Sunday, 20 June 2010

Drowned Ninja

What is it with Gym Ninja not wanting to send herself to bed early?
Panda eyes are SO not a good look. Plus, not only does it affect performance in the gym, but also slows down any improvements on the physique. Be told. Do as Gym Ninja says (and not does) and get to bed early!!!

Yet, whaddayaknow? Despite knowing this, Gym Ninja went to bed late AGAIN!  Of course, as it was hot last night this meant an intermittent sleep too. Great. Marvelous. Makes for a fantastic 'essence of knackered' look the next morning...

However Gym Ninja was determined to make the effort this sunny Sunday. Another reason was that Gym Ninja planned on donning the old shorts seeing as it was gloriously sunny. That meant an extra tough leg day right? No point wearing shorts unless one can  bounce coins off one's thighs....

After a 10 minute steep incline treadmill walk, Gym Ninja was ready to tackle another hour of Extreme Spin. The weekend sessions are the only classes Gym Ninja ever bothers with, what with being antisocial and all. Dangly was in place as ever so Gym Ninja took up her 'I'm a creature of habit so don't even THINK of sitting on my bike' and chatted casually to him.  Meanwhile, Cult Man trotted talk about Kangoo again.

"You really should try it you know." He enthused.
"Did you give it any thought after what I said?"

Gym Ninja nodded.
"I did think about it, but when I saw everyone boing across the running track in their Kangoo boots I thought they looked a bit too bouncy for my liking, so I think I'll not be trying it."

Cult Man seemed crestfallen.
"It's really gentle on your joints you know. I've even brought some carpet tape in, to strap up my ankle. I can bounce for 5 minutes now!"
At this, Cult Man seemed proud.

If you have to strap up a join with carpet tape, then perhaps this is not the class for you??????

The hour of Spin passed quickly again. Today was Spin Climb, so lots of hills, standing sprints and jumps.  Enough to really burn out the legs! However, being a bit of a sadist, Gym Ninja was quick to finish off her lower body with some added leg work, part of which was the almighty leg press.

Gym Ninja loaded on 3 x 25kg plates either side, totaling 150kgs and got ready to blast through some reps.

Next to the Leg Press was another identical machine. A guy, twice the size of Gym Ninja was busy pressing....2 plates either side. Gym Ninja glanced over then looked away. The guy glanced over, clocked Gym Ninja was doing an additional 50kgs to him, then looked away.

An embarrassing and awkward silence ensued before the guy hastily finished off a couple more reps and left.


Gym Ninja worked through some more leg exercises and then hunted out a water fountain. It was tiring and thirsty work beasting ones legs! 
Pressing on the foot pedal to activate the water fountain, Gym Ninja leaned forwards to gulp some of the cool water....
Suddenly, 'Right Foot' had a spazm, pressed down hard on the pedal, which then resulted in a sudden splurge of water far higher than had been, making abeeline for Gym Ninja's nostrils. 


Gym Ninja nearly DROWNED!

Recovering , and with droplets of water still falling off her face, Gym Ninja took a quick peek at the Hydropool (after all, Gym Ninja had decided today was the day & the bikini had been packed)...  
In the Hydropool were 3 Soggy Teddies, 1 Fake Santa (complete with white beard and gut) and 2 Baggy Ladies. That Hydropool must have been awash with stray hair and skin cells....

No thank you very much Hydropool, Gym Ninja will NOT be partaking in you today!

Narrowly missing being accidentally hosed down (or drowned-maybe there is a theme to today?)  as the Gym Cleaner turned a hosepipe on the toilets in the changing rooms (doncha just love professional cleaners?) Gym Ninja suffered the indignity of the pump action showers (press button 4 times, receive 3 seconds of dribbly water as a reward) and then quaffed her Maximuscle Promax Shake before setting out for the sunshine. 

Another weekend of hardcore workouts and a resulting pair of legs Gym Ninja could bounce coins off!!!!

Gym Ninja x