Monday, 21 June 2010

Run Forrest, Run....

Ahh, how nice was it today Ninjarettes?
Glorious sunshine and not too hot either. Perfect.

Today Gym Ninja managed to fritter most of her morning away half starting tasks, getting distracted by other things, abandoning tasks, re-starting them, getting bored, the point that in the end she decided to pop out (not literally you understand-it wasn't that hot!) to mooch around the local shops.

Change of scene you see.

As Gym Ninja wandered around the town, she realised just how many overweight people are out there.
Not just your bog standard over weight person.
Gym Ninja realizes that standard overweight people are  seen as 'normal' nowadays. No, Gym Ninja is talking about those who wouldn't look out of place in an American Fast Food Diner.
Or on Channel 5.
Or in one of those trashy magazines under the headline
'My Buttocks Ate My Sofa"..

You know the type? They are especially prevalent in stores such as Primark, where the aisles are narrow and racks of clothing poke you in the arm as you pass by? Why is this?
Anyhow, it must be really uncomfortable as the weather hots up, carrying around excess weight. Very draining too when it comes to energy levels, which leads Gym Ninja very neatly onto the whole....'It's too hot to exercise/I feel too tired/I'd rather spend my time in the pub' type of hot weather excuses...

NO excuses! Focus on staying fit and healthy at a sensible weight. That way you can enjoy the hotter weather without carrying around excess weight that saps you of energy, plus gives you many a wardrobe crisis too! Nothing like the 'summer clothing' for really bringing a downer on ones mood if one is not happy with their figure.

So how can you do this?

OK, so maybe look at when you usually exercise. Is it now getting to warm at that time? WHy not consider taking advantage of the lighter mornings and getting up early to exercise before work? That has the double advantage of energising you for the day AND means you can head out after work and mingle in the bar.
You just need to stay focussed and get creative.

After Gym Ninja's mooch around the shops, and having listened to a rather odd podcast about the ancient Amazonian Women, who apparently cut off one of their own breasts so that they could fight with a bow and arrow better (go figure), GN still found herself procrastinating and not being able to focus. So what better distraction than going for a run?

No walls or ceilings or anything!

So off Gym Ninja went....and within 3 minutes realised just HOW hot and sunny it was today.
Ohhhhhh dear!

Luckily Gym Ninja had remembered her sunglasses.
Funny things sunglasses.
If your run and wear them, then apparently everyone else on the streets thinks you cannot see them and therefore STARE at you as you run past.  Do they think you are a blind runner? What do they think happened to the dog? Why? Is running really such an obscure thing that people stop and open their mouths and have a jolly good gawp?

Gym Ninja decided she would first run to visit her mum. There was a half empty jar of Peanut Butter (smooth) at her mum's house and therefore that'd be a good motivational tool for heading that way. Plus it was only a brief 15 minute run.

AFter scoffing a few teaspoons of the peanut butter and having a cuppa, Gym Ninja then had to force herself up and back out of the house, this time taking the longer 40 minute route home. However, this worked very well, as Gym Ninja ensured she ran past the promenade, and took some pics as she ran....

Beautiful weather eh? The top two pics are of the Fort. It was a sea defence fort although apparently it only got used twice. It's now a museum. The rest are of the River. Soooooo pretty when the weather is like this (and Gym Ninja is sweating like a pig for running in the mid afternoon heat!).
Gym Ninja can blog sensibly too.

By the time Gym Ninja made it home...and yes, of course there was a huge steep hill to finish with (typical!) she was literally dripping sweat! Big beads of water fell from her face and body as her sunglasses slid off her face.

But you know what? Gym Ninja felt amazing! Simply getting out there and MOVING is perfect for a day when you cannot focus. Apart from the near death by dehydration of course......

So.....still trying to come up with a reason not to exercise? Gym Ninja's tip of the day is to not waste your precious time thinking of one and to just get out there and run!!!!!!

Gym Ninja x