Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Jack's back! Oh...and so are the 'Haters' ;-)

Gym Ninja  CANNOT contain her crush on new Fitness Hero Jack Lalanne. Remember from the other day? Well, Gym Ninja has watched even MORE of his motivational talks and wants to share.

Firstly we have a '10 point plan' that Jack came up with for us.  Here he covers exercise, nutrition, positive thinking, good habits, grooming, smile, posture, help others, relaxation and faith. Not bad eh?

Secondly, he does a rather amusing pitch about what he calls the 'Hog Family', and I'm sure we've all known a few of those eh? Where they take better care of their animals than they do themselves, as if in some way they think they are indestructible? Why do people who over fuss their pets and feed them the best food they can, then forget to do the same with themselves? Do you ever find yourself spending more time in the pet food aisle of the supermarket trying to choose your cat or dogs food then just grab stuff off the shelves for yourself in a millisecond? Why don't you want to take better care of yourself? Prevent illnesses before they happen simply by making sensible health choices? It doesn't take much-you just need to shop in the 'moment' rather than on auto-pilot.

Maybe there are some of you reading this blog who think that Jack was out of order to call the family the 'Hog Family'? How 'nasty and cruel' of him to pick on these people and call them such a name...is that what you are thinking, having read that and watched the video clip?? Gym Ninja knows that most of you agree with what Jack is saying, and yet she also knows for a fact that there ARE a select few of you reading this blog who are haters. Haters who love nothing more than to jump all over the words written here, no matter what source they are from, and pick them apart, take offence, growl and curse and ooze anger. Haters who like to take offense at pretty much everything that comes out of the Ninja blog  Gym Ninja gets to see the IP addresses & map locations of every single one her readers so can identify these ladies with ease. But what Gym Ninja would like to say to those girls (that is, if they can focus for long enough through their cloud of indignant rage that she's mentioning them again), is that they should really focus their attentions on something else. Something more important to them?  Just an idea, as pent up anger causes illness and damage to the immune system over the long term. Is this really the thing that is causing you such annoyance in your life right now? Truly? Hell, don't get GN wrong...if these ladies wish to carry on reading her blog then they are more than welcome to do so, and she is very flattered that they read it. After all, it pushes Gym Ninja up the rankings and gets her lots of 'hits' on the blog. But when they start to feel the need to add 'comments' on status updates and so on.....*sigh*....really?
Are you really doing that?
Why? Gym Ninja knows you know. She doesn't need 'clues'. Anyhow, she decided to mention it today after the 'comment' so that they get what they need-they get a 'mention' in the blog; they get a reason to get angry or annoyed or to slag her off, or whatever it is that they are hanging onto.. Do whatever makes you feel better. Just work through it and move on to something more worthwhile with your time.  That is your final mention in the blog. If you follow it still in the future then you are very welcome to do so,and you can simply relax and enjoy the content along with everyone else.  Gym Ninja may even give you a smile next time she sees you eh?


Anyhow, back to Jack! He is the guy who knows what he is talking about. He truly knows what it is to have the charisma and charm needed to help steer people in the right direction that GN can only dream of being able to do.  So, my final Jack fix is not an advice thing. No. He decides to demo his now famous 'Fingertips pushups'. This guy does press ups using the tips of his fingers, and even at one point with JUST ONE HAND! Gym Ninja LOVES how Jack suggests you don't try this at home....was anyone about to?

WAIT! Gym Ninja lied! She has one more Jack pearl of wisdom to share with you all today. For those of you struggling to get motivated to exercise. To those preferring to stay at home as it's a bit cold/dark or you're a bit tired/busy rather than go out and exercise.... For those who say they do not have the time to spare.....Jack says you are a 'Slave' to your body.... and you know what? He's right!


OK little Ninjarettes, that's your lot for today. Normal service to be resumed tomorrow (and she does apologise for the middle part of the blog that wasn't aimed at 99% of you, nor aimed at fitness, but to be fair she needed to say it.)

See you all (yes, even you!) tomorrow

Gym Ninja xx