Friday, 9 July 2010

Losing it!

Aha! You thought Gym Ninja would forget to blog again eh? Nope! Back on track!

Today was an odd day in Ninja land. Gym Ninja, despite attempting to build up her PT empire, kind of figured she needed to be practical and perhaps get some sort of regular income in the interim period, which meant attending interviews for sales reps jobs. *yawn*
Gym Ninja needs to do this so that she can afford the mortgage payments on the very door she needs to keep the wolf away from!

So Tuesday Gym Ninja attended the second (and final) stage of an interview for a sales job selling Negative Pressure Wound Care to hospitals. Yay-staring at rotting ulcerated body parts all day. Joy!  The interview went well & the guy seemed very interested in GN and said she would definitely be hearing from him.....and then Wednesday passed and no call........................and then today, late afternoon, the call came and the man from Ulcerated Body Parts said...NO!

Fanbloodytastic!  Back to Plan D, E and F then to raise funds whilst building the PT Empire!!!!!

So Gym Ninja headed to the gym to work through the annoyance.  The journey was a tad hairy due to the fact that Gym Ninja had managed to lose her sunglasses earlier that day and the sun  was burning a hole in her retinas as she drove.

This is the 2nd pair of sunglasses Gym Ninja has lost this month. This is why her 'ceiling amount' for new  replacement sunglasses is now £4. Gym Ninja cannot afford 2-3 pairs a month!

Now a few days before Gym Ninja had replaced her padlock for a new one. The very same day she'd roadtested the new padlock she had managed to LOSE The key in the final 3 minutes of the gym session. Seriously! This in turn meant GN had to do the walk of shame that involved leading a staff member wielding large bolt cutters, to her locker and having the new 1 day old lock cut off!  So today, Gym Ninja needed a new lock. They sell them at the gym...

Gym Ninja was given a lock and a pink rubber band. Apparently the pink band was to keep her key on. Shame she never had one the other day eh? But then hang on....after accepting the band Gym Ninja then noticed the price for the lock had an additional £1 added to it...

£1 for a bloody pink rubber band!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
What is Gym Ninja? A pigeon?

Stomping off to the changing rooms, Gym  Ninja got dressed and prepared for her intense workout. Heart Rate monitor band went on....but oh.
Stupid Gym Ninja had forgotten to put her Heart Rate Monitor watch in her bag after yesterdays outdoor run.  Time to remove the strap and use the  'train until you fall over or vomit' scale of intensity then.

After caning it on the treadmill mixing up fartlek intervals of speed, hills etc, Gym Ninja slid off the treadmill 55  minutes later (what can GN say? She was stressed & needed the burn!) and went to sponge herself down in the changing rooms & to also grab some resistance bands to add to her planned leg workout.

As Gym Ninja walked across the changing room floor, she nearly fell over a woman walking soooooooo slowly she almost walked backwards. Gym Ninja looked at the womans feet, half expecting her to be on casters she was gliding at such a smooth slow rate. Nope. No wheels. Just flip flops and the woman was gliding towards the door that led to the gym floor. Flip flops? Around weights? REALLY?????  That woman sure looked as if she was in some sort of voodoo trace-she barely registered being alive. How can anyone be that calm? Gym Ninaj watched as Voodoo Woman glided through the door and out into the hustle and bustle of the gym.

Anyhow, back to the resistance band quest..

But Gym Ninja rounded a corner a woman came running towards Gym Ninja...

"HAVE YOU SEEN A CLEANER?" She yelled, terror in her eyes.

Er... no.

The woman ran off.

Gym Ninja was tempted to go see why the woman needed a cleaner with such urgency and yet something told her that maybe it'd not be a wise move?  Maybe a stray poo bomb from a small child had exploded somewhere near the sauna?

Anyhow...resistance band.........that's what GN had come in for.
Er.....where was the resistance band? The purple one? AHHHR! Gym Ninja had LOST the bloody thing. What IS it lately with losing things? Gym Ninja would have to make do with the puny green resistance band and her jump rope. Grabbing her stuff she went to plug herself into her iPhone. Bad Boy music was necessary today in the form of red Hot Chilli Peppers BloodSugarSexMagik!


HOW had Gym Ninja managed to lose her headphones? She'd had them when she was running a moment ago and now poof? Gone?
Back to the treadmill went GN, and then had the embarrassing task of leaning behind the guy who had replaced her on the treadmill, frightening the life out of him as she dipped her hand into the storage area of the treadmill, where luckily she found her lost headphones.

Leg time! again! YAY! Interspersed with bouts of jump rope to really kill off any fear of the future in Gym Ninja's brain. Nothing like absolute death by exercise to help delay nagging fears in the mind you know.

Stretching out, Gym Ninja peeked down at the Hydropool.
It was full  of Buddhas.
Meditation Day at the Hydropool perchance?
Gym Ninja decided that she did not want to 'relax; in a pool of frothing Buddhas. It would feel a bit like being on  a wildlife TV show amongst hippos. Perhaps today was not the best day for it, especially as so far Gym Ninja had managed to lose a job offer, sunglasses, headphones & a resistance band. What if her bikini top were to follow? Also....was that Voodoo Woman sitting in the Hydropool in her voodoo trance??????

Okey dokey, back again tomorrow people. Chop chop!

Gym Ninja x