Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ruuun Ninja ruuuuun!

As promised, yesterday's gym visit blogatised (or whatever the verb is?)

Hmm, yesterday. So far away in Gym Ninja's memory. What DID Gym Ninja do yesterday at the gym then? Goddamit, it can be tough trying to recall information that's not more than 60 seconds old. Maybe Gym Ninja was a Goldfish in her previous life...?

Ah yes, t'was cardio and upper body at the gym yesterday. Oh, and Gym Ninja even managed to find one of the nice treadmills that wasn't either broken or busy. Remarkable! This of course was made even better by the fact that Gym Ninja now had her beloved Polar Heart Rate Monitor back in action. Without actually knowing what zone you are in, it is easy to waste one's time when it comes to cardio.  Who actually wants to waste time when at the gym eh?

Gym Ninja is still working out in the Hypertrophy rep range right now. Upper body is so much fun when one is building muscle...sarcoplasmic hypertrophy it may be, but it makes Gym Ninja's muscles look good thank you very much!   To begin with, Gym Ninja headed over to the Assisted Pull Up Machine. The one where you can duplicate pull ups but with a bit of help. So Gym Ninja set the 'help' up, climbed onto the machine and grabbed the bar.

Oh bugger!

Gym Ninja had forgotten that this particular Assisted Pull Up Machine has handles the thickness of aubergines. This is NOT conducive for a good pull up session as far as Gym Ninja and her small hands/faffy grip combo is concerned. Looks like this workout may be tougher than anticipated.

So began Gym Ninja's Pull Ups....her hands struggling to grip the bar as she dragged her body up and down. Damn you aubergine handles! 4 sets of 8 and Gym Ninja is left with pink hands and wobbly forearms.....oh and a decent lat workout of course.

Continuing on with the back, Gym Ninja did some supine grip barbell rows which just about finished off her back. Chest work and some nifty shoulder work followed. Due to a shortage of exercise benches, Gym Ninja had to use a swiss stability ball in order to perform her lying lateral dumbbell raises for her delts. Lying down doing this (or at a jaunty 45' angle using the stability ball) gives the delt/arm tie-in a bit more detail. That curvy side-on look where your side of your shoulders curve out and then in to your know the one. You want it? Do this then! But be warned, you will need to ensure your feet are stabilising you as you lie on your side on the ball, by doing scissor stance wedging your feet against the wall. If you don't then prepare to roll across the gym floor like a dodgy circus act!

By the time Gym Ninja had worked up a sweat, her entire upper body was finished off nicely. A quick refuel using a promax shake mixed with a mini scoop of Creatamax and GN could go home.

The next day (That'd be today) Gym Ninja had planned only an outdoor running session. The stress that GN ended up feeling meant that by 5.30pm she was more than ready to get her trainers on (other clothing as well of course!) and sweat out the stress.  Nothing like a nice long sweaty run the evening of the day you got your hair cut and blow dried eh? Talk about timing! With the Scott Mills podcast downloaded onto the iPhone, Gym Ninja set out on the scenic route from her house to her parents house via the promenade.

Off Gym Ninja takes a while to get into the stride but GN was soon happily running...until she was burnt up by a runner guy pushing a 3 wheeler pram with a baby in it. Grrr! 'It's NOT a race Mr Runner Dad!" HOW annoying is it when someone passes you as you run?

As per usual the prom was full of meanderer strollers and people walking dogs. Dogs not on leads who get overly excited when they see Gym Ninja running towards them. NOT wise considering today Gym  Ninja has accidentally managed to step on one of her cat's paws 3 times! Yes, 3 times! So stay away animals or Gym Ninja's clown feet may squash you flat!

Having avoided the dogs, Gym Ninja had to make a sudden swerve as an oncoming child, seeing Gym Ninja running towards him, decided to boot his football in her path. Kids! Wipe that angelic smile off your face football boy. Gym Ninja saw the evil glint in your eye before you aimed at her....

What is it with outdoor running? Personally, if Gym Ninja sees a runner she looks and then looks away, disinterested. But no! Not the locals here! They all share a 'Look! A runner! A RUNNER! Let us ALL STARE at the runner without diverting our gaze, unashamedly, until she feels incredibly uncomfortable!' type of a view. gym Ninja hates that part of outdoor running. Gym Ninja also hates gangs of 14 year old boys who cat call and whistle as she runs past.

After 40 minutes of running, Gym Ninja made it to her destination...her parents house. Excellent! This way GN could have a nice cup of tea and a sit down, then happily accept a lift home from her mum.


Gym Ninja's parents were out! Good job GN has the key! A quick sup of water and a detour past the sweet drawer (well, just this once Gym Ninja required CHOCOLATE-yes, GN ate chocolate buttons- in order to refuel her unplanned run home!) and Gym Ninja headed back out to run home.

Luckily there IS a shorter route that only took 15 minutes and was away from the prom and the various kids/dogs/weirdos. Enough to burn off the buttons eh?

Tomorrow Gym Ninja is travelling down to Fit Pro for the annual Spring Convention. Plenty of lectures and industry demos to attend for two whole days. Should be fun! Not sure if GN will get a chance to blog but notes will be made and if not updates occur then rest assured you're all in for a treat upon GN's return!

Toodle pip

Gym Cadbury Button Ninja x