Saturday, 3 July 2010

Begging Ninja

Oooh just a quick post if you all don't mind?

Gym Ninja needs to get a good nights sleep as she is doing the Race For Life 5k tomorrow  (Sunday 4th July)to raise money for Cancer Research.

It's the first sponsored run Gym Ninja has done in years and Gym Ninja is doing it in memory of her beloved grandmother who sadly lost her battle with Cancer of the Oesophagus this time last year. 

Gym Ninja's Nanna was wonderful glamorous woman who never lost her style even in the last few days. In fact Gym Ninja painted her nails for her only a few days before she died (and ensured that the undertakers took the bottle to touch up the chips in her polish so she'd be immaculate the way she wanted to be).

Oooh-that kind of put a downer on the blog post eh? See? Gym Ninja just sits and types-never plans what falls out of her keys. Gym Ninja didn't mean to make anyone sad. However if anyone wants to donate to Cancer Research then please do so at

Thank you xxxxxxx