Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday Slaughter...what else?

Ahh Gym Ninja is feeling good after a Saturday Slaughter Session.

To be fair, this was surprising, as having spent the evening out then having suffered the weird yet very real 'Over Tired' syndrome (whereby you are aching to sleep and yet cannot) which resulted in about 5 hours of sleep maximum. Of course, this in turn meant Panda Ninja was back again!

Gym Ninja feels the way she managed to survive the session was simply by replacing her blood with caffeine. Job done! 

Spin was as tough as ever, and yet the time just flew. That's what caffeine for blood does you see. Not even Fidget, the woman on the bike in front of Gym Ninja who constantly dismounted every track to get her water could distract GN from her mission of burning as many calories as humanly possible (for a Panda anyhow).

Boinging out of the Spin Studio, still wired on caffeine, Gym Ninja then headed down to the changing rooms to grab her weight training gloves.  Just by her locker was an old lady carefully packing her gym bag in a slow, methodical manner. Wired Ninja unlocked hers, opened the door and.....


Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel bottles burst out of the locker and bounced off the old lady's head.

Well, fancy leaving her head there.....?

Boiging back up to the free weights area, Gym Ninja began her wired Upper Body Session. All was going well until Gym Ninja's eyes started to sting......


It was Garlic Girl!

Now Garlic Girl is a new person that Gym Ninja recalls from last week in the changing rooms. Blatantly fearful of Vampire attack which surely must account for the amount of garlic she must ingest for it to radiate so strongly through her pores?  Now, typically, Garlic Girl felt an irresistible draw to the floor space next to Gym Ninja. 


Garlic Girl then also felt the need to do wing-like movements (supposedly side lateral raises?) in order to spread the garlic scent deeper into Gym Ninja's, even better! That may even distract Gym Ninja from the girl to her right who was doing what can only be described as Dumbbell Flops....

In beween switching dumbbells, Gym Ninja peered out through the glass and down over the to those unaware, the Hydropool is a giant jacuzzi type area that can hold a whole busload of people. It has bubbly jets and strange hoses and all manner of things that massage and froth and beat the dead skin cells of people. Yet today? Today the Hydropool was empty and looked clear.

Was Gym Ninja actually finding herself considering a dip in the Hydropool tomorrow perhaps?
Hmm, maybe tune in and see?

After the workout was done, Gym Ninja headed back to the changing rooms for a shower. Once in one of the icky cubicles, Gym Ninja found herself bleeding from the ears as a high pitched scream echoed around the shower cubicles....

"Heeeeeeeeeellllllllllllp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Screamed a child.


"Oh don't be silly. It's just a bit of water" Scolded a cross sounding parent from the cubicle next door to Gym Ninja. 

" I Can't bear it!" Squealed the child, her voice escalating almost to the level of only being audible to dogs.

And so this continued for the entire duration of the shower, until the mother opened the cubicle door and the Drama Child trotted out, happy as larry.

It's fair to say it wasn't the most restful of shower days today......

So, a brief and pretty uneventful gym session to regale you all with, but hey, this shows that the true reality gets reported back here in this ever-so-serious 'Report-style' blog.  Tune in tomorrow to find out whether Gym Ninja decided that tomorrow is the day that she attempts to brave the murkiness of the Hydropool....

Gym Ninja x