Friday, 2 July 2010

A mystery solved....

Ah, sorry for the shoddiness in posts yet AGAIN! Damned hot weather makes sitting in front of a computer less appealing than usual.

Anyway.....yay, a gym blog post! FINALLY.

So, Gym Ninja headed to the gym Wednesday, early in the day and all ready to work hard and burn off some nervous energy. Sleep has been lacking these past few weeks due to stresses and worries, (panda eyes are NOT a good look by the way) so maybe a tough workout would help?

Getting out of the car, Gym Ninja managed to snag her gym leggings on the seat adjustment of the car, causing herself to twang backwards as she attempted to get out of the car. Once inside the gym, she swung her gym bag onto the vanity area only to jump back, as a spider hurtled towards her.  The spider leaped off the edge of the vanity area and fell to the ground, where it stood, waiting for it's next victim. It didn't have to wait long....a woman took up position at the vanity area, her naked flip flopped foot right next to the spider. Gym Ninja did consider tipping the girl off, however decided against it and left,  allowing the spider to complete it's mission of climbing up the woman's leg.....

Over by the lockers were two old women.

"I've not seen you for ages Audrey!" Said the first woman.
"Have you been ill?"

Audrey looked sheepish.

"Er, no. I've just only been coming 'now and then'...."

The other woman shot Audrey a dirty look.

"Oh" She said, then walked off.

Gym Ninja stuffed her belongings in the locker, JUST as a member of staff came in, wielding the bolt cutters. Obviously someone had lost their locker key.
That was when Gym Ninja had the idea.....
Locker 266.
Remember it?
The locker that had the pink lock on it? It had been there for over 12 months and had now rusted so was obviously never used.

"Excuse me", Interrupted Gym Ninja.
"This lock has been on here a whole year. You wouldn't mind cutting the lock off would you?"
The girl looked at locker 266.
"Has it really? They are only supposed to stay on over night!"

By now another woman drying her hair had taken an interest.

"Wow, really? A whole year? I wonder what's in it?" She said, peering around the corner to stare at the lock.

The staff member stopped, looked at Gym Ninja and then got a bit afraid.
"is it really an abandoned lock?"

Er, like Gym Ninja just wants other peoples gym kit for herself!

But then curiosity got the better or the girl.

"Maybe it's a dead body in there?" She mused as she walked towards it.

"Or a murder weapon like a knife!" Said the other woman, who had abandoned drying her hair and was now waiting to see the contents too.

This was IT! FINALLY! Finally Gym Ninja would see what was inside the goddam locker!

The bolt cutters were in place, the lock was snapped and the door opened, and inside.......

Inside was.......


A WHOLE year of wanting to know, and there wasn't even anything IN there?


So, into the gym. Intense heat yet onwards and upwards, quite literally with 20 minutes of hill sprints. 1 minute running up a 12% incline and 1 minute recovery walk, and so on until death, OR the 20 minutes are up. Gym Ninja chose the latter luckily.

Getting off the treadmill, Gym Ninja walked (staggered!) past the adductor machine...and caught her GODDAM leggings on the handle of it, which again caused her to twang backwards. What WAS it with today?

Making her way to the free weights, Gym Ninja grabbed some fairly light dumbbells and started clock squats combining them with straight arm pulldowns so that her entire body was worked at the same time. Quite how GN didn't fall over is anyones guess. Admittedly it all got a tad wobbly with the one legged dumbbell deadlifts as by this point Gym Ninja's legs were very much fried but when you're this far in to a deadly leg day then you may as well carry on until your walk resembles Bambi.. and so it continued.....Leg Press, hamstring curl, leg extension  that squeaked like a violated donkey, calf raises (ignoring the man on the next machine doing Policeman ello ello ello knee bends on his!).......

FINALLY the workout finished. Stretches have never felt so good, and Gym Ninja could now recover with her Promax protein shake  albeit feeling a bit sad now she knew the secret of Locker 266.......

Gym Ninja x