Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tired Ninja


Sorry. Will try & be relatively (!) brief as Gym Ninja is shattered!!!!!!!
Oh and yes, she DID get to the gym-panic over!

But first....The Mini Adventure...

Gym Ninja's finance went through today. She'd missed a call from the Mini Man asking her to ring him and he wasn't available when she did, so by the time he called back she was in no fit state-she couldn't bear it if, for some reason, BMW Finance who'd happily been accepting her payments these past 2 years declined her Mini deal! Luckily 'Ze Man from Mini, he sayz yes!'

Wooohooo! So she dashed over to sign some MORE paperwork, with the last bits tomorrow to do. Whilst she was there she also managed to coerce him into fitting a freebie number plate 'frame' and ordered a bluetooth kit so GN can gab without losing her Noise Assassin earpiece (yes, she has lost her new one already!).  Sadly she could not order the zebra print roof though, (who knew anyone would ever want a zebra print roof???) as because her Mini Cooper has a black roof, the transfers for the zebra won't show up as they are in black(the white bits areutilised using the white roof if there is one.) SO if GN got that, it'd look like a Zebra in a Power Cut....!

So off she pootled to the gym after a fair hundred miles on the road up in Wakefield and then Nottingham. On route she played the Mini Game. You can all play along at home too. (well, Ok so NOT at home or you'd not spot any). Just count up how many Minis of all models you spot from leaving the house in the morning to returning at night. Monday saw 77 of the blighters, and today Gym Ninja spotted 64 ...they are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

OK...so she headed to the gym & was surprised (don't ask why she never learns!) that the car park was full. She thought everyone would go last night? AH well...off she went and got changed, bypassing the groups of Chatterers in the changing rooms. The ones who set up camp on the benches and wind and unwind their iPod headphones as they all chat in a group-it is compulsory that one always sits cross-legged on the floor though for some reason!

Gym Ninja edged towards the treadmills,...*sniff sniff*...NO Deep Heat today! Remarkable! Would GN remember how to run without the stench of it burning her lungs though??  Yep-she CAN run without that smell! Fantastic! She undertook Fartlek training today, whacking up and down the speed and also incline of the treadmill so that she revved up her body and got a decent workout done in a short space of time. She then headed upstairs to lift some weights. It was Upper Body Day today. YAY!

Today, the womens section of the gym was busy, but it was full of women who were focussed on their training AND knew what they were doing. Well, MOST of them knew. The rest flailed around. But it must have been the largest group of knowledgeable females training at once that she'd seen in that area for a while.
That is SO cool! The sooner women realise how great weight training is, the sooner they can change their bodies for the better.

There were women doing supersets, whereby they trained opposing muscle groups back to back to save time & increase calorie burn. There were women doing various forms of body weight moves using steps and benches. There were women doing effective ab work, and even women throwing around barbells. Marvelous!  Keep up the good work ladies & your reward will be a fantastic body!

Gym Ninja felt a tad higgledy piggledy today though. She'd stuffed her gym kit into her bag Monday and left it in the car so it'd been screwed up for 2 days. She looked like a crumpled jumble sale. She'd also packed her pink and orange Adidas top as she'd not worn it in ages. She then recalled that she HATES that top. It makes her look (more) stupid than usual. Grr. Nothing like wearing a top you hate to make you get a sulky face on!  Oh, and that, coupled with the fact that her tracksuit bottoms kickflare thingies (still cannot decide what to call lower body workout pants? Oh wait! 'Workout Pants!!') ...OK start again, her Workout Pants must have, at one point, been accessible to her cats who must have then slept on them, leaving a fine layer of cat fur...THAT made Gym Ninja feel like a 'pleb'. *sigh*

Plebbiness aside, she then headed back to the treadmills for a quick 10 minute run to finish her workout.
Oh no!
Deep Heat!
WHO is it?
Who is THAT sore that they bathe in it? STOP IT!
 Dear 'Those who work there who read this blog' (and pretend they don't, thinking I don't realise that they still do), please maybe put up a sign about basic gym rules, like no overpowering perfumes or strong fragranced sports products in the cardio area? Big gulps of air whilst sweating hard are not nice if strong odours are present. It could put off new people who also hate the smell, yet who think the gym always stinks and so stop going? Oh and if you wouldn't also mind clearing out the old tissue that is still in the right hand cup holder of the middle treadmill downstairs, that'd also be greatly appreciated as it's been there at least a week now and is starting to grown a personality.  Ta very much!

Okey dokey. Gym Ninja has run out of steam as she is now on borrowed sleep time. She needs to get off this computer and head to bed before the lure of Mini accessories takes over and she spends an hour window shopping online at the various roof decals, boy racer stripes, chequered flag wing mirrrors and orange luggage!! Hmm.....it's like living in a cartoon world!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

Mini Gym Ninja x