Saturday, 2 January 2010

Gym Ninja respects her elders....

Recovered from the festivities yet? Gym Ninja hopes you all feel a lot better after your night of partying. 

Today  (yesterday by now) she decided she'd welcome in the New Year with a run outside, however her plans were scuppered by a rather dangerous layer of ice on the pavements. Hmmm, Gym Ninja does not want a broken leg. That would mean it would go all withered and look silly next to her non-broken leg! So instead, she dug out the new Skipping Rope she'd bought from TK Maxx for all of £2.99 and set about doing a 15 minute high intensity skipping session in her garden (watched, of course, by one of her ever-curious cats). Amazing workout, and now 8 hours later she can feel the DOMS kicking in!

After her workout she decided to ring her inspirational Great Uncle Harry. Great Uncle Harry is 91 years old and is a great believer in eating healthily and taking regular exercise. So she rang him to wish him a Happy 2010...but the phone rang out. An hour later Gym Ninja called again, and this time he was in. He'd been out for his  DAILY 3 mile walk. Yes, DAILY, and up the Malvern Hills too! 

Gym Ninja and GUH (Great Uncle Harry) chatted about exercise and diet as usual. He told her that on his old stationary bike at home he'd clocked up 7000 miles before trading it in for a new one. Puts to shame those people who use theirs as a glorified clothes hanger eh?  GUH is very enthusiastic about Gym Ninja's plans for her own PT business, and the conversation they both had was very enjoyable and motivational.  One fantastic 'quote' GUH came up with that Gym Ninja plans to steal and use too is aimed at those people who always procrastinate about not having time to exercise...Do you know what GUH says to them? He says...

"Those minutes you spend now on exercising you get back added onto the end your life as years."


Later on, as Gym Ninja was multitasking (revising with the TV on in the background), she noticed that QVC had a typical fitness and health related 1st Day of the Year show, and the Today's Special Value was in fact a Juicer. But no...not an ordinary juicer. A juicer by Jack La Lanne. Gym Ninja had heard about Jack La Lanne quite a bit recently. In fact, it was only the day before she'd been reading in a fitness magazine (Oxygen Magazine) about his latest book being launched.  For those of you who have never heard of him, check out this link on Jack here.... He is the godfather of fitness and waaaaaaaay ahead of his time when it came to diet and exercise. He invented the first leg extension and pulley machines, also the Smith Machine, was one of the first to advocate that women lift weights, & started a gym chain that he eventually  sold that is now Bally Total Fitness.  He is still going strong at the grand old age of 95, so he knows his stuff! Anyhow, this juicer was sold as 'his' and basically appealed to Gym Ninja partly due to the fab colours you can buy it in, but also because she used to have a juicer and loved how drinking fresh vegetable juices made her feel. That was until she broke her juicer by ramming apple  complete with pips into it by accident. This would NOT be an issue with HIS juicer as you can lob stuff in whole without peeling or chopping. Gym Ninja is now getting this juicer as her birthday present this month! YAY!  Expect lots of lovely juice inventions in the near future...

Anyhow, once reminded about the 95 year old Jack, she did a search for him on You Tube and came up with some fabulously motivating speeches, and she has added the links for you all..

'Nuff, search for more of his inspirational speeches  on YouTube or read his site at and try and take at least some part of what he says to the very words of Jack himself.. "Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom!"

Gym Ninja xx