Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wear the Body You Earn!


Gym Ninja's first day off in 2 weeks thank GOODNESS!

So what did she do?
Headed to the gym of course for her usual Saturday Slaughter Session! Wooohooo!

Annoyingly, to begin with, Gym Ninja had to run the gauntlet of her smaller cat Hamish regurgitating fur cigars on the landing at 5.30am for the second morning running. Possibly this is due to the fact that, thanks to an incompetent carpet fitter who came to measure up the stairs and landing for a new carpet (& managed to bring a carpet too short for the space, leaving Gym Ninja with just underlay on the landing until Wednesday) this is obviously a lovely surface to vomit up fur balls onto? 

So, with broken sleep Gym Ninja hauled herself out of bed, with hair akin to Worsel Gummage, selected a 'go faster' gym outfit, and headed out of the door to the gym. (If ONLY GN could move that fast-but this is the abridged version of her morning. She did stop to eat a wheat-free pitta bread spread with Organic Almond Butter, plus shower etc). 

Extreme Spin to be exact! An hour. Oh and who is that by the water fountain? Only the girl who has stood in temporarily and does a beasting of a Spin Class. YAY! There really is no point hauling oneself out of bed on a Saturday morning unless it's for a worthwhile class.  Turns out having chatted to her that she's a permanent fixture now which is good news as there hasn't been a really good replacement for Evil Instructor who was forced out months ago-way before Christmas. 

Oh...but wait?
Gym Ninja was still a bit sore from Thursdays German Volume Training.
Uh Oh.
This'll be tough!

So...within minutes Gym Ninja was sweating like the proverbial pig, her Worsel Gummage hair plastered to her head in an attractive soggy Worsel effect. Cute!   But today, Gym Ninja felt every second of that class. Her legs ached, her body was tired yet her mind was hellbent on continuing. You see, quitting a Spin Class is NOT an option. Never has been, never will be. So what tricks does GN do to keep her from quitting and to distract her from the time?  A few of these...

  • Imaging an argument she is saving up for the near future and replaying it in her head. Anger seriously makes any workout feel better! If you've ever had a horrendous day at work or been livid with a partner then headed to the gym for a workout then you will know what Gym Ninja means!
  • Concentrating on the others in the class. Today GN concentrated on the guy who has a complete lack of co-ordination when jumping. We go up, he sits down. We sit down, he stands up. This often gives Gym Ninja the smirks and is rather entertaining, however the humour doesn't last long on a tough ride!
  • Focusing on her latest goal: namely the Ultra-Fit Cover Model Competition & what kind of shape Gym Ninja will need to be in if she is to even stand a chance?
  • Guilt: Knowing if she doesn't work hard enough in Spin then she'll have to go do a run and that's just prolonging the agony...
So you see, plenty of methods of distracting yourself from whining in your head about how tough it is today. Try a few of these and see what works best for you? 

The class was interesting today. Stopped half way and all of the class sent out of the room to do a fast circuit of the running track, to allow the lactic acid to drain from the legs (oh and to make it even tougher when they got back on their bikes). By the end of the class, even Clippy was soggy!

Ahhh, endorphins! MARVELOUS! Gym Worsel dragged her soggy body across the gym floor, and down the spiral staircase into the changing rooms to towel off her hair like a dog after a bath, and to grap her skipping rope. Yep, GN brought her skipping rope with her. Time to finish herself off!!!!!!!

Once inside the weights area, Gym Ninja found a quiet area, set up her weights and then supersetted each lift for the upper body (luckily upper body,  as if it had been lower body today then Gym Ninja may not have been alive to tell the tale) with a few minutes skipping. AHHHHR! 
EG: Bent Over Dumbbell Row....skipping....dumbbell flyes....skipping.....Arnold Press.....skipping....and so on....until two different exercises had been completed for each muscle group.  It got to such a point that Gym Ninja could barely get her feet off the ground to allow the 5mm space for he rope to pass underneath them. 

QUICK! Maximuscle break!

A quick Promax Crisp bar was just enough to stop GN from falling over. This meant she had time to box off a few ab moves before stretching out, then quaffing her Maximuscle Promax shake. 

You know what GN needs after a workout like todays? Apart from decent refuelling nutrition in the form of the Maximuscle range (and if you haven't yet tried it then get clicking on the side links and see what you think-they offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied so you have nothing to lose other than love handles)...anyway, what GN needs after a workout like todays is... A slave to carry her to the showers.  

But Gym Ninja is so much happier having worked herself into the ground today. It has inspired her to shift her ar*e and get to Argos and buy a cheap (£5.99...or was it £4.99?) performing seal ball (aka Swiss Ball) so she can begin...

Yep. Lazy Ninja is going to focus on her abs for a change! Let's see what a dedicated midsection programme can do eh?

On that note Gym Ninja is off to pump up a Swiss Ball. No rest for the vain.... ;-)

Gym Ninja x