Monday, 25 January 2010

Ninja Mini Adventure

Gym Ninja didn't make it to the gym tonight.

She was intending to..but then she remembered last week's Monday workout..the Monday Newbie Crush! Eeek! Did she really want to squash herself inbetween a Deep Heat User & a 'Window Shopper Walker?' No! So instead she decided she'd go straight home & revise for this coming weekend's PT course.  Of course, she is just firing off this blog first as she listens to the audio revision, then shall move onto text book reference. Luckily for Gym Ninja, she has a head-start on the various free weight training techniques having read the old classics a few years ago, such as FLEX Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development and so on....yeh..the big boy bodybuilding mags! It's surprising what crops up on a professional Personal Training Diploma that Gym Ninja previously learned by reading how Dorian Yates, Lee Priest,  Flex Wheeler etc created 'impressive guns/explosive quads/gigantic chest by working these techniques.......(hmm, you never get anyone called, say, 'Dave Jones' do you?).  Gym Ninja recalls showing her nephew, (then, only 1 year old)  a Muscle & Fitness Magazine which had scantily clad muscular women posing with the guys, and her nephew was transfixed with the ladies round glutes! (Gym Ninja still thinks he has a thing for ladies bottoms!!!!!!)

GN has now also been immensely distracted by the plyometic style medicine ball moves shown on video. Hmmm...the guy looks a tad silly jumping on one leg, his arms flailing around. Gym Ninja thinks these are training techniques that her and her clients should do when not in full view of a crowd!!!!!

Anyhow, sadly GN has to keep this blog brief today. Too much study to be done. Plus, she is again perving at Mini Coopers online, having now just rushed out and bought one! Yes, after half a day of mulling it over, she headed back to the car showroom and arranged to trade in her BMW and get a nice shiny Mini Cooper to razz around in.  The Mini Cooper has all manner of Ninja style additions  ...multicoloured internal lights, secret compartments, giant dinner plate for a speedometer, space for Ninja Stars...all the essentials!  She has also discovered that she can order exciting roof decals such as a zebra print roof, or even an image of a giant zip opening up the car! (Hmm.....maybe not that one!)  GN's only concern is that the boot is so small that she doubts she'd be able to stuff her gymbag into it? Ah well...that means that she'd best design her own patent dispatch bag style NikeID gym bag eh? if you have forgotten what Gym Ninja is on about then click on the banner at the top of this blog...but just be prepared to want ALL the personalised stuff!!!!!

Another marvelous fact is that Gym Ninja will now be getting a road tax refund as she'd only just whacked on the tax for her BMW. The refund will pay for her next protein supplement order. If you recall, Gym Ninja told you that Maximuscle are doing a promotion right now that means if you buy 2 tubs of Promax protein, you get a free tub too! SO Gym Ninja will spend her rebate flavors to get? Choc Mint is a given of course. If you've tasted it then you will know why! She's still got plenty of strawberry to mix in as smoothies at home, so no need for that. Hmmm...she's also got Natural for when she cooks, plus cookies & cream. OK, so maybe she may be adventurous and try Orange? Yep, Orange and maybe Vanilla? HURRY UP Maximuscle and bring out a Creme Egg Flavoured protein powder!!!!!

OK-best go. Stuff to revise!!!!!! Apologies for the sub-standard blog. GN shall get herself back into the swing of it tomorrow...

Gym Ninja x