Saturday, 20 March 2010

Creatine Queen!


Gym Ninja had a wonderful gym session today. BIONIC! The kind of session whereby you feel you could carry on all day? If only you had the time. Oh, and assuming that training ALL day was beneficial (it isn't by the way!).

Whether it was due to THINKING that having taken all of two doses of Creatine was already working, or that 2 doses are actually enough to feel the difference in endurance, Gym Ninja was FLYING today. Except on a bike. So maybe less flying, more pedalling?

Her Maximuscle Creatamax powder had arrived Friday, so Gym Ninja had taken some that night, and again in the morning before she set out for her usual Saturday Slaughter Session. Her first day off in two weeks too! Oh, and OK, so maybe due to sheer tiredness she'd downed a bottle of the 'Total' Energy Shot too. Hmm, maybe that also helped with the bionic feeling? But just in case some of you think Creatine is something big Meat Head Men take, let Gym Ninja tell you, it isn't just for them. People training for endurance and also ladies who want increased muscle tone and strength can also take this. Creatine is THE number one researched supplement out there, so is perfectly safe too. If you click on the Maximuscle links there is a section on Creatine so you can read up and satisfy your greedy info-hungry minds. It's calorie free too. Marvelous!

Anyhow, the warm up 10 minute run was a breeze. Gym Ninja had poured herself into skin tight lycra as she knew that any excess fabric on Spin Day would slow her down. It gets all sweaty and sodden and starts flapping around like dog ears! There was a fairly impressive set of arms in the gym too, which helped inspire and motivate Gym Ninja as the owner of the arms swung them around in a dynamic warm-up. Men! They DO like winging their arms about don't they?

Gym Ninja headed to the SPin Studio 10 minutes early to nab a bike. Remember there is a FAB instructor who now takes this class now, and you can tell by how full the class gets. Sure enough, some regulars were already in there.  Dangly Cross Man, Short Shorts, Clippy, Mr you remember them all? Yep-they are al back. Hardcore!

Gym Ninja nabbed the bike in front of the air vent. Always a good tip! The Instructor came over for a quick chat and then, once the class had filled up, the lights went down and the music on.


T'was a far cry from the last Spin Session Gym Ninja had been to. If you recall, she'd walked out of that 15 minutes before the end. But not THIS one. No, Gym Ninja was Bionic, her legs keeping up with the demands placed on them. Good old Creatine eh? Magical stuff!  In fact, maybe Creatine gives Gym Ninja a warped sense of time too, as before she knew it an hour had passed. Woohoo!

On her exit from the class, Gym Ninja clocked Anna Rexic (remember her? The super skinny one who pounds on the treadmill, her knees bucking under the punishment of 2-3 hour plus runs). As per usual, her body seemed to be quietly signalling for help! Her bottom was all wibbly wobbly and soft too. Like a bag of kittens struggling to escape.  That's always a sign of over training you know. No, not bags of kittens, but wibbly wobbly bits...aka when your previously tight body starts to go soft on you (not just a night-time disappointment ladies!!!!-it happens in the gym too). Who wants to be all squidgy? Make sure you are in and out of the gym within an hour if possible, otherwise the cortisol that is released when you train starts to cannibalise the muscle tissue to fuel the body. That, ladies and gents, is NOT good ok? We NEED lean muscle. It burns calories!  No bags of kittens for us!!! Not on Gym Ninja's shift!

Today was Leg Training. Gym Ninja began with Clock Squats...going round an imaginary clock face (NOT digital, you lazy people!) with each foot in a lunge. Can be done with or without dumbbells and is good for stability too.  Then, some Swiss Ball Jack Knives. SUPER tough and also good for coordination and stability as you bring your feet (which are on the ball) towards your midsection as you balance on your hands in almost a press-up. Works the hamstrings and you can seriously feel it in your abs as they struggle to stabilise you. As of yet, Gym Ninja has yet to discover a ladylike elegant way of getting out of this position, and currently plops onto the floor in a heap between sets.

A few of the usual suspects followed...barbell squats, Seated Hamstring Curl, Leg get the gist. Then, moving on to Low to High Wood chops using a kettlebell, then standing AND seated Romanian Twists with a medicine ball.

Core blimey eh? (did you get the pun??? Core as in Cor?)

So, all in all a fantastic workout today. Left Gym Ninja buzzing! That and perving at the well-capped arms on show with a couple of the guys in the gym today. Mmm.

So, homework for you all. Go and take a peek at the Creatine info. Gym Ninja thinks she is correct in thinking that Maximuscle were actually the first supplier of Creatine in the UK  (unless she sdreamed it?). The link is here...

Off you pop! See you all tomorrow!
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Gym Ninja x