Friday, 19 February 2010

Skip it!

Having over slept courtesy of an exhausting day yesterday, Gym Ninja was grateful she was working from home today.

Of course, as delightful as that sounds, it comes with it's own set of problems. Gym Ninja may spend most of her day seated as she drives, but at least she gets to see the outside world. Gym Ninja does not enjoy being cooped up in one place. Today was no exception.

Stress levels are reduced today you'll all be pleased to know. Looking back over the last two weeks now, Gym Ninja can see that her emotions were all over the place, and she may have taken them out on more than a few people in different ways. Apologies if one of those was you (unless you were the girl at the Sunglasses Store who accused Gym Ninja of lying to try and get a refund...Gym Ninja meant to be like that with you!)

Hmm..has Gym Ninja's font changed by the way? It looks a bit different... Gym Ninja's body was crying out for movement, but instead she had to sit 'plop' in front of her computer and laptop (work laptop for work-home computer for revision!). It is DRIVING HER CRAZY! No wonder people who work in offices feel all lethargic and binge eat through boredom and tiredness. Gym Ninja didn't binge eat, but she was bored! 

So, having successfully made it to 5pm with only 2 calls off her MD at work (!), Gym Ninja switched the mobile off and grabbed her skipping rope. Time to move the body. 

With re-runs of Gladiators on the TV courtesy of Sky (well sometimes it is more motivating if you watch fitter people than you), Gym Ninja boxed off a 20 minute jump rope workout. Ooooh, that felt gooooooooood! Maybe GN could have skipped for longer? Well, Gn KNOWS she could have skipped for longer, but unfortunately time is, as ever, against her. Tomorrow is the weekend of the course remember. Still some writing up of programme prescription plus revision to do. 

Gym Ninja downloaded a mock nutrition exam off her online computer work earlier. The multiple choice went well (thank GOD!). Didn't even need to resort to the typical 'make a pretty pattern' with the multiple choice answer sheet (come ON! We all did it at some point!) Then came the Nutrition Case Study...OMG. HOW comedic was this? 

Well, 'comedic' was Gym Ninja's first response...and then she began to muse....Do people actually eat like this? In fact, maybe they do? Allow Gym Ninja to give an example of a day or two in the life of the Mock Nutritional Case Study Food Diary...

Day 1:
6-10am:  sugar puffs, milk, coffee (2 sugars)
10-12pm:  coffee, (2 sugars), 2 wafer chocolate bars, peanuts
2-5pm:  coke, glass water, crisps
5-9pm: 3 fried chicken thighs, french fries, coke, donut, 
9-12am: beer, small bag of pick N mix.

Day 2:
6-10am: Coco pops, milk, coffee (2 sugars)
10-12pm: Coke, boiled sweets, crisps, bacon roll
2-5pm: Red Bull, sweets
5-9pm: Hot Dog, 3 beers
9-12am: 4 vodka shots, 4 beers, doner kebab...

The food diary continued with NO fruit, veg, whole grains,...eeek! Just a one way ticket to an unhealthy lifestyle and premature death!  

This guy would be on a sugar rollercoaster. His body would be overwhelmed with sugar one minute, and then come crashing down the next. This would over stimulate the insulin and in the end, cause stress on the pancreas...leading to the body then getting insulin resistant (A pre-cursor of diabetes). of course, the guy would not realize this but he would constantly feel drained and then reach for the stimulants again (coffee, Red Bull, coke, sugary snacks). This constant sugar rush will also mean he stores the excesses eaten as adipose tissue (fat!). 

The processed meats and ready meals in his weekly food diary will fill his body with chemicals and toxins. This will cause bloating, allergies, reactions at cellular levels that we can only have nightmares about. The trans fats in these foods caused by hydrogenating polyunsaturated fats to make them more 'stable' and solid, will cause cell death and/or mutations that can lead to illness and cancers.  Not to mention the physical manifestation of a high fat diet. Pudgy man! 

The lack of fruit and vegetables deprives his body of valuable vitamins and minerals that help protect against disease, illness and release the locked in energy of what he eats. Like driving a car without spark plugs!  The processed meats will be pumped full of chemicals and will have all manner of added stuff given to the animals when they were alive (such as antibiotics, medications, growth hormones etc) which will then become PART OF HIM! 

More importantly...he's gonna feel OLDER than he is. He's gonna feel rough. He's not exactly going to look the part either! EEEK!

So, why are people so unaware of the dangers of eating like this? Do people realise that they literally ARE what they eat? Do they think feeling so tired and drained ALL the time is normal? Gym Ninja now feels motivated and inspired to help change people so they can FEEL better 'all over again'. It has given her renewed energy mentally to remind her WHY she is doing this hard work now. So she can help a few people in the future. 

Hey-do YOU keep a food diary? Maybe it's time to? Let's all do it together. Homework people!

Wish Gym Ninja luck for the weekend...*crossed fingers*

Gym Ninja x