Thursday, 28 January 2010

Snoozy Ninja.

Gym Ninja discovered the ideal appetite suppressant today!!

Ideal for long car journeys where you find yourself reaching for a snack to keep yourself awake.  With this, you find that you have NO desire to eat. Not even a bit!
So what is it?

It is...
*drum roll*

A strawberry scented red jelly car air freshener from Asda.

Gym Ninja bought one for the Blandmobile (company car) and used it today. By the time she'd driven to the Lake District and back she felt rather nauseous. Yuk! She certainly didn't want to snack as she drove. So, if picking on long car journeys is a problem for you then why not invest  a couple of pounds in one of these?

Gym Ninja is having to cobble together a home-based workout later on today. She is so tired from getting up ridiculously early that she doesn't feel she has the energy to drag herself for a run at the gym (although give her time-if she discovers she has a couple of Viper Extreme Maximuscle Energy Capsules left then she's heading out of that door and off to the gym sharpish!). Instead she will do some jump rope at home in 20 minute sessions whilst cramming in some last minute study on upper and lower body soft tissue complaints for her course over the weekend. Again, she has issues with getting the information to stay in her head as she is tired. However after she finishes work she may have a 20 minute power nap, and then awake to skip and revise. Multi-tasking you see. Stops her sulking. She has not received the call to go and collect her new car so is a tad grumpy about it, especially as she counted 82 Mini's on her journey today.

She's also fretting as this weekend, as part of the 'Fitness Assessment procedure' training, she will do a Bleep Test. Now the Bleep Test is something that is done to assess cardiovascular fitness and estimates your VO2 Max.  You whack a couple of cones 20 meters apart and then run between them, ensuring you reach the cone before the  beep. The beeps speed up, so you do too.  Then when you eventually quit, they count up what level you reached and then congratulate/mock you accordingly.

Gym Ninja has baaaaaad memories of the Bleep Test. She only ever did it once, when she was 11 and a FK at school. (FK=Fat Kid by the way). Back in the day when Gym Ninja hated sports with a passion. She barely made it to level 3 before keeling over, gasping for air, so the whole test thing is bringing back some childhood anxiety!  Admittedly, she knows she will be a lot better at it now she is fitter, however she is still dreading the competitive side whereby everyone in her group will run at the same time. Ooer! Who will quit first? NOT Gym Ninja if she can help it.  She needs to do well to avenge the fat kid hidden inside her!

So....Back to the old juicing scenario..long time no blog about it eh?

Gym Ninja has had to go 'off piste' a moment before blogging and cobbled together a juice without following a recipe, as she has to use up some near dead vegetables in her fridge...this is what she shoved down her spout, if you pardon the expression..

cucumber x 1/2
kiwi x 2
apple x 1
carrots x 2
broccoli (yeh!)
beetroot x 1
ginger x lump of, unpeeled & organic

As you can see from the photo, it really was a case of lobbing any old nonsense into the Juicer and seeing what came out...That broccoli freaks Gym Ninja out just by looking at it! How can it possible contain any juice? Oh and no the whole piece of ginger didn't go in..just it's 'left leg'.

So what came out? This!

Hmm....same reddish hue due to the beetroot...but with the evil bubbly top....oh and it stank of ginger. Perhaps Gym Ninga added too much ginger?

Anyway, with much trepidation, GN took a sip....and it tasted of....ginger! OW! The ginger almost took the back of Gym Ninja's throat off. Mind you, it failed to disguise the taste of the broccoli, but it really wasn't as bad as expected....oh and yes, Gym Ninja DID hold her breath as she knocked it back.

So...Gym Ninja will now name this concoction..... 'Ooops Juice'. Named after the yellow 'Ooops' reduced stickers they stick on rotting fruit and veg at Asda..

Tadaaaaaa! Go try it yourself. Just don't blame GN if you vomit ok?

Right-Gym Ninja needs to go and revise/sulk/skip, not necessarily in that order.
 Toodle pip!

Gym Ninja x