Thursday, 28 January 2010

Quickie Ninja!

Gym Ninja does not know where the time went today so cannot blog full-sized as it is now nearly tomorrow! Busy busy!

However, today, courtesy of listening to The Fit Cast Podcast (find it on iTunes or follow them on Facebook here) she looked up FitDay, a free calorie nutrition log online. Now yeh, Gym Ninja knows a lot of you already know about it. However, she didn't ok?  So she has filled most of it out today and fears it may be another thing computer-related she finds leaches time off her! Worth it though! It's surprising where the sneaky calories add up! It's hard to lie to oneself about what one eats when one has to write it all down. More about this in the coming days...

Gym Ninja signed the final bits of paperwork to adopt her Mini Cooper today too! Now all she hopes for is that the finance people get a wriggle on and sort the spondoolies Thursday so she can go play swapsies and trade in her BMW and collect her new baby! Bless the Mini Showroom guy! 

"Anything else you wanna buy mate?" He asked, knowing full well Gym Ninja is prone to pointing and saying "me want!" She'd already sat there as the Parrot Guy came into the showroom to install her parrot. Aww, Gym Ninja always wanted a parrot you know. Not the bluetooth version in her car. No, she always asked Father Christmas for a real 'stuffed dead' parrot. Yep. Cute kid eh? Oh and no, she never got one so sadly couldn't fulfill her dream of being a 6 year old pirate. *sigh* 

Oh and before she goes, she wants those of you she's not already coerced into playing, to play 'The Mini Adventure' Game. Spot as many minis out and about between 6am and 6pm as possible. Play with a friend. Text or email your totals. Pathetic yet strangely absorbing. 

Ok, bed time for me!  

Gym Ninja in brief x