Sunday, 21 March 2010

Two Days On The Trot...


Gym Ninja was back at the gym today. It's good to have the weekends to get some serious training done.  Also, thanks to next door's grandchildren and their 7am 'alarm yelp', Gym Ninja was awake anyway so may as well catch the 10am Spin Class again.

Again, Gym Ninja poured herself into her lycra. Damn you, 'Anti-Perspirant that promises no white marks' ALWAYS give Gym Ninja's black clothes white go-faster stripes!

With a bit of time to work her chest and back prior to the class starting, Gym Ninja had time to wake up a bit. 1 Chest and 1 back exercise at 6 sets of 8 reps (the rest of the upper body session to be continued after the Spin Class) and then she grabbed her gel seat (Princess and the pea type prevention) and headed to the Spin Studio.

It was the same fab instructor as yesterday, although the class was quieter. Maybe because it is a Sunday? Or maybe everyone was out doing Sport Relief Runs? Gym Ninja was early anyway, to ensure she nabbed her usual bike directly in front of the airvent.

Before too long, Dangly Cross, Gym Ninja's new spin buddy, had parked himself on the next bike. The room filled half way up and off everyone went...

Within 10 minutes, Gym Ninja felt the pedal strap of her left foot twang open. HOW annoying. Especially as they were mid sprint at the time. But it was ok as GN could still pedal. That was, until the strap few right off and Gym Ninja's left foot kept lolloping out of the pedal. Grr. It was no use. This was a high intensity hour of Spin. Without a foot that works, GN would be lost. That meant moving bikes to the  vacant one next to her. All well and good....except not quite in line with the air con vent. Oh and the handlebars were set for a midget and no 'key' to adjust them with.

Gym Ninja felt the blood rush to her head as it tipped downwards to reach the midget handlebars. GN felt like she was in a circus act! Luckily, the Instructor hops off her bike and strides round to motivate the class, so before long Gym Ninja had her doing a reckie of the room, returning with a key so GN could adjust the handlebars and not have a head swelling with blood!! (ooer. That sounds dodgy!). Great! Now all Gym Ninja had to focus on was keeping up! Oh that and not burning her nether regions, as within 5 minutes of being on the new bike, her gel seat cover fell off. EEEEK! Razor bike seat!

Again, the trick in keeping a class motivated and interested is to vary the routine, and the time flew. Unfortunately, Gym Ninja found herself drenched in sweat, now that she was not in line with the aircon. Like a sealion, with hair plastered to her head. Fetching! There really is no place for vanity in a hardcore Spin session! At least GN is not a Pinkie and remains the normal flesh tone she starts at. It' a shame her hair gets plastered to her head though and she ends up kind of slumped over the bike at the end....

Once Spin had done what it needed to do, Gym  Ninja finished off the rest of her upper body session, ignoring a woman attempting to do dumbbell lateral shoulder raises yet merely appearing to flap her arms instead!

Gym Ninja is now increasing to Hypertrophy sets and rep ranges, so high volume sessions in terms of sets and reps. The creatine helped of course. Gym Ninja felt stronger. FAB! She needs to look the part when attending 3 days at Fit Pro in April where all the Fitness Industry goes for lectures and a mooch at new stuff on the market.


Oh and for those who kind of know Gym Ninja and what happened today in Spin, and were expecting her to blog about it...well, GN can't as she is struck with a sudden bout of 'shyness'. Nice shyness, but shyness nonetheless.
 *cue cute smiley face*

For those who don't know Gym Ninja, it wasn't anything bad or embarrassing. Promise! ;-)

Okey Dokey, GN needs to get to where she's spread out her Case Study on the kitchen table and get that finished this evening if she is to stay on top of her PT coursework. This case study as about rehab exercise prescription after injury.

Toodle pip!

Gym Ninja x