Sunday, 1 August 2010

A day of two halves...

Good weekend everyone?

Gym Ninja has been busy the past few days so will catch  up with Friday's news.

Gym Ninja had some morning appointments Friday and knew that in order to be on the '5 minutes past' train that she would have to be out of the house by half past.  Gym Ninja KNEW this. Gym Ninja couldn't afford to miss the train as then getting the later train would mean cutting things very fine. SO what does Gym Ninja find herself doing? FAFFING! Faffing meant that all of a sudden it was a quarter to, and Gym Ninja was still at home. That's 15 minutes after the time she was supposed to leave.


Gym Ninja hurtled out of the house, got in the car and drove to the train station. Seeing the train at the platform, she legged it to buy a ticket from a very bored looking Railway Employee and just about made it on the train with a couple of minutes to spare.


 As the train then departed, Gym Ninja looked at her watch. OMG! How weird? She was now actually on the earlier train than the one she'd been running late for!!!!!! So, settling down for the journey Gym Ninja relaxed.    Once GN was one slowing down for the stop away from the one she needed, she decided to grab her notebook and start making some programme adjustments. Barely noticing the stream of people walking past her, she then eventually registered the bleep bleep bleep of the doors as they began to close, and as Gym Ninja looked up...


It was the stop that Gym Ninja should be getting off at! GN leapt off the seat, grabbed her bag and leapt through the closing doors just managing to depart the train before being squashed between the doors.  What WAS it with trains today????

Gym Ninja had fun with her clients that day. They worked hard and they looked so much healthier having followed the nutritional guidance and kept up their 'homework' of exercises between sessions.  Gym Ninja walked one of her clients back downstairs and to the door, saying goodbye and then setting up camp at a booth in the bar lounge area of the hotel (where Gym Ninja's gym is located). Gym Ninja needed to finish the stuff she had begun on the train whilst waiting for the Boss Man she rented the gym space from to arrive for a meeting.

As Gym Ninja waited, she was aware of someone walking past the booth a few times. How annoying. Plenty of space! Walk elsewhere please. Pffft!  Eventually, Gym Pimp (the guy Gym Ninja pays her monthly gym rent to) arrived, sat down and started his blah blah blah in her face.

As Gym Pimp was talking, he kept glancing to his left. STOP IT Gym Pimp, that's very distracting....and yet on and on he did it, with a silly smirk on his face. In the end, Gym Ninja turned to look at what had obviously caught his attention?


Nothing other than some bloke using a small child as a table..and by that Gym Ninja means where you get the child to lean forwards slightly whilst you lean on their back and write something on a piece of paper.  Gym Ninja looked back at Gym Pimp who was grinning so hard it started to look as if he was a character off Wallace & Grommit.  Gym Pimp nodded his head sideways and grinned some more, so Gym Ninja again looked and then noticed that the man was actually writing on the child's t shirt.


"Is he famous or something?" Enquired Gym Ninja.

Gym Pimp nearly burst with excitement. Bear in mind this man was standing about an arms length away from where GN and GP were sitting.   Gym Pimp nodded!

"Who is it  then?" Sighed Gym Ninja, now slightly bored by the whole distraction.

"Joe Cole" Hissed Gym Pimp.

Now Gym Ninja ONLY knows this name because it has been in the news these past few weeks so she now knew  him to be a footballer....and of course looking AGAIN it was clear that T shirt was in fact a Liverpool football shirt he was signing. Oh.

"That's not a REAL sport though is it? Football" Announced Gym Ninja in perhaps a voice that was a tad louder than should have been considering a footballer was standing so close.

Gym Pimp looked incredulous, which Gym Ninja took as a sign that he was confused and needed further clarification.

"Well, they just prance about kicking a bit of dead cow across the grass. I much prefer rugby. THAT'S a proper sport. They smash into each other & need sheer power as well as skill. I don't see it as a sport unless they leave the pitch with their face mangled!"

Gym Pimp looked blank.

"Formula One. Now That is a sport too! Lots of skill and control as well as fitness. No dead cows being kicked on grass in that sport is there?"

At this point, Gym Ninja realised that not only was Gym Pimp not agreeing with her sentiments, but that quite possibly from the glare that was shot across from him, that perhaps someone not so very far away had also overheard the 'football isn't a proper sport' comment.


That evening Gym Ninja headed to the gym for her own quick workout session. Hill intervals on the treadmill!!!!!!  Setting the incline to the maximum gradient of 15% Gym Ninja ran and then did walking recoveries in timed intervals as she sweated like a pig for 20 minutes.  Intervals are a fantastic way to ramp up the burn and encourage the body to start tapping into the subcutaneous fat stores (that's the fat that's stored under the skin which gives you that delightful lumpy bumpy wide load look).   Over by the Squat Rack was an older couple. The guy was busy loading up the plates on the Olympic bar in readiness for his female parter to squat with. This woman must have been in her late 40s and had an AMAZING body! A body that would wipe the floor with most 20 year old girls that went to that gym. See? Squats rule! Train hard and don't be afraid of the weights ladies.    The remainder of Gym Ninja's workout ran smoothly and after frying her abs at the end of the session she took great delight in being treated to a very impressive demo of a guy performing plyometric press ups with a clap. That's where they perform a press up and as they reach the top position, they clap both hands together rapidly before then banging out another press up. Phwoah!

Mmmmm.  Gotta love health & fitness eh?

Gym Ninja x