Monday, 22 March 2010

Exhibition Blues

Gym Ninja has the back to work blues.

This happens after every weekend.  In fact, it happens after every evening at home and the start of a new day. However, this week is worse, as GN is trapped at a 3 Day convention running until close of play Thursday, alongside two company MDs, a newly promoted Line Manager (who's next step is to invade Poland..) and a fellow rep who is so jaded its not even funny! Gym Ninja's only glimmer of hope is a fellow colleague who has just started her premier Training Diploma course, and has that light at the end of over 7 months of study shining dimly in the distance. That means she has a fellow health fanatic with whom to lip curl with at the various excuses of 'quality catering' aka 'Coronary Heart Disease/Insulin Spike in a bun', supplied for exhibitors and delegates.

Today Gym Ninja had to be on hand whilst the engineers came in and set up their exhibitors stand. Yawn! It's hard being enthusiastic when you just aren't!  Matters were made worse when GN found that her iPhone could barely warrant a one-bar signal, before giving up and getting a case of the dreaded 'red battery'.  Oh and that their stand was opposite a stand that had THIS cute little slogan all over it....

As per usual, her colleagues, once on site, were quick to make snide remarks about Gym Ninja's food selection.

"Oooh, can you eat that?" Asks one.

"Yeh sure, if I wanted to fill my body full of junk", Answered a curt Gym Ninja, pointing at the slogan (photo above) opposite them...

Much prodding about joining the 'team' for a night out that week were also declined politely by Gym Ninja too. In the end, to make them let go of the idea, she pointed out that she'd not eat their kind of stuff anyway, as they had plans on heading to a local Chinese restaurant and we know what stuff they add to that (MSG)!!! They get terribly traumatised by Gym Ninja and her healthy plain food choices.  One colleague shook his head and walked off, his tummy wobbling over his waistband. This guy has gradually increased his weight over the past 6 months to quite visible proportions and is constantly now suffering back problems, which he does not appear to link with the weight gain. Gym Ninja once carefully tried to point out this link between the two when he was last moaning about his increasing weight, only for him to poo-poo it (if you pardon the rather appropriate pun!). It's a shame as he would feel SO much better in himself if he just changed a few of his food choices each day. No need to go crazy! Just take note of what you eat.

On a different note, Gym Ninja received a voicemail from Stumps this morning. Stumps has another 3 horse races (or events or whatever they are) to do and left a voicemail requesting freebie advice and PT 'before you start charging me for it in a few weeks time'. 

Clever girl!

But having called Stumps back, and hearing how Mr Stumps, Stump's husband (obviously) had also now started to amend his food choices when supermarket shopping having seen (and been impressed by) the results Stumps is now getting from merely being more 'thoughtful' about her food choices, how could Gym Ninja refuse?

By the time the exhibition stand was put up and the MD had made everyone change everything to the exact opposite of what had been done (he always does that!), it was fairly late and GN could not justify a quick gym session as she had too much to do at home. Luckily Gym Ninja has had 2 days of hardcore gym sessions under her belt over the weekend so this is a legitimate rest day. With good intentions of wanting to do more study too, Gym Ninja has decided that perhaps tonight can be a bit of an evening off (as much as reaching 9pm CAN be seen as an evening off). and the studying is now on hold.

So tomorrow do look out for a blog about people's eating habits at an exhibition. Gym Ninja wonders if it will be a RARE healthy food selection, or more likely a carb heavy processed food selection....hmmm, as if we need to ask eh? Oh and more fantastic slogans if spotted at the exhibition stand....exciting no?

Gym Ninja x