Monday, 15 November 2010

Shockingly Tardy Ninja with bribes


Gym Ninja has been writing a blog post for the past 2 weeks yet has lost the will to live with it. So into the bin it goes...

Just a quick post before normal(ish) service resumes this week.......... Maximuscle have launched 3 new offers on bundles... Fat loss bundles at that. Perfect for the run up to Christmas so Gym Ninja will be kind and tell you about them so you all forgive her for being tardy and not blogging lately ok?


There probably are direct links but GymNinja is still a bit tardy so therefore just suggests you click onto ANY of the Maximuscle ads at the side of this  blog to take you to the page and then click on the special offers tab ok?  

Deal One.

2 x Tubs of Promax Protein Power , 1 bottle of CLA, 1 bottle of Thermobol and a box of Promax Diet Bars..... £99 instead of £161.95

YEP! Good deal huh?

Deal Two

2 x Tbs of Promax Diet, 1 bottle of CLA,  and 1 bottle of Thermobol  £99 instead of £155.96

Deal Three

A Promax Diet Starter Pack (a tub, bars, T shirt and shaker bottle)  £59.00 instead of £84.96

Oh and if that wasn't enough (and Gym Ninja is using this to completely erase your annoyance at the lack of blogging), you get FREE DELIVERY On these orders.

The offer closes on 12th December so get it asap or maybe even think about them as gift boxes for your healthier friends and family? 

OK, enough now as Gym Ninja feels a tad like an advertisement. She is not. She just likes and uses the range so can only recommend what she uses obviously! 

Top Tip: Chocolate Mint Promax is AMAZING as a flavour. They also offer it in the Promax Diet Bars too which tastes like After Eights (mmm). Oh and they do Promax Meal Bars in Chocolate ORange (yum) and the new flavour Berry , which Gym Ninja has decided tastes a bit like marzipan? Or does it? Gym Ninja hasn't eaten Marzipan for 20 years!!!!!! click on the side parts to take you to the site. Saves on typing it in at the top.  But wait 10 mins. Gym Ninja is just off to place an order and doesn't want the stock to run out ;-)

Toodle pip

Gym Ninja xx