Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Procrastinator Ninja

Uh oh!

Will you look at the time?
WHY has Gym Ninja left it sooooooo late to blog?
WHY is Gym Ninja still up and faffing online?
WHY has Gym Ninja appeared to have 'forgotten' she has a pretty hardcore Anatomy exam this Sunday coming?


Gym Ninja is in the middle of a Procrastination Meltdown!

However, in a higgledy piggledy way, she has indeed crossed off a few 'To Do's' off her list. Thus follows...

1.  Gym Ninja managed to remain employed for another day. 
Phew! No easy task seeing as Gym Ninja struggles to find anything enjoyable about her current job, nor does she have an interest in what she sells (which, as you can imagine, makes for tough going!).

2.  Gym Ninja managed to get hold of someone at the local Government New Business Start Up Advisory Service.
Wow! Two weeks and counting Gym Ninja has been playing telephone tennis with them...albeit a bit of an 'Ace Filled' game to be fair as GN was making all the calls!  Today Gym Ninja didn't bother asking for the one person on this planet who appears to be even more of a Procrastinator than GN is right now, and instead asked the advice of the woman who answered the phone...

*cue tangent*

Diane is the MOST efficient Government Advisor in the world. She talks rapidly, her worlds like machine gun bullets, 'bam bam bam bam bam'. No, that's NOT what she said. BAM makes no sense.  Within a 10 minute telephone call where Gym Ninja cautiously enquired about courses for New Business Start Ups, Diane had virtually signed GN up for a 4 week evening course (GN only escaped as it clashed with an upcoming bland 4 day Expo for work), told her how she needs to get a wriggle on with the business plan (yeh yeh), suggested HSBC as a bank to use as they give the company a £40 referral fee, (crikey, a business account already?), ways to get a £500 start up grant.....plus a sneaky fast track advisory service that would appear to fit in with GN's plans better.

Gym Ninja came off the phone a tad overwhelmed. Great! More stuff to do!

3.  Gym Ninja designed her new business cards.
Yep! Using the gorgeous logo she'd had designed for her 'so far' make-believe Personal Training company (!), Gym Ninja decided she'd fire off some cheap business cards, courtesy of Vistaprint. Freebies soon turned into the Premium Business Cards, that soon became full colour front and back premium business cards...... Who KNEW how difficult the actual writing part of the business card would be? Gym Ninja actually spent 3 WHOLE HOURS of her evening when she should have been studying, faffing around with variations of a theme for what should go on the card and how it should look.  But, fingers crossed, the cards will look pretty hot when they arrive. Assuming there is no spelling errors. Gym Ninja is certain that the day they arrive there will be some typo that makes a word appear rude/confusing/slanderous....?

4. Gym Ninja researched some new lower body moves for her fitness programme.
By this of course GN means exercises as opposed to dance moves,...courtesy of her new professional tool, the online 'PT On the Net' website. Shame GN never had enough time (damned business cards!) to get there tonight!

5. Gym Ninja squashed in some revision whilst skipping!
Yep. It got to 10pm and GN felt VERY guilty about not having trained today. So, with a sudden new found eagerness (or stupidity?), Gym Ninja rummaged around in her gym bag and pulled out the skipping rope.
Skip skip skip skip.... diabetes used to be known in the 17th Century as 'The Pissing Evil'...
skip skip skip skip skip...in some cases they can end up with Diabetic Ketoacidosis as the body is unable to utilise carbs and glucose as fuel so instead relies on fat, which in turn produces ketone bodies that can alter the acidity levels of the blood...and can kill!...
skip skip skip skip....
and so on.

So, before Gym Ninja could bugger off to bed, she suddeny realised...she'd left you little Ninjarettes all alone! Gasp! hence this cobbled together blog post! But the moral of the cobbled together blog post is, that just because life gets in the way, that is no reason to neglect your exercise.

Gym Ninja was toooooooo busy today. Too many distractions to hit the gym. Toying with an outdoor run fell out of GN's head thanks to Vistaprint (don't even GET GN started about mugs, keyrings etc), and then it was 'too late' to go...but it's never too late to do something! It all adds up. Skipping was GN's quick fix tonight..... Easy enough to do in the house assuming you don't have too many trinkets within rope smashing distance? But maybe you don't have a rope? SO why not do some Walking lunges from one room to the other? Ab work during TV ad breaks maybe? Wall squats whilst talking on the phone....you get the idea eh? MOOOOVE yourself! Use it or lose it. Then enjoy a good night's sleep knowing you worked your body even for just a few minutes of an otherwise busy day. Then get in front of your diary and book in some exercise time with yourself. No excuses. Treat it like a hot date. In fact, it is a hot date. A hot date with the new body you'll soon get yourself.... ;-)\

OK Ok...so this is quite a naff blog post after all!. Ah well...better luck tomorrow eh?

Gym Ninja x ...coming to a Premium Printed two sided full colour (stopped short of foil print!) business card near you!