Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fit Pro (Part 3)

Yep, more FitPro updates. See? Gym Ninja loves to drip feed information!  Sorry it's taking so long but a busy life doesn't leave much time for blogging.

So...Day 2 of FitPro and Gym Ninja filled you in as far as the Charles Poliquin lectures no? Well after that lecture spilled out it was time for a quick break (in the main trade show area) and a wander around looking at the kit needed to start the old 'mobile PT business'.

As Gym Ninja was walking into the main area, someone grabbed her arm.

"Hey, what did you think of the Poliquin lecture?"

It was Goggles!

Thus followed an awkward plod around the stands that Gym Ninja wanted to browse as she flung her head upwards to meet the gaze of the incredibly tall Goggles. No names were exchanged...odd eh? But all too soon it was time for the next 'event'.

"No Limits' By Dave Alred. This gives you the Fitpro lowdown...

Now Gym Ninja isn't into many sports and had no clue who this guy was. Her heart sank when the screens lit up with a sporting intro...uhhhr! Coaching? Really? Gym Ninja is not a sports coach..however...very soon something amazing happened. This guy. This famous (except Gn didn't know who he was, ahem) sporting coach spoke SUCH motivational words that it inspired Gym Ninja beyond belief!  Dave states there are 3 pillars of 'No Limits Coaching' which are:


Basically, he talks of having 'no' history. By that he means, your performance level at this moment in time is only comparable to the previous month. There are no ceilings or self-imposed limits (and by this he means if you score yourself out of 10, what happens when you reach 10? You no longer improve so you put a limit on your ability). If we do not think we are any good, then we are LIMITING ourselves and then we THINK we cannot do it.

'The mindset is the gate keeper to EVERYTHING ELSE'

As a coach you need to take your team (or in GN's case, a 'client') to where they have never been before. The seemingly impossible now becomes possible.
'Impossible is an opinion'. Gym Ninja loves this quote.

Dave said that you can outperform your own self-image, and as a coach or PT you need to keep a client motivated as language can destroy a person. Makes sense huh? Gym Ninja was many times have you been told  by a boss that you are rubbish & can't do something so you start to believe them? How many times have friends and family said to you 'Ahh, you're not sporty are you?" and so you believe you're not and never can be?  Both these happened to Gym Ninja. yet now look!

Dave gives points for a NO LIMITS Mindset so Gym Ninja has noted them down & will pass these nuggets to you. Use them for your training and your everyday life!!

1.  Always enthuse about improvement, no matter how small.
2. Totally focus on the individual and their mindset (if a coach/PT)
3.  Celebrate effort BEFORE achievement.
4.  Use powerful 'can do' language eg: you WILL succeed.
5.  Defy convention! if it works, DO IT!
6.  Have total empathy with the client (as in, with their feelings or when they are under pressure).
7.  Manage learning rather than give instruction.
8.  Go where you've never been before! It rubs off on those around you!
9.  Passionately believe there are NO LIMITS!

And again...the mindset is the gatekeeper to your technical and physical side of your performance, be it in the gym, on the pitch, whatever you do.
Do not accept the word 'can't' (yep, not just your mother who tells you that eh?).
Simply add this one word....'yet'.  As in I can't do that.....YET.

Oh and Gym Ninja's absolute favourite statement?

Impossible is not a declaration. It is a DARE!

And to quote from Muhammed Ali (which is what Dave did)....

""Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

So.......still more Fitpro to come but today's blog just speaks for itself. Now..where is Amazon? Gym Ninja needs to go buy Dave Alred written books!!!!!!!

Gym Ninja x