body just refuses to play ball and forces Gym Ninja to fall headlong, face down, into a bag of chocolate buttons. 

Firstly allow Gym Ninja to explain. She rarely eats chocolate and never eats sweets. Gym Ninja cannot eat sweets as it was SUCH a horrendous addiction that she once had, that the only way to recover and wean herself off the sugar and chemical roller coaster was to go cold turkey. No sweets/ Zero tolerance. This happened May 2009. Now Gym Ninja does not crave sweets. The chemical addiction has been broken. But occasionally, if standing near her Niece's chocolate button stash, she is tempted.....
Yeh. Her 3 year old Niece's chocolate buttons. Gym Ninja took chocolate off a child. OK, so not quite OFF the child. The child wasn't aware the chocolate buttons were in the draw at her grandparents' house. Gym Ninja knew of this.  Gym Ninja's body demanded she try one...and before GN knew it? GONE!

The trick to handling such a disaster is to draw a line under it, and get right back on track with what one was doing before. THIS is how you succeed. Do not use the chocolate button feast as a trigger to launch you into a day or week-long binge Or use it to stop with the healthy habits completely, declaring yourself a failure. Accept it happened. LOOK at why it may have happened? (Gym Ninja had been particularly stressed that day and was lacking in sleep-two factors that make the body crave instant gratification and energy). Then ensure it doesn't happen again. 
It will NOT Happen again. The reward you crave long-term regarding health, fitness and physically how you look and feel, is WAY more rewarding than a 5 minute scoffing of chocolate buttons. Use that focus and move on.

Finally, in this 'erratic' blog post, Gym Ninja would like to tell you all of something wonderful that happened today. It brought more than a few tears to Gym Ninja's eyes & has reminded her that people are truly wonderful and that we often forget it.

A few days ago, Gym Ninja had been on Twitter and posted a tweet asking if anyone had a copy of Lord Sugar's Autobiography she could borrow? The guy is inspirational in terms of how he built his empire out of nothing, how he recovered from major setbacks and pulled himself together and grew stronger because of it. Gym Ninja  decided she would learn much from such an inspirational man and as funds are currently dire, borrowing a book would be a sensible option.   Today, the Postman attempted to batter down Gym Ninja's front door.

SHUSH Postman! Gym Ninja is not sleeping as she has a major gym session planned. Oh and incidentally, why DO you call 3 hours earlier on a Saturday than a week day? THAT doesn't make sense now does it? Anyhow...the door was buckling under his ham fists. Gym Ninja yanked open the door.

There was a parcel. Oh. GymNinja hadn't ordered a thing? Was it an error?  Opening the parcel, Gym Ninja was stunned to see a copy of Lord Sugar's Autobiography.... and a note.  The note was from an online client who Gym Ninja has only known via the wonders of email for just under a month. The client had seen the tweet and bought Gym Ninja a copy of the book.


Truly the nicest thing anyone has done for Gym Ninja for as long as she can recall. Completely out of the blue and such a thoughtful gift. Hopefully Gym Ninja can use Lord Sugar's book to assist her in working towards her own goals, which in turn, are helping others achieve theirs.....

So Gym Ninja is now off to read the book.......


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