Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FitCast 'Fame'

On a spur of the moment, prior to leaving the house on her Sunday run, Gym Ninja decided to email The FitCast regarding some advice she required. After all, who better to go to for advice than the FitCast?

Now for those who have never heard of The FitCast, you need to go check it out via the link I posted under their name just now, or via iTunes. It is a fantastic weekly podcast on all things health & fitness related. New exercise techniques, nutrition, supplements, injuries, latest trends..you name it, they cover it, and they also do a weekly mail bag so listeners can call in and ask the experts (and they do have some big name experts on their show). This is exactly what Gym Ninja did...she needed some advice/guidance on what type of equipment to buy for her new mobile Personal Training business and who better to ask than these guys?

So, about 37 minutes in to the latest episode, 172, imagine Gym Ninja's delight when her email was read out and they gave her some advice. Gym Ninja even signed it off with her blog signature 'Toodle Pip' that completely baffled the American guy Kevin Larrabee who presents the show.  Fantastic, lol!  It's podcasts like these that give accurate, up to date quality information that's so beneficial for anyone out there wanting to further their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest fitness industry info. You've 172 episodes online waiting for you to start educating yourself with. Scroll through and start with the topics that jump out at you, or do what Gn did and start from Episode 1. Perfect for commutes, if you have to drive for a living, or just want something to listen to as you work out or do housework/chores/gardening. It's not 'high brow' but done at a very accessible level, so even if you are just starting out on your quest to get in shape you'll understand what they say. Oh and it's funny too!  You'll learn LOTS!

Then today, again spur of the moment, Gym Ninja realised that it is Easter this weekend (duh!) and that if she wants her regular order of Maximuscle supplements to arrive in time for next week at the FitPro Spring Convention (well, Gym Ninja always travels with a healthy supply stash) she'd best place the order as it won't arrive magically of it's own accord!!!!

So Gym Ninja ordered what she deemed the 'basics' for travelling with. Gym Ninja ordered a box of Maxi-Milk (so she can quaff those during the long lectures), a box of Promax Diet Bars (again, easy to carry should she get hungry travelling or 'learning' ....and a fairly new addiction of GNs) and of course the obligatory box of Promax Crisp Bars (Happy Easter present to oneself!).  That order was placed at 11.30am today.

By 2.30pm Gym Ninja received an email..to tell her that her Maximuscle order HAD BEEN DISPATCHED!


No need to have panicked eh? Is it just Gym Ninja, or does anyone else think that is an incredibly rapid service?

Gym Ninja also decided to try and track down a telephone number so she could contact Vistaprint about her incorrect business card order. After all, what is GN supposed to do with 250 cards in the wrong colour?  After much searching, she found an 0800 number and was put through to somewhere 'far away'. Gym Ninja explained the problem...that the preview had shown a white background but the cards arrived with a blue background and GN had needed them urgently for this weekend.

The Vistaprint girl checked and saw that the preview did indeed show white..and then also found that the 'proof' document also online (what? Where IS the proof?) showed blue. The girl then went and put GN on hold for 10 minutes...oooer. This isn't boding well!

When the girl came back she admitted that for some reason the upload had caused the background to change and that as it was their fault they would rectify it and dispatch urgently free replacement cards (well, they aren't really free are they seeing as Gym Ninja paid for 250 freaky blue cards) and that they will be with Gym Ninja on Friday.
Impressive seeing as the Post doesn't get delivered on Friday (or does it?). Fingers crossed they arrive looking perfect!

So, although it is a few days away, what does everyone have planned over Easter? is it just Gym Ninja, or does anyone else see Bank Holidays as extra bonus time at the gym?  Admittedly due to the final weekend of exams (eeek) Gym Ninja cannot attend her usual Saturday Slaughter Session, so will cane it Friday instead. Let us call it a Fearsome Friday FitDay. What does that entail? Hmm, GN has no clue as of yet but will soon plan something suitably hardcore so she starts Easter in a fit and healthy way. What will you do on Fearsome Friday FitDay?  GN does not partake in chocolate (unless it's wrapped around a Maximuscle bar or in a Maximuscle shake) so Easter Eggs are not a temptation, so staying on track will be fairly easy. That'd be unless someone puts some bunny ears on a box of Promax Crisp Bars.....

Toodle Pip (!)

Gym Ninja x