Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Gym Year

Gym Ninja's first official 2010 workout at the gym began on 2nd January. 'Yesterday' to you.... A Saturday. You know what that means in GN world? Saturday Slaughter Session! Correct.

Off she pootled, having downed some Maximuscle Viper Extreme Capsules for an added boost of energy (she didn't have any of her usual wheat-free pitta breads to have with peanut butter for breakfast on her hardcore workout day, so had instead had a Promax Shake & figured the Viper would give her a boost seeing as she'd foregone carbs). She'd not attempted a spin class for at least a month due to scheduling.

She arrived at the gym by about 9.15am and already it was fairly busy. The old January rush eh? Lots of new people (Newbies) desperately trying to reverse some of the self-indulgence they'd partaken in. Aren't we all? That is why Gym Ninja is also here-that and her love of working out of course!  As ever she began with a run. Just enough time to do 15 minutes on the treadmill before heading upstairs to take part in the 1 hour Extreme Spin Class.

In she walked, gel seat cover in hand. She'd envisaged some saddle soreness due to the fact that her derrière would no longer be used to the spin bikes. Princess Ninja and the Pea situation!  The class wasn't as full as she'd expected, but she was delighted to see a new instructor who was very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone to answer her when she spoke.

"How long is this class supposed to be everyone? An hour or is it 45 minutes?" The Instructor enquired.

The room fell silent, the Spin Gang looking at each other shiftily.

'AN HOUR" Shouted out Gym Ninja suddenly. Damned Gym Tourettes! 

Well, no point turning up if you plan on cheating yourself by cutting it short before you begin is there? So off we went, into a beast of a spin session that was fantastic from start to finish. The Instructor would periodically hop off the bike and wander around just at the moments when you were flagging, so it kept motivation high and everyone worked hard. Ahh, t'was good to be back in Spin again! Turns out she is due to do the one hour 10am session Sunday too. Gym Ninja is now cancelling out her last lie in, so she can attend!!!!

Following the Spin Session, Gym Ninja started her leg workout. Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, front/back lunges...ahhhhr! Wibbly wobbly legs! By now the gym was really filling up for a Saturday. Lots of new faces! Couples coming in to train together, older people kitted out in their old weight training belts and gloves (but without the weight training body so obviously back after much time off), a few younger people,... all of them absolutely hell bent on sorting themselves out  (for want of a better phrase) for this year! Gym Ninja is somewhat concerned however,  that large corporate gyms never bother to nurture the Newbies. Does anyone check up on them after their first month to help keep them on track? Do they offer a 'Buddy' system whereby they could link up like-minded people with more established members? No, not necessarily to train with them, but so they have a few 'introductions' and the gym then isn't as scary or intimidating and they have someone to look forward to seeing on those gloomy dark winter days when they'd rather be sat at home watching TV? Isn't it easier and far cheaper to retain members than go and recruit new ones? I guess that is why gyms lock members into annual contracts. Maybe they don't care if they stop attending? After all, the money still rolls in every month.  So what DOES stop a Newbie from becoming a regular? Gym Ninja came up with a brief list...

1.  Fear!
Gyms are often very intimidating places full of hulking great men and bionic women all strutting around grunting and pounding weights all over the place.  The Poor Newbie is petrified that everyone will be looking at them/laughing at them/thinking they are stupid for coming here..
But little Newbie, remember this. No one is looking at you. Firstly, the hulks and bionics are too busy looking at their own reflection to check technique to worry about yours. If you  DO catch them staring at you they are probably NOT looking AT you, more 'through' you as they get into the zone.

2. Fear (again)!
The Newbie is fearful of the machines and weights. All scary instruments of torture that clang and whirl and light up and potentially pull all your limbs from your torso, leaving you as a stump with a head. What to do with them? How to set them up? AHHHR!
But little Newbie, all it takes is a few sessions with a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer and you can gain confidence quickly. Or, just ask someone. They will happily show you how things work.

3.  Fear (the sequel)!
Newbie may think that they have a body that cannot possibly set foot over the door of a gym. They fear everyone will laugh or mock their body or stare in the changing rooms.
Little Newbie, stop being a silly billy! EVERYONE has odd things about their body. People do not stare in changing rooms. They do not stare at the gym because do you know what? If you are in there, no matter what your shape, it proves you plan to change and that is the main thing-we all start as a beginner.

So, Gym Ninja suggests that next time you go to the gym and you spot a Newbie staring nervously at you, smile.  That's all. She's not asking you to adopt one. It's not like the Donkey Sanctuary whereby if you smile you then get a quarterly newsletter about the Newbie you 'adopted' and pictures of them as they train/reports on how they have done etc. 'For just £2 a month you could help support a gym Newbie on their struggle to overcome  the January blues'......

Oh, incidentally, if you are looking for some decent dance tunes to drive you through your workouts, then look no further than this! Gym Ninja paid £9.99 to download the Ministry Of Sound 'Running Trax' fro iTunes...60, yes... 60 tracks and 2 mixes of the tracks! AWESOME!  Go check it out!

Right! Off Gym Ninja pops. More revision to do. See you all tomorrow.


Would you rather adopt a Newbie for £2 a month OR a donkey for £2 a month?

Gym Ninja x