Saturday, 13 February 2010

Swim Spin! Blog post (Part 2)

The reason this is labelled Part Two (as technically it isn't part 2 of anything), is so you notice the 'Part 1' which was posted yesterday a few hours after my original post. Gym Ninja doesn't want anyone to miss it as it's about her participation in Race For Life (so go check it out if you missed it).

Ok, so GN should really be writing up her coursework but she has made a start on some so will take a break now to type this blog up.  

This morning Gym Ninja headed out to the gym for her usual Saturday Slaughter Session. MUCH needed due to the stress if you recall? However, despite enjoying the Spin Classes over the past few weeks as the guy was really ernest and likable, Gym Ninja knew she wouldn't get too hard a workout so instead decided to fatigue herself somewhat by doing her weights session first. Excellent fun! Upper body today. 

So off she went, warmed up with some Dynamic movement-specific stretches and then made a start. The shoulder wasn't quite as good today as it has been, so GN lightened the weights when it came to the Lying Lateral Raises so as not to aggravate the injury. Hmm, t'was a tad hot at the gym as the air con didn't seem to be working, so as she walked over to the water fountain, Gym Ninja nearly crashed into a woman who appeared to be attempting the World record Attempt at super-slow walking. At one point she was moving SO slowly across the gym floor that Gym Ninja thought she was stood still. These are the people who you get stuck behind when rushing somewhere on your lunch break!

Gym Ninja finished her upper body session just in time to go and grab her Diet Emerge Energy Drink (33p from Asda & tastes MUCH better than Diet Red Bull!)  and gel bike seat cover, then headed to the Spin Studio... Gym Ninja's delight (then HORROR as she realised she'd just fatigued herself with her workout session) it wasn't Spin Guy! It was the girl from a few weeks back who cycles you into the ground and then stomps on your head. EXCELLENT! This is fantastic as Gym Ninja needs a workout that pushes her incredibly hard and manages to push her past what she thought she could do. This woman is excellent at that!  Super Spin (as we shall now call her) came over to chat.
"Where's the other Guy?" Asked Gym Ninja
"Ahh, he was sacked as he was a bit 'intense'" said Super Spin, nodding. 
"Oh. he was Ok I thought although he did worry that I never seemed to be able to work up a sweat in his class.." Said Gym Ninja..

So..they began the class...Super Spin has a rule that if she talks she expects an answer and if no one replies then the workload doubles.  Sometimes answering didn't seem to be enough to stop the workload doubling and you know you've had a good warm up when you half die!!!!! 

Mid way through the session and Gym Ninja was sweating like a pig! Seriously sweating as in 'water rolling off the hair' that now hung in drenched rats tails across GN's head! Nice! Super Spin got off her bike to stomp around and motivate..she came over to Gym Ninja who must have soaked her as she turned her head to look..
"Not sweating are we?" cackled Super Spin, referencing the chat about the Spin Guy as she cranked up Gym Ninja's bike resistance another level.
AHHHHR! But who can hate someone who is that evil? Love it love it love it! (Well, assuming Gym Ninja had any spare energy at that point to love anything...) 

The class FLEW by! If this gym manages to lose this Spin teacher the they are crazy! She'll get that class heaving! Yeh she may kill a few in the process, but hell, it's worth the risk for the calorie burn!

Gym Ninja dragged herself out of the class...if it wasn't for the fact she was in gym gear you'd be mistaken for thinking she'd stepped out of the pool.  On the way out she bumped into an old regular 'Dangly Cross Man'.  You remember him don't you?

They started chatting about how good the spin session had been and Dangly asked Gym Ninja how the PT was going and had she started her business yet? How cute of him to remember? Gym Ninja explained that she wasn't finished until April and how tough it was trying to study and juggle full time work..and before she knew it she'd managed to press-gang the poor guy into being a client!

"Mates Rates Mind!" said Dangly a tad nervously as he edged away nervously...

Gym Ninja laughed, turned away and then .......  EEEEEEEK!
OMG! Whaaaaat?

Gym Ninja could NOT believe her eyes! What WAS that guy doing?  
All GN could see was a muscled guy standing still, doing a rapid shaking movement about hip know the kind of movement Gym Ninja means? The kind of movement some guy should NOT be doing anywhere other than in the privacy of his own house in front of his computer no doubt!!!!!


A machine had been blocking Gym Ninja's view...the guy had a SHAKER bottle and was mixing up his protein shake. 

Seriously though guys-think about how you do that! 

Okey dokey. Gym Ninja needs to finish writing the programme for Mesocycle 1 and will research some ab work for her Mesocycle 2 (damned coursework) and then the rest of the night (!) is her own...

Toodle Pip

Gym Ninja xx