Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lean Clean Ultra-Fit machine


Gym Ninja has a new 'focus'. The Ultra-Fit Cover Model competition.

The overall prize is a 4 night stay in Italy and being shot (not literally!) for the cover of Ultra-Fit magazine. You'll also get 6 months of USN supplements and also model a workout inside the Ultra-Fit magazine.

Runners up get 3  months of supplements, get to model inside the magazine and also win a private coaching session.

The finalists also get filmed for Fitness TV. Ooer!

Not bad eh? The benefit of competitions like this is that it focuses the mind. If you have a few days whereby the appeal to eat anything less than clean is overwhelming, then having something to aim for and to be accountable to it extremely helpful. After all, it was thanks to the Maximuscle Body of 2009 competition that Gym Ninja finally kicked her hardcore Haribo addiction & has not eaten one since!

Depending on what type of character you are, it may be all about the winning? But if you are similar in character to Gym Ninja, then the competition is with yourself! For instance, Gym Ninja didn't win the Maximuscle competition but that doesn't mean she regrets entering. NO! She loved entering that and will do so again this year. It's the competition you have with yourself that is so appealing..

  • Can your mind master your cravings and help you build the best possible you there ever was? 
  • How rewarding is the feeling of being in better shape NOW, when you are older than you have ever been (logically!)??
  • HOW amazing will you look on holiday this year if you are in 'cover mode'l shape?
  • Oh and how amazing will you FEEL eating so clean and exercising regularly?
Have you signed up yet? Gym Ninja was encouraged to participate by Tara (the tinker!) who is also entering the competition. See? We all need our motivational carrots!  Tara waggled that carrot in front of GN and Gym Ninja signed up.....not that you actually sign up. You just 'decide'...ahem.

So...GN managed to get back to the gym tonight. Cardio & legs, and also 'just in case', a skipping rope brought along for instant cardio! Can't have these Jay Walkers getting in the way of Gym Ninja's cardio workout now can we? Luckily Gym Ninja needn't have worried as the Monday Crush appears to be a Monday thing (hence the name).

Gym Ninja decided to do some German Volume Training...aka GVT. For legs! She set up on the incline Hammer Strength Leg Press, loaded on the 'big boy' weight plates and began her 10 sets of 10 reps, with an exactly timed 60 seconds rest between sets.  The guy on the next machine was such a fidgety bottom though! He'd bang out one set using momentum, then hop off, and trot around.  Repeat for sets. How obscure! He didn't look as if he was trying to get blood back into his legs, or work through the lactic acid build up. He just seemed like the kind of person you end up screaming at to 'stop waggling your leg' when they sit there, legs crossed, pen clicking in and out....grrr! 

After the 10 sets, Gym Ninja hauled herself over to look for a vacant isolation move for her quads..aka the Leg Extension. 3 x 12 reps would burn out the quads suitably. But no! All taken! AHHHR! So Gym Ninja had to instead grab a Bosu Ball and do static lunges, really emphasising the Quads, until her legs were all wibbly wobbly and floaty! SOme Romanian deadlifts and Frontal Plane Lunges with dumbbells was just enough to finish her off.  FAB! 

Re: Gym Ninja's 'baby' aka her Personal Training Business, things are starting to come together now in readiness. The logo is nearly finished, with the choice having been narrowed down to 2 preferred layouts. Her patient Graphic Designer Linky is biting her lip and tolerating Gym Ninja's odd  ways...for example:

Gym Ninja Classics include: 

"I've found the PERFECT shade of red for my logo-it's in a ball of wool at my Mum's house. I'll send you a piece of it!" 

"Could you just do the same round circle, but smaller and also an oval instead of a circle?"

"I like the red but I need it more red"

And so on.....

Now poor Linky is patiently waiting the arrival of a 7" strand of red wool through the post like some sort of 'Kabalah' junk mail....

So.....on that note, an overexcitable Gym Ninja is about to log off and get some more revision done. Tonight is Diabetes and Osteoporosis. Woooo!

Gym Ninja xx