Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Oh no!

Do you all feel abandoned?

Gym Ninja began 2  new blog posts in the past few days and yet stopped midway due to other commitments. But had to share the news for today, even if it was brief. Bet it doesn't turn out brief eh?

So...if you want fitness stuff skim to the end, otherwise continue as GN has another Interview story to tell....


Today Gym Ninja had an interview with a 'competitor' to her old work. The old work being the ones who had 'Fondant Fancied' (aka sacked) her. Now, Gym Ninja had agreed to this interview 1 day after being fired, and it was only just coming to fruition as first GN had to take a 1 hour telephone screening interview first. Talk about long drawn out processes!

Last night Gym Ninja received a call from the Agency checking to see if she was fully prepared for the interview.
Gym Ninja said yes.
Gym Ninja lied.
Gym Ninja HATES the Industry sector she was working in, so the thought of working in it again albeit for another company was still not a nice prospect. However, it was a day out eh? A chance to get suited and booted and talk 'business'. Plus, Gym Ninja could accidentally leak a few trade secrets in the process? After all, it's the least she could do.......

After an attempt to revise the night before for the subject she was supposed to know already having worked in a job for 10 months (ahem), Gym Ninja was soon distracted by a telephone call from her chum, Cactus K who was being infinitely childish and dragged Gym  Ninja down that route with her, so all that planned revision went by the wayside.

The  morning dawned and Gym Ninja did Power Dressing Ninja, grabbed her sales brag file (a folder showing her achievements in sales roles, for example winning incentives, and holiday such as Rio and the Cannes Film Festival to name but a few....surprised? Gym Ninja can actually sell you know! It's just boring stuff for Muppets she finds hard to deal with!!!) and set out on the 3 hours drive to meet the Business Director at Company X.

Gym Ninja pulled up outside the front door of the Head Office and parked in the Visitors Space.  Gym Ninja got out of the car, trying her best to look professional, as she realised that her Mini Cooper was rocking the fluffy dice and daisy on the arial look (something GN usually frowns upon but had been going through a phase recently!). Bugger!

On arrival, Gym Ninja was introduced to the Business Director,... let us call him Bob.  Bob offered Gym Ninja a cuppa so having agreed to this she watched, horrified as he attempted to coerce a machine into plopping fake tea into a plastic cup. Mmm. Thanks.

"Today's just an informal chat" Said Bob, who was a likable chappy as he held the door open for Gym Ninja (aww, GN loves manners).

"Sit down, anywhere you feel comfortable. Take your jacket off too if you like......" Continued Bob, wafting his hand at a chair.

Er, what?
Gym Ninja had visions of this turning into a
'Just pop your clothes off and take a seat' kind of a predicament...but chose to quell her apprehension and did as she was told.
Taking the jacket off, not the entire outfit BTW....

Thus began the 'informal chat' and it REALLY was informal.

"I see you work at The Muppet Show?" Said Bob, referring to Gym Ninja's previous employer. Obviously the company name has been changed to spare any incompetent hurt feelings.......

Now, the night before Gym Ninja had been undecided as to how to break the news mid interview about the Fondant Fancy situation. Should she come clean? Should she try and disguise it with smoke and mirror talk? Should she profess sexual harassment so that Bob wouldn't ask further details from her? After much consultation with friends and a chat with Cactus K on the phone (before Cactus had gone all childishly smutty on her of course) Gym Ninja worked up a very nice speech that would make a Politician weep with it's vagueness.

"Ah, I did work there but I don't now. There's a story behind that" Replied Gym Ninja, as Bob raised his eyebrow quizzically.

"I saw 3 of your old work colleagues about jobs recently" Confessed Bob, before he slapped his hand over his mouth.
"Oooh, I shouldn't have said that, it's not professional of me!"

Gym Ninja looked at Bob, smelling gossip!

"Hey, you can tell me.  It's not like I am in contact with them anymore, for reasons you'll understand soon enough", Encouraged Gym Ninja, in her 'Cadbury Caramel Bunny' voice and using her special 'cute innocent face'.

It worked!
Bob spewed gossip! Turns out that Gym Ninja's other sales colleague (no, not Muppet-he is busy reinventing the wheel and teaching people to suck eggs), who is 2 years from retirement, had an interview for this very  job the day before. He is extremely experienced and it was a surprise to GN that he was looking elsewhere. Also, the head of the engineering team plus another person had also applied to work with them. Trouble at Muppet Mansions eh?

"So, why did you leave then?" Enquired Bob.

Gym Ninja had rehearsed this the night before, after much consultation with friends remember. This was the moment she would create a thing veil over the whole sacking incident....

"I was fired!"

Just fell out of Gym Ninja's mouth.

Bob looked a bit taken aback and then smiled, curious as to why? So thus followed Gym Ninja' tale of what had happened and the predicament she'd been in with the Blandmobile Company Car, Muppet, the Micromanager MD etc.

Now Bob knows the company and the people. He knew that the story GN was telling him was totally true. Bob and Gym Ninja BONDED! Another reason Gym NInja bonded with him was that he shared a similar waffling rambling trait which ended with a 'Er, what was the question again?' at the end of it. Gym Nina does that too!

After an hour of chat and gossip, whereby Gym Ninja found herself using all manner of rude phrases to illustrate sales examples ...eg..:

'He micromanaged me to the point I'd almost have to tell him what colour underwear I wore"
"I am anal about admin"
"He harassed me constantly"

...the interview came to an end. Bob then announced to Gym Ninja that he'd like to invite her back for a follow up interview.

"I like how blunt you are. I like how you just said 'I was fired'!" Smiled Bob.
Remember, Gym Ninja doesn't want this job. Pah!
To make matters worse, Gym Ninja's old colleague isn't getting put through to the next stage. Aww, poor guy!

So, with a handshake, Gym Ninja tottered out of the room, promised to return for the second interview (goddamit why?) and then drove home.

Stopping on route at the Motorway Services, Gym Ninja was wolf whistled as she walked back to her car.
But....when did wolf whistles become so 'specific'. Allow GN to explain....

*Cue wolf whistle* as Gym Ninja walked past a guy.
2 second pause
"Nice shoes!!!"

OK...so, does this mean that you are whistling the shoes only?
Does this mean you hate Gym Ninja's face?
Has Gym Ninja rubbish hair today?


Exercise-related part!

So, here is the 'news'. Yesterday Gym Ninja had her practical session for a role working alongside an established PT to do freelance Personal Training.
It went well. very well. It was the follow up to the role whereby she'd be based at the luxury hotel where she did a runner and didn't pay for her expensive cup of tea remember?
To cut a long story short she was offered the opportunity.
Gym Ninja has mulled it over and has decided .... yes. Yes. She is ready to risk everything (and it really WILL be everything as GN has no income and many many many bills to pay) and go ahead. So as Gym Ninja was typing this blog, she made the call and accepted the offer..............


OK, so now Gym Ninja is going as her eyes have gone all big at the enormity of what she is about to do...

Gym  Ninja x