Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Big Fat Blog Post! (& the one that gets nasty at the end!)

Did you eat with the same 'gay abandon' today having read yesterday's blog about obesity? Yup. Makes you think eh? Saying that, Gym Ninja ate like she had hollow legs today. All healthy, but again, remember from yesterday's blog post that an excess of ANYTHING can make a potential Gym Ninja into a Gym Lump. Gym Ninja needs to wind it in somewhat!!!!!

She started today with another magical juice creation. Do not fret. Gym Ninja will get bored of blogging about the juice recipes soon enough, (that and she is due to run out of ingredients shortly!). So......what stuff in her fridge helped her decide what to make?


2 unpeeled organic apples
1 small unpeeled beetroot
1 medium or half a large cucumber
1 handful of spinach
1 handful of watercress

And what did this create...? (apart from a rather rude photo much to GN's amusement!) 

'Pumping Iron'.

Hey-don't blame GN for the naff name. It's what the book calls it!
Named as a tonic for dull grey days (GN checked outside and yep-t'was one of those alright). The book also says that cucumber isn't the faffy waste of space we all think it is, but is in fact an important 'healing vegetable'.  The juice is super-rich in Vit C, iron, and folic acid. The betacarotene protects against cancers, and it also provides an instant hit of natural sugars for that healthy boost. Ideal for bodybuilders (yeh right-can you imagine them supping on this?)vegetarians, serious exercisers and women planning to get themselves up the duff. (pregnant, to give it the more recognised label!). 

Here you go...looks similar to yesterdays one eh? That'll be the beetroot! Makes you wonder what my insides look like...

Oh and it wouldn't be a blog without the obligatory bubbly top shot!

So did it taste nice? Yes it did thank you very much. It didn't taste like cucumber sandwiches either which is how GN thought it may taste. It was rather lovely.

OK-show's over! Time for Obesity Blog Part Two...

We last discussed what the causes of Obesity were remember? Well, adding to the Dietary Habits we can also add this...

Physical Inactivity!
Oh you SO knew that was coming! WHo is HONESTLY surprised by finding out just now that not moving can contribute to obesity? Uh huh, so you ALL know that moving around is a good thing and sitting at home racking up hours of TV is a baaaaaad thing yes? you still weld your bum to the sofa on a nightly basis? Do you????????

'They' class physical ACTIVITY as one of the main factors for maintaining weight loss. Tis also found that when ickle baby rats exercise at the early stage of their life (of course they are at the early stage of life, otherwise they wouldn't be ickle rat would they, they'd be old rats), that in itself depressed the creation of fat cells.  Cute rat fact eh?

 So if you exercise during calorie restriction then not only can you speed up your fat loss, you also protect that all-important valuable lean tissue (or fat free mass as they call in in 'the trade'). That's a good thing! You burn up more calories when you have more lean tissue donchaknow. You look kinda fab too!  Daily activity can actually account for up to 40% of your daily calorie expenditure too!  So MOVE!!!

Right-so thats eating and drinking too much, not moving very much...what else fits into the Obesity Cause Category?


*Sharp intake of breath from you all*

Ahh, the old 'BIG BONES' malarkey! Is Gym Ninja actually letting this count as a genuine reason? a way, maybe yeh! Allow GN to explain as there are a few bits and bobs to cover in this category...

Everyone has a different resting metabolic rate. This is the rate you burn calories if you just blobbed out on the bed and didn't move all day. The calories your body burns just by existing.  If yours isn't as high as mine, then you're not gonna need as much food are you? (You CAN increase it increasing your LEAN tissue...aka muscle!) 

Chuck in your body type (endo, ecto or mesomorph) and that is also a sign that those who lean towards ENDOMORPH gain body fat easier than the others. Damned genetics eh?

Your leptin hormone. This is the clever blighter that sends messages to the brain saying 'full up now!:-stop your eating Mr!'. Now IF you are unlucky enough to have a genetic defect in your leptin production or receptors then this can lead to overeating (as the message of being full isn't getting to the brain) and obesity. 

Ghrelin (no relation to the furry 'don't feed after midnight Gremlins as seen on TV)...another hormone-like thingie that links to eating habits. If you fast or restrict energy then this baby's levels increase in your body, which in turn means your body will then prefer to burn CARBS rather than FAT, and not only that, it decreases energy expenditure (what you burn off) and increases FAT storage. AHHHR! Give Gym Ninja an over-zealous furry Gremlin rather than a wayward Ghrelin hormone any day! If you are unlucky enough to have that old genetic abnormality that affects it then it can over-stimulate the ghrelin that circulates through you and cause the problems mentioned above.

Gene Mutation. Ooer! Scientists suggest that there MAY be people who are just genetically predispositioned to become obese. Of course this is NOT a reason to say "Ah well, I'm just supposed to be obese" as you cram in your next cream cake, no more than I hope you'd sit there in the Dole Queue saying "Ah well, I am just supposed to be broke and out of work". This is an area of ongoing research so don't count your chubby chickens if you're holding out for this to be your reason!

The 'Set Point' Theory. Tis suggested that our brains continually adjust the metabolism and behaviour to maintain a target weight range that is set within your fixed genetic programme. Those believers suggest that although you can drag yourself out of the confines of your set point, in the end your body will drag you back to it! Well, stick THAT theory up your a*se baby! Gym Ninja is not letting ANYTHING drag her into a more rotund shape! 

AH, now we are moving away from the Genetics and into....

Smoking and Alcohol.

NOW we're talking!

Oh, wipe that sulky look off your face! You KNOW This one! They affect how you store fat!  Regular smoking increases the chances of abdominal weight gain. A big fat tum!  By how much you enquire? Well, twice as much for men, and two and  a half times as much for ladies.  SO much for that 'oooh it's slimming' nonsense people come out with as they light up a cigarette!
Booze too? Uh huh! Over 4 units a day of alcohol is associated with weight gain...ESPECIALLY in women under 35. EEEK!  Doesn't seem as much fun now does it? 

SO, thus endeth today's blog on Obesity.  Have you been motivated to make at least one or two changes to what you eat & drink, and how often you exercise? No? OK-time for Gym Ninja to get serious.....

Think of it this way..... 

Is that TV show you watch religiously whilst sitting down all evening, and all the soaps on TV you cannot possibly miss, again slobbing out on the sofa as you watch them  (thus staying at home and avoiding the gym in case Rita off Corrie has a fab plotline) REALLY worth nudging into obesity for? Obesity with all the risks associated with it remember.

That Ready Meal you have just bunged into the microwave that leaves you ravenous within an hour due to the fact it has no real nutrients so your body craves something else...? You know, that meal, as you've been out all day and are too tired to cook? That same Ready Meal that is so pumped full of chemicals you get addicted to it?  That Ready Meal that has MSG in it and that Diet Soda containing Aspartame you're washing it down with?  Is that really so nice that you don't actually mind it increasing your fat storage, whilst burning a hole in the part of your brain that controls hunger? 
Pardon? IS it really?

Is the cigarette you are lighting up to accompany that beer or glass of wine you always drink to 'relax' you, really worth increasing your body's ability to store fat for? How relaxed will you honestly be knowing it's increasing your weight and putting you at risk of all those life threatening diseases and conditions associated with obesity and inactivity?

STILl not convinced it's worth making a few changes here and there with your lifestyle?  "you only live once-may as well enjoy it" ???

Not bothered if you die early? After all, who's to know if your time has come early, you may say? Certainly not YOU as you'll be dead. let us assume you don't mind causing pain and sadness to those you leave behind to cry because you're no longer here and write things in the Condolences card like 'taken too soon'? You're ok with that right? Death doesn't scare you!!!

So, How about looking at it this way?  Imagine NOT dying from any of those conditions yet. Imagine falling sick. Imagine having to go in and out of hospital for treatment that may be uncomfortable, scary, painful or humiliating? Imagine how that will make you feel. How being ill means you cannot work an dthat causes huge money problems for you all. How scared you'll be falling ill and not being able to work. What happens if you have to have operations and take medication that has a whole number of side effects too? God, even WORSE, imagine the partner you live with seeing you in such a bad state? Imagine if they have to wash and dress you? Take you to the toilet? Clean you up when you make a mess by oozing one of many bodily fluids due to illness? Or if you lose control of your bladder or bowels due to medications/or illnesses associated with weight gain? Imagine living with the illness long enough to see your family scared, worried, sad, distraught....?

Do you have your motivation yet??????

Gym Ninja x
Tis for your own good GN came down all heavy at the end. GN knows you all have an interest in H&F otherwise you'd not read this blog. She knows most of you take care of yourself and that we cannot ALL do everything right. We ALL have our vices. But just see if you can make one change and GN promises she will be all fun & frolicks tomorrow. OK? Deal x