Monday, 7 June 2010

Belated Saturday Slaughter!



Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of blogging.

Now...let us dash headlong into a new post to make up for it eh?

Yep, another Slaughter Session. Wooohooo! Just what we love eh?
The night before Gym Ninja had packed up an overnight case (aka a 'we are going away for a week sized suitcase') ready for a quick exit that morning. A night out Saturday in a different city was planned and Gym Ninja always runs late anyway so being prepared meant that running late wouldn't happen...theoretically anyway!
So, with bags aplenty stuffed into the Mini Cooper, off GN sped to the gym.

Gym Ninja had spent the past day carb loading to ensure she had the energy for a tough session. Just in case (ahem) two mini energy drinks were quaffed too. Perhaps not the brightest of ideas as within 10 minutes GN had eyes like saucers!

No time for a warm up elsewhere, Gym Nina strode straight into the Spin Studio.

"You're not gonna like this..." Said Dangly in a sing song voice, a smirk on his face.

Gym Ninja stopped dead.


"She's not in is she?" Said Gym Ninja through gritted teeth.

"Nope!" He smirked.
"And just you wait and see who IS taking the class.."

Hmm, Gym Ninja was NOT amused. She was wired off two energy shots and now this? Pah!

Taking up residency on her usual Spin Bike, Gym Ninja started to warm up, a sulky look on her face, which, matched with the wired eyes made her look like a teenage Meerkat.


The door opened and in

Dangly looked at Gym Ninja and smirked.
STOP the smirking Dangly!'s stand in Spin Instructor was a peroxide blonde version of Jo Brand.
In a crop top.

Let us just say it was as well that Gym Ninja already had saucer Meerkat eyes...

So, with the music, on Jo Brand on her bike and Gym Ninja cursing under her breath, the hour long session began...

Have you ever done a spin class to the sounds of techno soft rock?

Well, what a treat you have in store if you ever do get the chance. It is quite frankly bizarre! It really doesn't work, and yet because you are so incredulous about the whole thing, it makes for a very interesting mix.

The play list contained, among many, soft rock anthems by Roxette, Bon Jovi...oh and what soft rock playlist is complete without
"POISONNNNNNNNNNNNNN, You're Poison running through my veins................." to cycle along to?

Throughout the class about 7 people hopped off their bikes and galloped out of the room to 'refill at the water fountain'. Yeh right! NOBODY ever leaves the room for water. Gym Ninja had a feeling they did so to

1. Laugh!
2. Get a grip of reality and try and make sense of having heard techno soft rock.

Saying that, it was a cracking class! A real tough workout and you know what? Gym Ninja would happily do her class again. Gym Ninja has a soft spot for soft rock donchaknow, and that class certainly got her heart rate up.

Sweating profusely yet in a glamorous way, Gym Ninja left the Spin Studio and headed to the ladies only section of the gym. As GN walked through the door, she ducked!
DO NOT stand right by a doorway and perform lateral dumbbell raises! Gym Ninja's head was nearly panned in my a ponsy 1kg pink dumbbell!

A tough and relentless leg session ensued. Gym Ninja planned on wearing a short dress out on the own that night so nothing was allowed to have  even a smidgen of wobble about it! By the time the session was complete, you could bounce coins off Gym Ninja's lower body and expect one to ping back at you!
A job well done!

Quaffing her post workout Maximuscle shake Gym Ninja staggered to the showers.

Stupid nasty showers.

Seriously, just when you think that one square of light that covers just one of the 16 cubicles, leaving the rest in shadowy darkness wasn't bad enough.

Nor the fact that they are 'pump action' showers...pump the button and get 6 seconds of drizzly water as a reward before it shuts off...isn't bad enough.

Oh and let us not forget that the shower cubicles are crafted from pink toilet doors..a if that isn't bad enough...

Today, the showers smelled of urine.

Well thank you VERY much you dirty cow whoever you are!
Saying that, maybe it was a new person confused by the toilety exterior of the shower cubicles....?

Anyhow, none of this is nice Ninja chat now is it?

Time Gym Ninja logged off! She is being distracted by emails from Cactus K and at this rate it'll be a week Tuesday before this gets posted!

Glad Ninja is back eh?
Good people!!!!!!

Gym Ninja x