Monday, 12 July 2010

Sunday Slaughter!

No no no no no. NOT Saturday Slaughter Session people. Gym Ninja has been suffering from lack of sleep lately, and as a result very nearly slammed into the back of another car the other day, so taking this as a rather inappropriately named 'wake up call', GN  had decided that to put her body through the usual Saturday gym session would do more harm than good, so instead slept in and went to the gym later on that day.  Cardio and weights as per usual.

However this meant that Gym Ninja was missing a Spin Session from hell, hence the rising of the focussed Ninja that dragged herself out of bed Sunday morning and was determined to get that Spin high.

Admittedly not as tired as the previous day, it takes more than one night to catch up on the sleep deficit Gym Ninja is currently rocking, so she looked around for a pre workout boost. In the cupboard was a sample of 'pre workout formula' that Gym Ninja had  received when at the BodyPower Expo...

'Reflex Pre Workout' powder.
Fruity (ahem) and designed to be mixed with water and quaffed prior to a workout. Mmm, sounded good. Nice silver packet too. So Gym Nina mixed it up and took a swig.....


You know that metallic chemical taste you get with some supplements? This unfortunately was one of those. Gym Ninja persevered and yet after 5 gulps decided that there was no way this was continuing down into her stomach, so instead poured it down the sink.  Gym Ninja is certain she heard the plughole gag........

Gym Ninja arrived at the gym with 15 mins to spare before the hour long Hill Climbing Spin Session. Gathering her stuff together it was only when she reached to get her much needed (and compulsory apparently) Sweat Towel that Gym Ninja realised she'd forgotten hers.


Gym Ninja sweats like a pig in Spin Class. The Sweat Towel can barely cope, so to NOT have one? GN may drown! Also, it adds to the whole annoyance factor knowing that back at home there are 5 gym towels all in the drawer, lying around, not mopping up sweat....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Once in the Spin Studio Gym Ninja grabbed half a miles worth of paper tissue from the dispenser on the wall. That'd have to do.  Taking up her position on the usual Spin Bike, Gym Ninja chatted to Dangly her Spin Buddy who informed her that the day before, the people who sit on the right hand side of the room had travelled across and sat on the Lefties side!


You miss ONE Spin class and things change!!!!

Wrapping the half mile of tissue around the handlebars, Gym Ninja settled down and prepared to sweat.......

And sweat she did! The tissue was hopeless. Gym Ninja had to use small tufts of it to ensure it lasted the whole hour. By the end of the class the floor space around Gym Ninja was littered!!!!!

A quick ab session later and Gym Ninja headed to the changing rooms to get a shower. Two girls were stood chatting...

"It gets boring on your own doesn't it? You know, coming to the gym and working out" Said one girl.


Listen. If you are actually bored at the gym then you are either NOT training hard enough (as if you are then there is constant change in what you are doing so no time to get bored), OR you have been doing the same old thing for too long and need to get a PT or Gym Instructor to work out something new. The body is designed to find the least path of resistance and will adapt quickly to save energy to what you do. This is why you do not just pick one exercise programme and follow it forever as your body will adapt and progress will grind to a halt (assuming you haven't died of boredom yet)

After the post workout protein shake (choc mint Maximuscle Promax of course) and shower, Gym Ninja headed to the supermarket to stock up on cottage cheese, organic veg and eggs. Obviously other things too but thanks to forgetting the day before (which resulted in a tin of tuna as GN's evening meal) veggies were needed!!!!!!!!

As Gym Ninja shopped she again saw lots of people slumped over their supermarket trolleys. You know the way-whereby they rest their chest and arms all over the handles and then almost body surf through the store? Needless to say their trolleys are usually full of processed nonsense and carb-heavy (which would explain their listlessness).  As Gym Ninja was packing and paying for her shopping, a really REALLY large man in yellow stood behind her in the queue said,

"Come on Skinny! You're giving me a complex here! I'm nursing a beer blister!"

At this, the Yellow man smiled and patted his incredibly large belly.
Yeh, like you needed to point that out.

"It's OK, I'm a Personal Trainer. Hire me!" Retorted Gym Ninja, seeing the panic in the Yellow Man's eyes as he suddenly thought he may be press-ganged into a workout!!!!!!

OMG, Gym Ninja must end this blog post now. Tiredness has just made her accidentally hit the delete button and it's taken GN ages to figure out how to get all this typing back!!!!!! NO WAY would there have been another attempt at a post!

Toodle pip

Gym Ninja x