Thursday, 21 January 2010

Nice Ninja is back! didn't like yesterday's sign off did you?
Gym Ninja can tell!
(Scroll down a bit if you didn't get around to reading it yesterday as GN has added this blog early in the day to take away the nasty blog taste in your mouth from her being a big meanie to you all yesterday)

Gym Ninja got harsh and went all scaremongering on you to kind of shock those of you still at the 'Hmmm, I really should do some exercise yet shall just eat this Mars Bar' instead type stage of motivation.

She wanted to shock you into realising that you only get one body to live in and that there are no refunds or replacements if you break that one. (Well, can YOU find the receipt? Exactly!)  She wants you to embark on a healthier lifestyle so you can feel how fantastic it is. After all, we all started from where you are and yet we all became 'hooked' somehow on the changes, and make the effort to work out even when we feel lazy or fed up. We all used to shovel chocolate and junk and processed foods into our mouths (and yes, maybe at times still do although admittedly less often), and yet we all now try and pick the healthier food option and enjoy eating it.  So you see? We know how it is when you are yet to start and feel 'unconvinced' it's worth the effort. Plus the fact we changed like this & stayed like this means that there are good times ahead for you ok? Or else, why would we do it?   It's ENJOYABLE in the end, Gym Ninja promises you that! Just remember-changing EVERYTHING at once is a true ticket to failure. Make one or two changes, get used to them, then come back for more ok?

Okey Dokey. Time out! Back to the faffy blog style. No more scaries for a while.. ;-)

Gym Ninja went to the gym the other day and nearly trod on a Personal Trainer. Don't you just HATE  it when that happens? There was one lying on the floor all 'abandoned'. Not where you expect to find a Personal Trainer is it?   You kind of expect that they will be strutting around the gym, showing clients quirky exercises to do, encouraging people, chatting with people....Gym Ninja guesses that at some point maybe even Personal Trainers lie on the floor like a normal person though?

So WHY was this PT on the floor, Gym Ninja hears you ask? Well, the PT was working it seemed. A flurry of abdominal exercises were going one, although GN is not entirely sure as to whether the ones being performed were particularly safe OR effective.  This was due to the positioning, plus the 'speed' at which the exercises were being done. Gym Ninja means, really rapidly. Too rapidly to be working anything other than momentum!  This is an added pressure to a PT. People watch you train. They watch you when you wear your Personal Trainer T Shirt. They also watch you when you are NOT on duty. GN knows this from her time spent working in the fitness industry....allow GN to explain...this will benefit both existing Personal Trainers AND those of you considering hiring one (it'll give you tips on what to look out for).

Potential clients are everywhere. They do not just research a PT because they are wearing their uniform & are on duty that day. No, potential clients are always musing over which PT to choose to train them, so in that respect they are always watching!! ALWAYS watching...!

They sneak a look in the changing rooms to see what the Personal Trainer's body actually looks like naked (which in turn gives them idea of whether The PT knows what they are talking about as results 'speak for themselves'). Oh and yeh that may sound pervy, but GN has been on the receiving end of that herself, and in some cases when she worked at a particular Health Club, had to actually hide in the individual changing rooms whenever she got dressed the staring got that bad!! One time she turned around in the shower cubicle and saw the steamed up silhouette of a Gym Goer standing right outside her shower cubicle, blatantly staring through the glass to get a peek at her body to 'see if she knows what she's talking about'. (well that's what the woman told Gym Ninja when she confronted her!) People are just curious!

They also sneak a look when the PT is off duty doing their own exercises in the gym. If they see a PT doing a move that they have not seen the PT's own clients do or maybe think the PT wouldn't 'allow' their clients to do because they aren't good/effective, then they form an opinion that either what that PT teaches is nonsense which is why they don't follow it themselves, OR, that the PT doesn't practice what they preach. Both of these things are not helpful when expanding the PT business! If you are a PT, always make sure you exercise with correct form, pick up and lower the weights in a safe way, and don't do anything you'd be too scared to prescribe to a client. It should be second nature to you anyway. if it isn't then maybe tidy up your technique a bit.

Potential PT clients sneak a look if they see a PT eating or drinking something too.  They are RELENTLESS in their nosiness (or fact finding if you prefer to call it that??) You know, to get ideas and tips as to what they too should be ingesting?? Fantastic news if they watch the PT eat a healthy meal or quaff water and protein shakes. Now that PT is seen as a healthy role model. Not so good if they catch the PT scoffing a chocolate bar, eating a sausage roll or sitting down to a bowl of chips with a can of coke!! It makes the PT who eats junk seem a hypocrite. You may think GN is exaggerating somewhat when she says that last part, but she has actually worked with PTs who scoff bags of crisps, skip meals, order in takeaways every'd be surprised! 'Think on' if you spot your local Personal Trainer mooching around the supermarket. Nip past and take a peek into their it full of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat? Or is it clinking with the amount of wine bottles hiding under boxes of Sugar Puff Cereals and Wagon Wheels?

They (the PT stalkers) also sneak a look if they see the PT out socially. Now everyone deserves time off for good behaviour. Some PTs do drink alcohol and treat themselves occasionally to naughty snacks.  That's fine as they are actuall human as opposed to the bionic machines you may think that they are. However, the PT again needs to be aware that if they are putting themselves in this position of 'authority', or even in some cases, 'up on a pedestal', then they need to go one step further. Almost become a cartoon version of a healthy person living the healthy lifestyle, or else you lose something...credibility......and in doing so, quite possibly another potential client.

So, PTs out there...'be aware' of what you do, regardless of whether you are wearing your Personal Trainer T Shirt or not. You are being scrutinized by people who may be considering hiring you. They may be undecided between hiring YOU and hiring that other PT at the gym they've seen. However they have just seen you scoff down a KFC Bucket and smoking a fag outside the gym who do you think they are likely to choose now? Unfair it may be, but the client does have a point.......

So.....yeh........the PT was on the floor doing crunches ten to the dozen. Had that PT gained or lost clients by their actions? Hmm, maybe it depends on how knowledgeable the potential client is? If they are a Newbie then maybe they do not realise that rapid exercises that do not fully work the muscles but instead use momentum to do, are fruitless? Maybe they will just see that the PT 'appears' to be working out and hire them regardless? What will happen? This person may get average results. They may just think that spending their money on this Personal Trainer isn't getting them the results they'd hoped for and quit. They may decide that ALL Personal Trainers are a waste of space and then give those good ones in the Industry a bad  name (which is unfair as there are plenty of excellent PTs out there!). That is sad when that happens but unavoidable when there are some PTs out there who are, for want of a better phrase, a tad naff!

But if YOU are shopping around and wanting to adopt a Personal Trainer of your own, maybe start to watch them (in a non-restraining order style of a way) when they are NOT working on duty? See if they practice what they preach? See if they seem to be in good shape? If they are not; if they have little muscle definition, or are a bit pudgy, or look a funny shade of sallow as opposed to radiating health, then mull that over........? A Personal Trainer is for LIFE, not just for a quick fix!

Oooh! Gym Ninja NEVER knows where her blog goes until she starts to type. Who knew she'd harp on about how to stalk/adopt/select a Personal Trainer eh

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See? Gym Ninja is being nice to you and playing Good Ninja Bad Ninja with her blog posts ;-)

BIG hugs. You did well to survive yesterdays blog post. But before GN goes, she'd just like to say a special hello to 'N'. 'N' knows who they are. "N' rang Gym Ninja earlier to thank her for the nasty blog post that has sparked off something and is now heading out to load up on some fruit to try out a juice recipe or two! A step in the right direction and one of may future steps Gym Ninja hopes.  Gym Ninja is PROUD! Now 'N', click on the freebie Gym Pass also here on this blog and go test drive a gym session for free!!!!!!!!

Toodle pip!

Gym Ninja xx