Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Time Bandits!

Time Bandits stole Gym Ninja's evening yesterday which is why you didn't get your blog fix. Sorry about that! No sooner had GN returned from her gym workout, fuelled up and sat in front of the computer to do some online learning on soft tissue injuries, then it was BAM! Midnight!

To be fair, they are wrestling with Gym Ninja again this evening but she's logging off right after this blog. That'll teach em!

Yesterday Gym Ninja's new business cards arrived. Yippeeeeee!  Gn opened the box, in an excitable manner.
*sad face*
The cards were great...but...the red of the logo of her Personal Training company info was not as red as it should be. Think less deep red and more blood clot browny red. Pffft!
Maybe that's what happens when you order online? Not to worry. Gym Ninja can hand them out with an accompanying statement thus:
"The red is wrong. It should be MORE red"...

On route to the Gym, Gym Ninja went to pick up her trial tops she'd had printed up with her logo, to see what they looked like (plus the quality of the printing). She carefully avoided falling over the high viz step like last time..

The owner of the shop came out to talk. He explained what had happened when  he'd printed up the test fabric..

"The red came out as a horrid maroon browny red"

"Oh, did it?" Said Gym Ninja, intrigued by this as the red had done exactly the same on the cards yet looked red on the computer.

She then explained about the cards, and the shop owner became all animated.
He said that the colours used on computer screens aren't the same for print based colours, and that he had taken the liberty of brightening the red to what shade he thought it should be (based on the screen colour).

Perfect logos!

Oh how happy Gym Ninja was!

So, Gym Ninja went to the gym. She'd been looking forward to it ALL day, especially as her line manager had called her moments before with some naff 'sales ideas'. Uhhr!

Due to it being a Monday, the downstairs treadmills were full. Gym Ninja had now learned that the 1 vacant treadmill was a trap and still the broken one that had been like that for about a month. Yes, admittedly it had taken GN 3 weeks to figure this out and foolishly walked over to it every time. So instead she used one of the top floor treadmills where she could run AND perv at the muscly arms on show. AFter all, being sunny that meant only one thing...'Sun's out, Gun's out!'

Being pushed for time Gym Ninja razed up and down the speed intervals on the treadmill and then meandered over to the Hammer Strength machines, where she loaded up the incline leg press with weight plates. Today Gym Ninja would do German Volume Training. 10 sets of 10 reps, with a timed 60 second rest between sets. She'd then go fry her quads doing 3 sets of 12 on the leg extension to finish them off.  Good times.

GN was in rest period 5, focussing intently on her iPhone stopwatch when it all went dark!

"Hullooooooo mate! Not seen you for AGES!" Said a voice.

The lights came back on. T'was Lanky. He'd thrown his gym towel over Gym Ninja's face to surprise her.
Yuk. Sweaty gym towel.

Pleasantries were exchanged whilst Gym Ninja methodically timed her rest periods then bashed out some more reps. Lanky was asking after the PT business and suggested once he heard that GN planned on home visits, that he could get a home visit too!

Gym Ninja looked at Lanky. he did a nudge nudge wink wink move and turned pink.

NO. No no no no NO!

Cue the *tough love* moment. Gym Ninja tuned to Lanky and said,

"If you think for ONE second you'd even have enough energy to be thinking of doing anything else after a training session with me, you're very much mistaken!"

Luckily Lanky has a good sense of humour, so that issue was quashed on the spot! Phew!

Moving on to the leg extension, Gym Ninja fried her quads. Job done! Now to hit the hamstrings and glutes (or what was left of them) in the girly area of the gym.

Oh goody.
Women who just set up in the middle of the walk through part and start wafting dumbbells all over the place! GN nearly had a 2kg dumbbell up her left nostril at one point.  To be fair, not so many dead bodies doing ab work today Maybe the tide went out and washed them all away? At least it meant GN didn't have to worry about dropping a barbell on anyone's head today.

After deadlifts and split squats, GN did a  quick finish off with a burst of skipping, ruined by a young girl who insisted on wanting to squeeze past the peripheral area of the rope which meant GN had to stop. Then down to the changing room to quaff her beloved Choc Mint Promax shake, accompanied by the usual silent stares that say 'OMG she is a GIRL and is drinking one of those boy bodybuilder shakes', before heading off home for the evening (that'd be the evening that the Time Bandits stole!)

Now, Gym Ninja is determined to get to bed at a reasonable hour. She has the beginnings of a cold hovering about for the past 4 days. Gym Ninja hasn't had a cold since last winter (yep-she escaped all Sept-Feb flu season) so she'll be damned if it's going to get her now.

if GN disappears, then the Night Nurse that's been open since Winter 2008 wasn't worth drinking...!

Gym Ninja x