Friday, 12 February 2010

Race For Life: Blog post part 1

Gym Ninja signed up for the Race For Life today.

Just the 5k mind, as Gym Ninja has dragged her sister into doing it with her and her sister does 'not' run. Not that this bothers Gym Ninja-after all, it's all in a good cause. But she doesn't particularly want to insist her sister does the 10k, only to then have to spend all day plodding around the course with her.
Oooh, that sounds a tad horrid no? But you know what Gym Ninja means. 5k is a compromise and who knows? Maybe Gym Ninja can get her sister to train for it so she can even run it?

So Gym Ninja thinks it's really important that we all try and raise funds for Cancer Research. Sadly, we all know someone who has been struck by cancer. Hopefully they may have survived? Some may have had a difficult battle and sadly lost. There are a few scars on Gym Ninja's heart, the most recent of which is the loss of her beloved Nanna who passed away in July of last year from Cancer of the Oesophagus. So Gym Ninja is running in memory of her Nanna, plus other family members and friends who have lost their battle with cancer-the cruelest disease of all.

One of the main reasons for Gym Ninja's sudden desire to change career and head back into health & fitness was her Nanna's illness. If it is at all possible to reduce or even remove in some cases, the risk of becoming a cancer statistic by healthy eating and regular exercise, then surely it's worth those minutes of working up a sweat or forgoing that tub of Pringles crisps?

Gym Ninja is determined to help people work exercise and healthy eating into their lives. Not only does it make you feel better and look better which has so many knock on effects in a beneficial way, but it helps reduce your chances of succumbing to cancer and other diseases. If you don't do it for yourself, then do it for your loved ones. Imagine how they would feel if you became ill? How would they cope if anything happened to you due to the increased risk of suffering illness brought on by your unhealthy lifestyle?

 Of course, not ALL cancers happen due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Look at Lance Armstrong? An athlete who worked his body hard and fed it all the right nutrients yet he still discovered he had advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. Yet he fought it, and won! Read his Bio for true inspiration on those days when you feel too lazy to get out of bed and do a workout. We can learn a lot from Lance Armstrong...from every cancer survivor. From every single person who has fought this disease and won or lost their fight...

So, to my Nanna up there in heaven. I am doing this in your memory and to stop anyone else having to go through what you went through, and to prevent anyone else feeling the pain that I feel from losing you.

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God Bless.

Gym Ninja