Saturday, 17 April 2010

Stressy Ninja

So, yesterday (or Thursday in case GN never gets around to posting this on time) was the very last day of Gym Ninja's two week break from the day job she hates so much.  Yep, an odd day to start work again (that'd be Friday) but Gym Ninja did it for psychological reasons...dread going back to work? Well choose a Friday and TADAAAA! It's the weekend already!

It was also Gym Ninja's older sister's birthday so a family day was planned. It started off well....everyone meeting up in M&S (as Gym Ninja's grandfather is a creature of habit & won't be swayed from his 10am M&S cup of tea and toasted teacake ritual). But suddenly, Gym Ninja's mobile phone rang. It was a colleague (the fitness-orientated partner in crime). A WORK colleague ringing on Gym Ninja's last day off work. NO WAY was GN gonna answer the call so switched it off quickly....but it had dampened GN's mood somewhat.

By lunchtime Gym Ninja was ready to switch the phone back on...and just as she did so, yet another call (& voicemail) came through from the work colleague. AHHHR! That was it. Crash went the  mood, and as the day progressed, Gym Ninja got more & more grumpy.

At her sister's house, Gym Ninja watched as Sister Ninja opened her birthday presents. Her husband (and yes he is still alive after giving his wife these gifts) bought Sister Ninja a Davina Exercise DVD and an Ab Wheel. Sister Ninja does no exercise whatsoever (not to be confused with the other Sister Ninja who has now started to train for the Race For Life under Gym Ninja's watchful eye).

"What does this do?" Asked SIster Ninja waving the Ab Wheel at her husband.

"It works your abs, AND your arms" He said.

"No it doesn't! How can it possibly work your arms? You don't know WHAT you are talking about!" Scoffed Sister Ninja

"Listen to the expert, I'm telling you it does" He replied, as she then immediately responded with 'I'm more of an expert than you are..."

Gym Ninja sat there. Incredulous.

"Excuse me! If you'd both like to stop and actually ASK an expert then by all means ask me. I do have a Diploma in Personal Training remember?" Gym Ninja was marginally amused yet mostly annoyed that she had to remind them of this fact.

Sister Ninja and her husband looked over at *grumpy* Gym Ninja, looked at each other & continued to bicker.

Struggle on your own then!

By 6pm Gym Ninja was in a foul mood and so decided to take advantage of the fact the Fab Spin Instructor was taking a 1 hour class later that evening, so sent herself packing to the gym. May as well sweat out the annoyance of impending return-to-work day eh? But the mood came with Gym Ninja.

Oh FINE! Bend over naked in front of Gym Ninja. Just what a grumpy girl wants to see...a bid white wobbly moon of a bottom winking back at her as she turns a corner in the changing rooms.  FFS, do NOT bend when naked. Put everything you need at eye level BEFORE stripping. Then there is no need to blind innocent Ninjas as they walk into the changing rooms. Grr

Into the Spin Studio strode Gym Ninja. Luckily for EVERYONE, Gym Ninja's usual bike was free. Good!

*stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp* Over to her bike went Gym Ninja.

The class was fairly busy. Gym Ninja rarely does a 7pm Spin Session and so it was a mix of the usual regulars from a Saturday Slaughter Spin Class (same instructor attracts the same crowd) and some people GN didn't recognise.  One of the regulars who has now become a tad 'mouthy' was there...a woman who now appears to think it may actually be HER spin session she inputs that much audibly into every session...! everyone went. Now there's something about a late evening Spin session that leaves Gym Ninja a tad lacking in enthusiasm/energy. Most annoying. Gym Ninja also knew that she could work harder and yet...nope, it just wasn't coming easy today.

But then it happened....the instructor hopped off her bike, switched the LIGHTS off (by that, GN means the spotlight that is the only light in the room) and started to walk around in the total dark, inbetween the rows of bikes whilst everyone did a standing hill climb in time to the beat.

"Whatever you do, stick to the beat. DO NOT stop keeping in time with the beat" She bellowed as she strode between the bikes.

Gym Ninja kept to the beat. And then....then she walked right past Gym Ninja, whacked up the resistance by 3 turns and cackled evilly.


HOW GN sweated and struggled to stick to the beat. The resistance was now ridiculously high, so that GN was now sticking to the off-beat yet refusing to lower the resistance. After all, GN needs the challenge.
Push, push push push and....AHHHR! She'd walked past again, adding another turn to the resistance wheel. Gym Ninja was now by far the person with the most resistance on the wheel, but do you know what? She kept going. Why? Because sometimes you need someone to motivate you. To push you harder than you can push yourself. Some days you can do the trick yourself. But on a day such as this one, the instructor knew that GN had it in her to work harder so made her do it.

By the end of the class Gym Ninja knew she'd worked hard enough to sweat out any last minute 'sleep-depriving' worries about the return to work, & so left the gym, leaving behind her bad mood and taking away an endorphin rush.

So you see? The gym doesn't only help improve fitness, burn fat, shape bodies and boost your mood. It is also a place to dispose of a foul bad tempered mood. Yet another reason to get off your backside and go eh?

See you tomorrow, when GN will regale you with Saturday's workout and other such events..

Gym Ninja x