Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday Gym Ninja

OK, so today GN is typing on the normal computer, hence the unusual font change yesterday is now a distant memory no?

Rather than go straight into 'Saturday' at FitPro blog post, Gym Ninja is instead going to keep things brief (lots to do you see!) and instead talk about today's Gym Session. The FitPro update will now be tomorrow, as there is much to type up/link to etc.

After a FANTASTIC night's sleep in her own Ninja bed, GN crawled out of bed at 7.30am, still tired yet focussed on getting up for the Sunday Spin Class. That & the fact that the Grandchildren 'alarm' from next door had screeched through the walls....why don't children lie in? Gym Ninja always had a lie in as a child...

Now as Fitpro had been sponsored by Lucozade Sport, GN had been given a free 'rehydrating' Lucozade drink. Not the 'insulin spike in a bottle' fizzy sugary nonsense. The Sports one. Ideal for fuelling GNs hour long Spin Session seeing as she was sooooooooo tired.  As GN walked into the Spin Studio, she was greeted by the instructor and then picked a bike.  Dangly Cross Man came over, demanding to know where GN has been the past week or so.

"It was full yesterday!" He said. "They had to turn 5 people away too!"
Good job GN wasn't there then eh?

The regular crowd was in. Bread Head, Clippy (although Gym Ninja didn't notice her until the end), Cyclist Man (the one who obviously spends every waking hour cycling-it's the vibe he exudes), Short Shorts man...the whole shebang really.  Thanks to the Lucozade Sport (pointless really until you are doing cardio for an hour plus and are a tad cab depleted..which was applicable in Gym Ninja's case). The class was challenging & actually went rather quickly. The Lucozade did what it was supposed to do, & Gym Ninja actually felt more energised after the hour of sweating (burning off 430 calories according to the Polar Heart Rate Monitor) than she had done going in!

Now for the upper body workout. AHHHR! Gym Ninja forgot that the Assisted Pull Up Machine has handles the thickness of aubergines. Gym Ninja is too ladylike to be able to grasp her hands around such a girth. Makes the exercise a whole level more difficult! But, it gives a fantastic stretch and also a great workout, so GN struggled on, praying her grip didn't give out as she lowered herself slowly down...

Moving to the quiet of the Ladies Only Gym area, Gym Ninja could then superset her exercises with a bout of skipping. What is it about skipping that PULLS people towards the rope? Gym Ninja can happily stand miles away from anyone normally, yet the moment the jump rope appears, people start to hover around the circumference of the area GN is skipping in. How soon before someone gets lashed in the face by it?

The upper body session went without any major distractions. Oh wait, no. There WAS a girl in today doing every single exercise with a backwards bend to her. Almost like she was constantly at a 45' angle leaning backwards. Very weird. Not seen that before. She walked a bit like 'Mr Soft', you know, the guy from the Trebor ads? (

Then there was a brief annoyance when Gym Ninja got off a bench to change her dumbbell selection, only to return to find a girl doing triceps dips off it! There were a few free benches. Why Gym Ninjas?  Grr.

Once the workout was complete & Gym Ninja had stretched out, she went to fill her water bottle from the water fountain & spied this next to it, resting on the bin...


I mean, Gym Ninja likes to look very well groomed when working out, but honestly has NEVER actually brought make up into the gym area! Who's is this?  So, with the fresh water ready to add to her post workout Promax shake (choc mint, mmm) Gym Ninja's workout was complete.

Talking of choc mint Promax, Gym Ninja spotted a Promax Mini (that'd be the small tubs as opposed to the vehicle) offer on the Maximuscle site at the moment.  If you buy two tubs of normal sized Promax protein powder (in whatever flavour you like), they give you a FREE Mini tub of Promax CHOC MINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm. Gym Ninja recommends the choc mint just in case you hadn't picked up on that! ;-)

Right, Gym Ninja needs to bugger off as she has much to do in terms of researching some Gyms she may be wanting to train clients out of (now that GN is a fully qualified Personal Trainer!). Then, it's time to play with some of the kit she bought at FitPro. Look out for the review on that this coming week.....(so that's a review of Saturday Fit Pro AND a product review. It's like a soap opera isn't it!)

Again, if you enjoy the Ninja ramblings of this blog, please do subscribe to it with google/blog thingie so GN can see the ickle teeny tiny photos of those of you she is bleating on at. 

See you all tomorrow. Don't be late! 

Gym Ninja x