Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Gym is the Tonic!

www.tarafitness.com Before Gym Ninja starts today's blog, allow her to offer a Clown Watch update:

Clown Watch:
Hair is still 'essence of parrot' akin to hair of a clown. After much boosting of nerves, Gym Ninja bit the bullet & rang to ask her hairdresser to correct it. Hairdresser is off until Thursday.......Noooooooooooooooooooo!

So...today was all up & down, highs & lows, back to fronts and Parrot hair. Understand?
OK, so essentially Gym Ninja is still distracted with 'other private goings on', but also distracted by her clown hair, aka Parrot Hair. But today's blog is NOT about hair of the clown you'll be pleased to hear. Today Gym Ninja fought back her fear of being seen with the clown hair, and went to the gym.

OK, so maybe she wasn't that brave. Maybe it was because she thought (thought being the operative word here) that she'd packed her baseball cap. But when she got into the changing rooms, no cap was found. It was instead, still sitting on the end of the stairs bannister at home. *Gulp*

Needing to run off the stress of the day, Gym Ninja again decided to get a push elsewhere and again did the iTrain workout of sprint intervals for half an hour. Gym Ninja really needs to upload more of her iTrain library into her iPhone or else she'll get mega bored of this running session with it's naff music. Luckily one is too busy sweating her eyeballs out to notice the music that much...so the job was done, endorphins were released and Gym Ninja even managed to ignore (for the most part anyway) the woman on the cross trainer in front of her who had so much 'bounce' going on that she feared her head may bang the ceiling at one point!

GN then started her weights session. T'was Upper Body today. The shoulder is virtually 100% back to normal, although Gym Ninja is still playing it carefully and not overloading too heavily on anything that may set it back a bit. Good Gym Ninja!

Gym Ninja really does need blinkers at the gym sometimes. As much as she was trying to focus on her ow training, she was distracted by a number of things.

SHOAL! Yep, The Shoal was in again everyone. A group of 4 young girls all moving in unison as one gaggle of girls. 1 did half-hearted moves on a piece of resistance equipment whilst the others sat on the surrounding equipment using them like chairs whilst watching the leader train. Then, they'd all swap places. Must take em days too finish a workout!

Of course it wouldn't be a day with a Y in it if there wasn't someone on the Chest press machine using the Easy Start Pedal as part of the exercise now would it? That goes without saying.  There were a few new moves though. One woman decided to always stand in the most awkward of places wherever anyone needed to get past. She positioned a Swiss Ball bang next to the free weight stack, and then just bounced up and down on it for a while. A bit like that 0898 advert (or whatever the dial prefix is nowadays) you see on late night satellite TV with a girl in a bikini bouncing on a space hopper mouthing "call me big boy!" She (the woman at the gym, not the one on the advert!) then grabbed some dumbbells, lay back on the ball and waggled them around for a while. Next, she stood up, grabbed a dumbbell inbetween her hands, raised them up above her head as if about to murder someone with it, and then nearly tipped backwards as the dumbbells lowered themselves without any control from her, behind her head in a sort of triceps extension. Cute! She followed this up with a tug-o-war using the high pulley cable machine & the rope attachment. Gym Ninja thins it again was supposed to be an attempt at a triceps move. It wasn't. If anything it would have worked her lats and maybe biceps...but mostly momentum.

Gym Ninja listened to the latest edition of the freebie Podcast, 'The FitCast'. You should really subscribe on iTunes to it if you haven't already as they discuss all the latest developments and tips in the fitness industry. Very informative it is too, if you can stop giggling at the bits where they make each other laugh.

After her workout and cool down stretches, Gym Ninja mixed up her Chocolate Maximuscle Promax protein powder to help maximise what she'd just done at the gym. God, Gym Ninja seriously misses Choc Mint flavour. Oh and she's not as of yet tried the powders now rebranded for women by the same company, called Maxitone. Gym Ninja is waiting for Tara to try that and then review them: you all know Tara and her blog now don't you? We're all chums together here after all. Shame Tara didn't steal Gym Ninja some freebies eh Tara? Shame on you! ;-)

Hmm, Gym Ninja needs to stock up on some stuff actually. She may as well pootle off to the Maximuscle website in a moment. Choc Mint Protein powder plus a tub of Creatamax 300 is a callin'! Must also have a mooch and see what offers are on special this month too.

Anyway, Gym Ninja digresses....Oooh talk of the devil, Tara has just sent Gym Ninja a link on Facebook..must go peruse it! Oh and seeing as GN doesn't have comments activated on her blog, maybe any kind readers who also want Gym Ninja to try some Maxitone freebies would suggest that on Tara's blog comments for her please? After all, Tara is a Maxitone Body of 2009 finalist and if anyone can nab a free water bottle it's her...

Mwahahahha! Sorry about that Tara!!!!

Ok, toodle pip. Clown Hair is making Gym Ninja feel 'funny'...

Gym Ninja Clown x