Monday, 4 January 2010

Fitness Freebies

Good evening. Nice to see you all again.

Gym Ninja is taking the evening off the gym tonight.
She has had a very full high-intensity weekend of workouts. 2 intense Spin Classes in 2 days and both extremely enjoyable. 2 weights sessions upper body and one lower body over the weekend,,plus 1 run too.  So now Ninja needs a rest! The rest days are  JUST as important as your training days for your results to still continue, hence her taking tonight off.

Well, that reason, and also the fear of the Newbie Crush! Gym Ninja thinks too many people will stuff themselves into the gym tonight and she does not wish to be unable to find any equipment to use! Not just new people of course. No, old members who may have become a little slack at attending over the past few months and see January as the boost they need to get back on track. They too will be heading back there today after their first day back at work. Either way, it will be like The Boxing Day Sales at Harrods!!!!!!  But less green.

So instead Gym Ninja decided to do a little bit of rummaging around to see what freebies are out there for us fitness folk.  Oh, and also what bargains!

Firstly, she began with the basics. A gym! Now gyms do not give anything away for free usually so it is kind of hard to find a deal, especially in January when they are usually overwhelmed with enquiries. They do not NEED to give away a free trial in January. Nope. Yet Gym Ninja was WRONG! She found a deal. Yep. She has even added a little link to the right hand side of this blog for ease of locating as she thought it may be fun to do!

Apparently you can get yourself a FREE one-day pass into any of the Fitness First Gyms across the UK this month.  Kind of like a 'try before you buy' scenario? Now Gym Ninja happens to think this is a rather good idea for those people looking to start at a gym or switch to a new gym. You need to go in, try out the equipment and see how you feel when you train there. Having a guided tour just isn't enough to be honest. You need to see what kind of people go there, what range of classes they have, what the showers are like when you use them, how clean the toilets and changing rooms are. You need to see how attentive and friendly the staff are, what the cafe facilities are like (if that is important to you and it is to some people), whether it is easy to park and so on.... See? A free trial is a good idea no?   Even if you are NOT looking to move to a new gym, it's worth taking them up on their offer. It'd be rude not to. Think of it as a kind of 'holiday' from your usual gym routine. A new place to work out shakes it up for you. Gives you new enthusiasm and new ideas. Appeals generally to your nosiness. That way you can maybe return to your usual gym and think "It's not so bad here after all". or maybe even "Hmm, time to move on"? So...AFTER you have finished reading this click on the logo banner thingie with Fitness First on it and claim your pass. Let's all see what Fitness First think is SO amazing about their gym that they want us all to turn up!  Psst-also, this may be a good option if you have to spend time away at a hotel with your job this month but don't want to miss out on a workout? See if there is a Fitness First near your hotel and grab your free day pass!

So...what else can Gym Ninja find that is free today?

How about....'GET FIT FOR FREE', courtesy of Sweaty Betty? Gym Ninja couldn't find a flash side panel for that so has added the link to the highlighted name for you! Get fit for FREE Online and in store apparently. Oooooh.  HANG ON! It offers an online blogger to get you inspired? Isn't that what Gym Ninja is for? Grrr! Do not abandon Gym Ninja for Sweaty Betty blogger! However, DO attend their weekly free exercise classes if there is a store near where you live.  Plus, if you win the £250 in clothing vouchers then you will get a free gym wardrobe too eh?

Gym Ninja's beloved Maximuscle are offering everyone in the entire universe (ahem), a free nutrition plan that will take into account your goals, be they to increase muscle, burn body fat etc, and then give you a diet plan based on what to eat and when. Takes all the guess work out of this, plus they certainly seem to know what they are talking about as they sponsor God knows how many athletes, teams plus the Gladiators...ROAR!
*waggles sponge finger*
They chuck in FREE delivery if you order their supplements and FREE welcome pack if you are new to ordering from them.  Oh and you can get free advice on exercise too. Now as well all knows, Gym Ninja is mightily happy with her Maximuscle supplements and has wasted oodles of cash on bad or poor quality supplements elsewhere so that YOU do not have to, my little Ninjarettes! This is why she has also added the cute banners on this blog and has made sure they show her favourite supplements so if you want to see why she loves them so much you can just click straight on them. More fun than the in-bedded link in the text.  Prettier too...!  Oh, and something she didn't know but found out....apparently if you ordered say, chocolate something or other and then hated the taste, spat it out and cursed the stuff, then Maximuscle let you return it to swap it for another flavour!!!!!!! YAY!

Yep. You guessed it! You can get FREE circuit sessions almost on a DAILY basis from website. Gym Ninja has spoken of this site before and has even partaken in some of the workouts herself, and can recommend them for being hardcore and burning up calories! There is a whole back catalogue on that site that will keep you exercising for months. Ideal for working out at home, or even if you have to travel with your job and are stuck in your hotel room with just a laptop for company. (also, it'll stop you looking at things you shouldn't on your laptop in your hotel room!!!!)

Gym Ninja has saved you MONEY today!
Now you can get a Gym Session, a motivational blog that isn't as good as Gym Ninjas (ahem), a weekly aerobics class, a daily online aerobic circuit workout, plus a nutrition and workout plan and delivery on your supplements FOR ABSOLUTELY NO CASH WHATSOEVER! 

No excuses Ninjarettes! How can you turn down all of that eh?

Okey dokey-off Gym Ninja pops. She has a chicken stir-fry to do before settling down to so some revision on Hypertension! Now you get busy with your link clicking and claim whatever you like that is free!!
(Sorry that GN could not provide cute banners on her blog for ALL offers. but hell, she saved you some time with the ones she has provided eh??)

Toodle pip

Gym Ninja xx


Would you rather have FREE gym sessions for life or FREE creamcakes for life?
(you KNOW the answer to that one!!!!!!!!)