Sunday, 18 July 2010


Gym Ninja is seriously out of the habit of a daily blog eh? Probably as she is still sorting out her new regular 'routine'.

So you can catch up, allow Gym Ninja to regale you with some past happenings since we last talked about her!

Gym Ninja has a dodgy iPhone. The 3GS is playing up something chronic and moreso since the new software update, to the point that the battery would rain by 50% within a couple of hours. Eeek! Do not drain Gym Ninja's 'world'. GN cannot cope without the iPhone, so with this is mind she booked in to the Genius Bar at Apple. Surely a real live genius would help?

Friday dawned and Gym Ninja walked into her local Apple store, trying to look directly ahead and not be drawn to the iPads to her left. Gym Ninja has a Mac, a MacBook, and an iPhone so obviously an iPad which is near identical yet sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different is essential for her life. *ahem*

Once seated at the Genius Bar, she was met by a Skateboarder who happened to be a 'Genius'. Who knew? Looked like a Skateboarder to Gym Ninja!    Gym Ninja then explained the problem of the ever draining battery whilst Skaterboy listened on. He then took Gym Ninja's beloved iPhone and rammed a couple of probes into it, like something off the Sci Fi 'Alien Experiments With Probes' genre...

"Water Damage!" Announced Skaterboy.

"The probes have turned pink which is a sign that water has gotten into the iPhone and is causing it to short circuit. I'm afraid water damage isn't covered by the warrantee"

Gym Ninja did a big 'O' shape with her mouth. WATER damage? Gym Ninja hates water. How can this have happened........and then......ahhhh.

"Ahh, It's SWEAT damage, not water damage." Confessed Gym Ninja.

"I sweat all over my iPhone when I'm training at the gym you see as I stash the iPhone down my top."

*cue cute innocent smile*

Never has Gym Ninja ever seen anyone want to drop an iPhone as fast as Skaterboy did. He managed to stop himself, yet adjusted his grip on it so only the tips of two fingers were now holding it.

"Er, I'll go and speak with the Manager. Like I say, it's not normally covered by the warrantee but I will see what he says".

And with that, Skaterboy and Ninjaphone departed (with Skaterboy still barely touching the iPhone).

5 minutes later Skaterboy returned.

"We'll replace it just this once. We'll have to order a new 3GS in & will ring you when it's ready to switch".

Skaterboy handed back the sweat damaged iPhone to Gym Ninja as she beamed at him.  Perhaps stashing a few bikini pictures of herself (taken to help her decide on which bikini to purchase btw) on her iPhone pays dividends when a Store Manager is deciding whether to help out a customer or not? Top Tip ladies!!!!

Saturday dawned... (yes Ok so GN has skipped regaling you with a few workouts but she's forgotten what happened ok?)...Saturday SLAUGHTER Session time!!!!!!

As Gym Ninja bounced through the turnstile she managed to wedge herself inbetween the prongs. Ooops! Too much Diet Emerge Energy Drink making her a tad too fast for the turnstile operation. Also made her look like a spaz....

For once in MONTHS Gym Ninja had time for a 10 minute run prior to spin. Just like the 'old days'. Excellent. If Gym Ninja recalled, the run prior to Spin really helped with the energy levels believe it or not?

The run was 'effortless'. Woohoo! Must be the combination of Diet Emerge and the fact that Gym Ninja is once again sleeping OK.  Next stop, the Spin Studio. Gym Ninja bounded into the room and started to set up her bike, chatting to Dangly her 'bike neighbour' as she did so...

'What's all of that on your neck? That water?" Asked Dangly.

"It's sweat! I just did a quick run" Replied Gym Ninja.

Dangly eyed her nervously, before muttering something about Gym Ninja being a tad too bouncy today.

Chatting about regular attendees, Gym Ninja ended up realising that one ofthe regulars to Spin hadn't been for ages.

"Bike Man hasn't been for ages has he?" Said Gym Ninja to Dangly.

Dangly stared at Gym Ninja.

"Are you joking? He was sat in front of you LAST WEEK!"


Looks like Gym Ninja isn't observant.

"Are you sure?" Asked Gym Ninja as she crossed the room towards the door to throw away her empty can of energy drink.
"The guy with the glasses who is obviously a cyclist? HIM?"

The words were barely out of Gym Ninja's mouth when the very man walked in through the doors in a high viz yellow cycling top.

Dangly looked at the man, looked at Gym Ninja and threw her a 'See-told you!' look across the room. What WHERE The chances?

Bang on 10am the class began, and Gym Ninja pedalled away. Today however Gym Ninja didn't find it as tough. Yes, Gym Ninja broke a sweat, but not to the 'been for a swim or head stuck in a bucket of water' level l she normally sports after the hour is over. Remarkable what sleep and a warm up run can do. According to the Polar Heart Rate monitor the workout was pretty much as intense as it usually was too.  Great stuff.

After Spin was Lower Body work. and Gym Ninja planned on super-setting her legs to a pulp!   High volume and medium weights...

Barbell Squats with Straight legged Deadlifts
Sumo Squats with barbell cleans
Bulgarian Split Squats with one legged dumbbell deadlifts
Then, just to be on the safe side (it does the legs good to be beasted like this once every month), Gym Ninja super-setted frontal plane lunges with Romanian deadlifts.

OOOOOH! Job well done. Yet STILL Gym Ninja had some bounce in her. Let this be a lesson to us all....SLEEP is the best energizer ever. Not only that, it helps regulate appetite as it controls ghrelin levels (that increase hunger levels & fat mass), reduces cortisol & promotes rest and recovery in the body. That, plus a can of Diet Emerge and you're Tigger for the day! ;-)

Until next time (whenever that may be)

Gym Ninja x