Thursday, 22 April 2010

Stumps Slumps!

You all remember Stumps don't you?

1. Clumsy un-coordinated girl who offered to be Gym Ninja's 'victim' during a  Personal Training practical exam before Christmas.
2. Horse riding sales rep! (not at the same time BTW)
3. Online PT client of Gym Ninja's
4. Recently addicted to all things Maximuscle
5. Successfully lost 19lbs and counting thanks to her hard work and fear of getting into Gym Ninja's bad books by being lazy and scoffing biscuits. (Gym Ninja can ALWAYS tell...!)

OK, so you NOW remember her right? Good. OK, so today's blog revolves somewhat around Stumps (and her now smug face as she reads this!).

Stumps rang Gym Ninja a few days ago. Just for a chat.

*Chat chat chat chat gossip gossip gossip chat*

Now, a few days prior to this call, Stumps had posted on her Facebook status that she'd succumbed to an Easter Egg and Cider bedtime binge. Actually whilst IN bed, not just at bed time. BAD Stumps. She was doing Soooooooo well on her Promax Diet shakes and healthy eating plan mixed up with her now routine running sessions. In fact she was Gym Ninja's best online Personal Training Client!

"Er...I have a confession actually" Admitted Stumps all of a sudden, mid chat.

Gym Ninja had ben expecting this.

"Is this about the Easter Egg binge?" Enquired Gym Ninja.

"Well yeh, but you see I only had a few bites as it was one of those tiny Easter Eggs you get as an emergency Easter Egg in case someone's kids turn up...?" 

Hmm, Stumps was keen to justify the egg size eh? Oh and IS there such a thing as an 'emergency Easer Egg'?

"And the cider, well it was horrid. I only had a couple of gulps and stopped drinking it!". Stumps went quiet down the phone.

"So, you have started to develop a taste for more healthy things eh?" Asked Gym Ninja. "This makes the unhealthy stuff taste dodgy!"

You see, this starts to happen when you make changes to what you eat. When you start to try and eat the old stuff, it tastes kind of different.

"There's something else.." Stumps sounded sheepish at this point...
"The other day I ended up buying some stuff from the takeaway place and I ate it"

Hmmm. Gym Ninja did not speak as it turned out Stump's own guilt would make her carry on.

"Plus, the next day my body just rebelled!" Said Stumps.
"There was a guy in the house doing some work and I just couldn't stop farting! It was like my body was saying OMG I cannot eat that stuff anymore. I had to move away in case I farted near his head!!!"

Great. Gym Ninja just LOVES It when people start to talk bowel habits...NOT!

"Even my husband noticed the smell! I won't be eating that stuff again!" Promised Stumps, convincingly. "Even if I wanted to, my stomach and bowels just don't like it anymore!!"

See? The body CAN adjust quite quickly to a healthy eating regime. So when you do go back to eating the junk, the sugars, chemicals and trans fats have a far more obvious effect on your body.

Imagine feeling how this feels....? Stumps had been living like this for years firing on a sluggish system. It's only now that she has cleaned up her diet and exercise regime that she now realises what it is to feel more alive every day. It's very easy to think that how you feel every day (such as sluggish, tired, emotional, lazy,restless, listless) is merely due to age or just how it's supposed to be. Well going back to yesterdays blog (whereby Gym Ninja may have sounded a tad up her own ar*e by saying she has the best body she's ever had despite being the oldest she's ever been, but hopefully you understood where she was coming from??) this is another piece of evidence that shows that aging does not mean a downhill spiral!

Gym Ninja met up with Stumps in person yesterday. Stumps needed to dash off to the loo as she's drinking a couple of litres of water a day (See? Star pupil is Stumps when she's not scoffing emergency Easter Eggs) which just goes to show she may have fallen off the healthy eating wagon but climbed straight back on again! That's how you do it. You fall off the wagon You get right back on it again. None of this 'Oh I wrecked my diet so now I may as well finish off this junk too as the damage is done' Nope. Draw a line under it and get back on track.

So Gym Ninja was to take progress photos of Stumps. It's good to get someone to take progress photos for you. Sometimes you may get disheartened when the scales don't move or you start to slow down inch loss. But when you see the photos and compare them, well, that's a boost in itself. Gym Ninja knew how well Stumps had done but was still surprised at how svelte she looked! Good work Stumps!!!! Gym Ninja would have treated you to a Promax Diet Bar had she not snaffled the last one in her bag moments before meeting you!

Talking of Promax and all things Maximuscle, there is currently an offer on their site so if you've never tried their stuff (or have done but not direct from their website) then it's worth taking a peek as it's money off!!!!!!!

£10 off your first order (to the value of £60) using code MMAPR10  in the check out box.

Now if you think you won't spend that much or are an existing customer then Gym Ninja has had a rummage and discovered a variety of offers on their site. Yes how kind...and yes, Gym Ninja did place an order herself!!!!!!!

Buy one Get one free on boxes of Promax Diet Bars (GN ordered 2 of these thus getting 4 boxes to slice and dice up in her  freaky way), a similar offer on Progain Flapjacks for those of you trying to bulk up, Extra free pack of Thermobol fat burning supplement when you buy the 90 capsules, Promax Crisp Bar BOGOF offers (of course GN's favourites too & ordered!) oh and lots more. Just click on this link to reach the SPECIAL OFFER tab section and have a mooch for yourself. If you don't like the taste (unlikely)  or think it's rubbish (even more unlikely to be fair as it's not)  they do a fab refund policy. Gym Ninja's order of 2 x Promax Diet Bars (resulting in 4 boxes) plus a tub of Choc Mint Promax should be delivered Friday!!!!!! That'll help with the EAT CLEAN GET LEAN Photoshoot that is just under 20 days away...eeek!

Right, assuming you are all still reading this and not mooching on the Maximuscle site (and my, have you spotted the rather handsome Spartan the Gladiator and his handstand press ups video on their site? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) then GN waves goodbye for today. Back here tomorrow Ninjarettes. long as you are moving in the right direction (as in towards a healthier lifestyle and body) then you are on the right track ;-)

Gym Ninja x