Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tuesday dawns...

So, Gym Blog for Tuesday Ninjarettes! Have you double checked what you have missed in terms of blog posts gone by? Gym Ninja is now forgetting to 'advertise' the recent posts in her usual manner so check anyway, just in case you missed any eh?

Gym Ninja decided that Tuesday required a morning gym session.  Much needed to be done that day and if Gym Ninja left the workout until evening there was a good chance that it may not happen. See? Always pre-empt any possibility of skipping/failing to do a workout by looking ahead at your diary and scheduling in when is most suitable and then STICK to it!

Off Gym Ninja went, having managed to leave putting on her black bootleg lycra until the very last minute to avoid the Ninja Cat Trap.
The Ninja Cat Trap is when one of Gym Ninja's cats waits, sitting aloof on the window sill or draped over the back of the sofa, until Gym Ninja puts on black lycra (or black anything for that matter) before wrapping itself all over GN.  Thus a layer of car fur is then deposited along the length of the trouser leg. Sometimes waiting until the very last moment to complete ones outfit is the only way of avoiding the trap.

The car park at the gym was RAMMED! It was like the post Christmas rush again. Who were all of these people up early on a Tuesday FFS?

Gym NInja parked up and headed to the door, as a car pulled up and a guy helped out another man in a wheelchair. Gym Ninja always feels inspired and also a bit guilty when she sees people with disabilities still focussed on getting to the gym to train.
Inspired because it shows they are dedicated to stay fit and healthy no matter what.
Guilty for those times Gym Ninja cannot be bothered working out and so makes up an excuse about being tired. If this guy can make the huge effort of having to arrange help, assistance and travel to the gym to train then what excuse could Gym Ninja possibly have?

As Gym Ninja walked across the gym floor she noticed tattoos. Everywhere.  There were about 6 lower leg tattoos, 5 arm sleeves, 2 back tattoos, plus a variety and mixture of others. Gym Ninja was now wondering if a Tattoo convention was in town and this was why the gym was full? Or maybe it's Tattoo Tuesdays?

As Gym Ninja began to train, plugged into her iPhone's iPod, she nearly fell off the trainer as an incredibly loud, deafening tannoy flared into life..

"Could Jenny please report to reception"

AT this, 32 Jennys in the local area within a 10 mile radius dropped whatever they were doing, looked up and then began to make their way to the Reception......jeeeeez, turn it DOWN!

Cardio done, Gym Ninja began on her leg work, starting with an isolation leg extension to pre-exhaust her quads. As Gym Ninja rested between sets, she became aware of a woman circling her. The woman had been wandering past as Gym Ninja sat down to use the leg extension and was now carefully and slowly circling her, weaving in and out of the other machines.
So here's the thing.
Sometimes, people USE The piece of equipment you were about to use. It happens. The way around it is to either do an ALTERNATIVE as there are hundreds of possibilities, OR do something else and come back to it. Do not pace across the floor as you are wasting your own time, and encouraging people like Gym Ninja to tag on a few extra sets just to be pedantic!

Post workout Gym Ninja had planned on using the Hydropool, but today it was dead. Covered over with the special 'out of action' cover. Grr!  So as Gym Ninja stripped to get a shower she could not help but notice just how many elderly ladies were in the changing rooms.  Oh, and just how many waited until they were in a badly fitting towel before reaching and bending for things. That is the ones who bothered with a towel. TOO much naked bending and reaching ladies. PLEASE get everything you need on eye level before stripping naked.

Also, WHY talcum powder? Gym Ninja assumed talcum powder was for babies and those people with a fetish for rubber clothing? Why do old people need talcum powder????????? Why do they then sprinkle it all over the floor in some sort of flesh toned snow globe effect? Bleurrrh!

Anyhow, the workout was done, and Gym Ninja was left with the rest of the day free in order to plan her future. Awww, can you tell GN had NO way of wrapping up today's blog? T'was like a story eh?????

Until tomorrow

Gym Ninja x