Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in doesn't mean giving in!


Cold isn't it? If you are reading this is the UK, then you are most likely also suffering at the hands of the snowy weather. Gym Ninja is currently snowed in for the second day on the run. Not ideal as her current role is that of a travelling sales rep. Travelling in snow & ice doesn't happen in weather like this, especially if it involves heading up to the Lake District and Scotland. Nosireebob! NOT happening.

Now being snowed in also meant that Gym Ninja could not an would not risk a hazardous motorway trip to her gym last night. Turns out that was a good call, as the gym had closed as the weather was just too treacherous. Gym Ninja wonders how this may impact o all the Newbie Gym Members who were planning on great exercise resolutions in January? Will it set them back or will they remain focussed when the weather abates?  

In fact, how is the snowy weather impacting you? It is driving Gym Ninja INSANE, as white is definitely NOT her colour!

So, last night she decided to do a home weights session, using her chrome spin-lock set to work through her lower body exercises. As ever, she had an audience of two cats who wanted to be just where Gym Ninja was at any one time...
'Are you using this floorspace?' Enquires Ninja Cat 1, just as Gym Ninja is lunging forward into the very space the cat is now sat in....

'What aaareeeeeee you doing?', Enquires Ninja Cat 2 from the window sill, a look of amusement on his furry face as Gym Ninja starts squatting with dumbbells.

'So, just to recap, you kind of need this piece of floor at this exact moment?', Asks Ninja Cat 1, as he begins to roll over on the floor, right in the way of Gym Ninja's foot.

Hmm, GN has had better workouts!

She awoke today to find herself still snowed in, and slowly going crazy having not done any cardio work since Sunday. With no chance of getting to the gym even if it WERE open, what was GN to do?

Well, she had plenty of options, so decided to share them with you, just in case you too are snowed in and were thinking of throwing in he towel, grabbing a mug of hot chocolate and vegging out in front of the TV...NO vegging out on Gym Ninja's shift!

1.  An outdoor run.
Now Gym Ninja is a clumsy gal, and tends to slip & trip at the best of times, let alone in the snow. Well, snow itself is ok. It's when it starts to wear a tad thin or freeze over. Gym Ninja imagines that  a jog followed by a trip to Casualty isn't the most productive way to get her workout done? Plus, she wasn't prepared to run the gauntlet of youths throwing snowballs at her! SO she crossed this option off her list. However, if you have special outdoor cross country trainers or a place you can run that has decent fluffy snow, then it's worth a go. The snow should make you work harder as it's a bit like running on sand. But less yellow (unless you are running past the side of a pub beer garden where the men who cannot be bothered going inside to use the toilet go......yukky yellow snow!)

2.  A snowball fight
This is actually a decent workout if you get into it. If you have a friend or two and want to play out in the snow, then an hour spent lobbing big balls of frozen ice at each other will certainly get your heart rate up. be prepared to fall out with them, when someone 'gets hurt'. As long as it's not you, then who cares eh?

3.  Build a snowman.
Gym Ninja did this last night. A Snow Ninja actually, complete with snow boobs. No reason other than sheer boredom really, and to be fair the Snow Ninja wasn't big. However if you plan on building a 'Big 'Un' then it should get your heart pumping!

4. Other snow related faff.
Clear the driveway with a shovel.
Go sledding
Get the Cross Country Skis out and shuffle across fields (or whatever it is those people on skis that the News At Ten always show every time it snows are doing).
Walk to the shops for your grocery shopping and then drag it all home, sweating like a pig as you dodge the ice snowballs from the dodgy looking gang on the corner..

5. Non snow options
Sky 282 is a Fitness Channel on TV that run back to back exercise sessions you can follow as your pets watch with bemused faces. Check them out online for further details on FitnessTV....
Wii Fit is OK if you like that sort of thing? Unless you are mega fit then it should give you a decent workout to keep you ticking over...
Try Home circuits as show on
Maybe use the exercise equipment that's under the stairs/in the bedroom under a pile of clothes/in the wardrobe...things like rowing machines, free weights, stability balls, resistance bands.....

6. Skipping!
Gym Ninja decided on this one today. She has just done 20 minutes of skipping having discovered a place in her lounge that didn't mean getting the rope wrapped around the light fittings or smashing a vase. She shall do another 20 minutes after she finishes her work from home, followed by free weights for her upper body plus abs.

So you see? Get creative! It'll jump start your New Year. You'll feel so much better for it too. Remember, the body was designed to be active and starts to play up like a hormonal teenager if you deny it it's activity! Just because you are snowed in and/or the gym is shut that doesn't mean you cannot exercise.

So, my little Snow Ninjas, stop reading this blog and get moving! Oh, and just because it is NOT a gym based session you are doing, do NOT forget to replenish after your workout with your favourite protein shake as per usual. You still need to keep on track with nutrition & supplements....

.... Tell you what-seeing as it's cold, Gym Ninja will give you a tip. Grab yourself a Maximuscle Maki-Milk shake (she has provided the link direct to Maxi-Milk in the right hand long green box for you to click on). Pour it into a big mug and microwave it until it is hot. There you go! A gorgeous yummy nutritious high protein hot chocolate drink as your reward for your Snow workout!


Keep Warm!

Gym Ninja x


Would you rather be a snowman OR a sandcastle?