Friday, 12 February 2010

Sorry sorry sorry!

BAD Ninja for leaving you yet again without a blog.

 Gym Ninja did warn you all that work pressures are leaving her with precious little time at the moment and this is still the case. Gym Ninja has been hit with a mega wave of stress so she is now going all-out to try and do some damage-limitation as stress can do some nasty things to one's body-things that if you are aware of them, will cause you even MORE stress fretting about!

Gym Ninja does not WANT to go catabolic and have her body tear up precious hard-earned muscle in a response to stress.

Gym Ninja does not WANT to have cortisol (the stress hormone) rage through her body, raising blood pressure and blood glucose, reducing immune response, playing havoc with skin collagen, and if long term exposure occurs, wrecking her memory/learning ability!! Oh and it encourages the body to store fat on the stomach too!


So Gym Ninja is stepping up her diet in terms of being sure to take her supplements, especially Vitamin C, Omega 3 to blunt the effects of cortisol, and also drinking her beloved Maximuscle Promax protein shakes to try and stop the body leaching it out of her muscles.  Gym Ninja is also ensuring she makes some vegetable and fruit juice combinations to further support her body at this stressful time. Gym Ninja has not had ONE cold or bout of flu this winter so has no intention of falling prey now due to lowered immune  levels!!!!!!

So today she is about to mix up the following organic, kiwi, carrots and broccoli...

Broccoli is high in Vitamin C, K and A and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties
Kiwi has again, Vitamin C, plus a decent whack of potassium, Vitamin E and a small amount of vitamin A.
Apples contain many antioxidants (but Gym Ninja learned today that the apple seed are mildly poisonous! EEEK! Who knew?)
Carrots have betacarotene that the body can use to formulate other vitamins from, dietary fibre, antioxidents...and so on....

So it turned out a dirty shade of orange...a bit like if a child used orange poster paints, and then rinsed his brush in a water pot that had green poster paint water...mmm...tasted OK though! Gym Ninja feels a tad less stressed after drinking it too..psychosomatic perhaps?

Look what happened when Gym Ninja did a search on apples..she found this...

No mention of the poisonous pips on this though is there? At least the pips don't grow into a tree inside you (as once thought by a young Gym Ninja)... that is enough moaning for now. Gym Ninja hopes to do a hardcore workout later that should also help dissipate the stress levels. Gym Ninja needs that endorphin high! Plus, her order of Promax Crisp protein bars (all chocolatey and yummy) are due to arrive. If you haven't tried them yet go click on the Maximuscle link and buy a box. You WON'T regret trying them!!!

Gym Ninja xx