Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dud Pub.

Busy busy busy Ninja.
Hence the lack of blog posts.

Still cramming for the exams at the weekend.
Still not enough time in the day.
Still stressed.

Oh and today, Gym Ninja was up at 5am and had to drive nearly 3 hours to reach the office for a monthly sales meeting. A sales meeting she'd prepped for, and yet 5 minutes before entering the Boardroom, had managed to have LOST her notes, couldn't recall her lies, and then had to blag eye ball to eye ball, excuses and reasons and facts *ahem* to her MD as to why sales were not forthcoming..

Then of course, at lunch the MD decided that this month we didn't have to sit in his Boardroom eating junk (well, Gym Ninja brings her own healthy options whilst watching the others eat junk). Oh no. He wanted to take everyone to a 'really nice pub which serves great food'.

Now, sometimes people should be sued if what they say about food is incorrect. GN has NO clue why she though that a pub WOULD serve decent food? She HOPED that a simple menu that maybe had jacket potato, lean meat, fish or salad maybe in place?
PLEASE let it!

*Gym Ninja can sense you all shaking your heads and wondering why GN is so naive sometimes...? You, of course, were right.  This is how it went....*

1. Gym Ninja is stuffed into the back of the MDs BMW and driven to the secret location, aka 'pub from hell.'

2. Gym Ninja, her MD and two male colleagues walk in and get given a menu.

3. Gym Ninja looks around the pub and felt a bit sick.

4. Gym Ninja then peeps around a corner hoping that the dining area looks nicer than the tatty icky horrid main pub area.

5. Gym Ninja is disappointed.

6. Gym Nina tries not to lean on anything, brush against anything or touch anything.

7. Gym Ninja scans the worlds most unhealthy menu whilst trying to unstick her foot from the carpet (ewww)

8.  The 'healthiest' option (which should give you a clue as to how bad the menu was) that Gym Ninja ended up choosing was 'Gammon'.

Yes...gammon. Uhhr!  Gym Ninja managed to talk the pub into serving it with potatoes rather than chips though, and was told she'd also get veg. Her colleagues chose a variety of dishes that all constituted serious health risks on a plate.

The food arrived.

Gym Ninja's plate contained half a pig that took up 2/3 of the dinner plate. Next to the pig was half a pale red tomato remnant, 6 small new potatoes and a selection of pale murky green marbles which were supposed to be peas.

GN's MD had crispy fatty wedges served with half a baguette filled with cow. He covered this in 5 sachets of mustard.

Colleague 1 had the same fatty wedges served with half a baguette covered in radioactive melted orange cheese (Colleague 1 blatantly has a death wish). Onto this artery clogging chemical filled cheese baguette Colleague 1 squeezed 4 sachets of Mayonnaise onto it.

Colleague 2 chose the same as colleague 1.


As Gym Ninja attempted to chew on a gammon so salty her  face started to turn inside out with dehydration, she had to fend off comments from her colleagues YET AGAIN about what kind of food she normally ate. Gym Ninja attempted to answer as she swallowed the tasteless, nutrient-free marbles....

Of course, thus followed the explanation about wanting to build her body from quality ingredients that give her health cells, tissues, organs, systems and body. She explained about the dangers of food additives and chemicals and why she tries to eat organic where possible.

"Huh-must make you a nightmare to dine out with eh? Spoils it for everyone I'd imagine!" Said Colleague 1 as he snorted up his mayo covered cheese nightmare.

Again, GN found herself 'justifying' her eating habits as the others listened, incredulous. Hmmm, this discussion happens every month! So GN tried to explain about things and why she had given up her addiction of sweets (to try and make them realise that these things don't just happen overnight and that changes are made gradually).

"I won't deny my son his sweets. He loves Haribo!" Announced Colleague 1.
"I cannot control what he eats if all his friends eat sweets!"

Gym Ninja stared at the guy...

"Your son is 3. Are you telling me that you cannot control what your 3 year old child does? Are you saying that if he wishes to eat sweets you are helpless to stop him? How about maybe NOT giving him the sweets and then he won't want any?"

The guy shook his head.

At this point Colleague 2, a guy in his 60s who is the healthier of the group, piped up suggesting that maybe the guy gives his child an apple cut into squares instead? Thank GOD someone sees sense!

Look-It's NOT about the weight. It really isn't. It is about health. Is it fair to deny a child 'treats?' Well, if your child isn't aware that they (sweets/biscuits/crisps/chocolate)  are 'treats' (and this is learned behaviour from you, the parent, as teh child is not born wanting sweets!) then why would the child think it is missing out? At 3 years old, you can teach the child what a treat is. A treat is a nice sweet or savoury food from nature that they will enjoy eating and it will do them good, and make them feel good. If you feed junk now, then do not be surprised that later down the line when things become a problem, and that your child by then will struggle to give the addiction up.  Do not think that because your child is not overweight that these foods are not harming them. Your child is brand new. Treat them as precious perfect gifts and try and keep them that way. Just an opinion, but maybe something you may wish to reflect on??

So...The day dragged on, made worse by the fact GN could feel the cheap toxin filled salty gammon ferment in her stomach as it battled to digest it. Of course GN nearly brought her meal back up when Colleague 1 announced that maybe she needed to 'chill and get yourself a boyfriend'.

GN glared at the guy but at this point he was well into his fantasy and started saying.."I bet you'd love a guy to treat you  rough eh? I bet you love it!"

See? Chemicals have addled the guys brain! Luckily for him that everyone was in the office or he'd have had those brains shoved up his....


A day justifying healthy eating. A day spent in the office seeing colleagues who appear to expand width-ways every month she sees them. A day of looking at people wasting their full potential, feeding themselves with junk, and suffering as a result (cue lots of hobbling/exhausted faces/chats about illnesses etc) when, with just a few switches, they could feel so much better..There is NO need to change everything overnight. Maybe add a couple of pieces of fruit a day? Another serving of vegetables at the evening meal? A few glasses of water? See how that feels and then as you start to FEEL the improvements as well as see them, then be inspired to swap a few more things in your diet. It's not too late to make a change, so off you go....see what little thing you can change today?

Meanwhile, GN is off to drink 4 gallons of water to wash through the salty slab of pig she ate earlier....bleurrr.

Gym Ninja x