Monday, 18 January 2010

Juicy Gym Ninja!


Day 2 of Juicy Ninja!!!!

And no, the novelty hasn't worn off yet!

Today, Gym Ninja whipped up a rather splendid  Apple & Watercress Energiser.  From the book of magical juice recipes.  Wanna know what was in this one? It tastes luuurvely by the way, so you may wish to grab a pen and try it at home?

You need the following (and organic if possible):
2 unpeeled apples
2 large unpeeled carrots
2 medium tomatos
1 UNPEELED Kiwi fruit (yep-the furry little kiwi)
1 handful of watercress
1 handful of spinach

Shove em in your juicer (if you pardon the expression) and then drink up kiddies!
Nice eh?
Now this is classed as the 'ultimate superjuice' you should have once or twice a week that is fabulous at times of physical AND/OR mental stress (which Gym Ninja thinks is pretty much all of the time), increased workload or at any time when your body and mind need to be 'bursting' with vitality. It promotes greater concentration & is an aid to physical activity...apparently. 

As this juice is super rich in Vitamin C, the book suggests it's perfect if you want to ward off a cold or the flu. (However, as this is bacon-free Gym Ninja doubts that it would ward off Swine Flu). Apparently, it also helps guard against heart disease & cancer. Wow. 

This is what came out of the juicer....hmmm, doesn't look too nice does it? In fact, it looked kiwi skin brown! Ooer!

 And here is the 'fateful' from above pic. WHat IS it with the bubbles? Bubbles make it look worse...So, with trepidation, Gym Ninja took a sip....

 It tasted gorgeous!!! That was despite Gym Ninja knowing that she'd juiced the kiwi with it's little hedgehog suit on too! (You cannot taste the fur though!)

So, are you tempted to buy a Juicer of your own yet??

Later on today, Gym Ninja headed to the gym. She was much in need of a hardcore workout as she'd driven to the Lake District and back today. Needed to get the old body moving!

She found herself queuing to get into the gym carpark! WHAT???  Queuing to get IN? Seriously? Gym Ninja guesses now that the last of the snow has melted, that the January Newbies have returned with a vengeance? 

Gym Ninja headed to the changing rooms to get into her gym gear. The changing rooms were busy. Huge groups of women and/or younger girls in gangs all sitting down and talking. Hmmm, how much of this would then be classed as 'I was at the gym for an HOUR last night?'...

Off GN went to the treadmill for a very fast 20 minute interval run on the treadmill. A small guy nabbed the treadmill next to her: a guy covered in Deep Heat stinky cream! It BURNS the larynx you know when you inhale the stuff. Makes Gym Ninja's eyes sting too. She could see him peeking at what speed she was running, as he revved up his own treadmill. As she increased HER treadmill, he increased his. Silly boy! You CANNOT keep up with Gym Ninja on your first visit! Before long Deep Heat Boy was gripping the sides of the treadmill, hanging on for dear life as he sped up the belt..Gym Ninja considered helping him out by decreasing her own speed so he wouldn't feel the need to compete.  She looked over at him, his face pink and his hands gripping the treadmill, knuckles white. She turned and touched the treadmill speed controls..........and revved it up by an extra kilometer per hour! 


After the run (Deep Heat Boy stopped his treadmill the moment GN reduced her own speed) she headed upstairs to do the lower body workout. Time was of the essence, but she needed to complete her workout, so instead of lifting heavy today, she shook things up (her own arse included!) and lifted fairly medium weights, yet went overboard on the stretch and range of movement. By this she means going past 90' into a deep squat...teaching the body how to move into it's full range of motion, whilst strengthening her knees. She then ensured her Romanian (straight legged) deadlifts were done under strict control with a full stretch. Adding on front-to-back lunges and some Roman Chair ab work, it was soon time to stretch out and grab her Promax Shake, passing another gaggle of girlies in the changing rooms, looking sweat-free as they chatted....

Queuing to get OUT of the car park, Gym Ninja realised that although the carpark had been full to bursting, the gym itself was surprisingly quiet? Maybe that was because half of them were in the changing rooms, and another large section were treating themselves to a calorific latte in the cafe?

AH well....more juicy tales tomorrow Ninjarettes!!!

Gym Ninja x