Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bargain Ninja

Sorry about yesterday's lack of blog.  Gym Ninja had to get some revision done. Spent hours studying for it all to fall right back out of her head the moment she closed her books.

So...yesterday? Yesterday Gym Ninja took delivery of her fitness sales bargains. Purchased online on Boxing Day from JJB Sport (sorry about that-GN is not normally so chavtastic). A new pair of trainers as her old ones were neither use nor ornament, and a pair of Nike Running Tights (aka lycra sausage skins).  As she no longer does the mileage she once did with running due to discovering the merits of High Intensity Interval Training, she does not specifically need to go OTT with the trainers. So effectively they had to be a decent price and have good cushioning. Gym Ninja nabbed herself some Reebok Celeron Trainers . 'Lightweight running shoe' they are described as....and all for only £24.99.  Bargain!  So when they arrived, Gym Ninja couldn't wait to try them out at the gym...

Off she went to the gym., her new 'very bright' trainers in her bag, along with the sausage skin leggings. Do not fret-she took a sports bra and top too. There were certainly not Gym Ninja puppies on show during her workout!  As she was getting changed, GN noticed that the new trainers had appeared to turn even whiter and pinker (for the bits that were raspberry colour of course) than they had been at home, and, once on her feet (below the Nike sausage-'I spray my gym clothes on me'-skin leggings) they looked like two huge glowing beacons of 'Hi Everyone! I got new kit!' to all around her. The trainers also did not feel as 'lightweight' as the blurb had led her to believe, so she decided to learn by her own lessons she usually fails to remember every time she gets new trainers, and to avoid running until they had broken in a bit. Saves on bloodied heels.

Gym Ninja felt quite smug about recalling the fact that she should not run until the trainers were broken in. Maybe GN was less of a bimbo? Gym Ninja nodded to herself....then immediately took back that phrase. Nope, she was still a bimbo. She had forgotten than Nike always sew in a shopping list length label inside all their clothing  so that, if you forget to cut it out before use (like GN had forgotten to do so), it sticks itself to your body the moment you sweat, making crinkly paper type noises throughout your workout.

Today (yesterday) was cardio & leg day. Gym Ninja loves working her legs. Not sure the sausage skin leggings were ideal to squat in, but too late now! She got her cardio done fairly quickly (stairclimber and cross trainer),  then decided to shake things up a bit (quite literally as it turned out), buy hopping on the Power Plate before starting her weights...

She stood in the squat position, cranked up the vibration levels, went for a full 60 seconds and then began to squat as he activated the machine....
Holy Cow!
It was like squatting a road drill (er..........not sure if Gym Ninja likes the image that has come to mind, but what she actually means is the vibration was akin to road drill levels). Her feet started to slide forwards on the plate with the vibration. She could feel her teeth tingle and her arms and hands were feeling all 'silly'.  Thank GOD it only lasted 60 seconds. She turned to 'dismount'...only to find a man lying face up on his back 'resting' between sets of ab work, just staring at her sausage skins!  HOW embarrassing! He had been watching her bum jiggle all over the place and as he was still staring despite the fact she'd gotten off the Power Plate and turned to face him meant that it had in some way hypnotised him (and NOT in a good way-her arse must have seriously wobbled like a giant jelly!).  humph! That was enough of THAT!

So onto the weights. Deadlifts, front/back lunges, frontal plane lunges, barbell squats, Romanian Deadlifts then over to the Hammer Strength leg press. Gym Ninja loaded on 120kgs and began to press for 8 reps. These sausage skin tights had so far not split so she  carried on.  A guy sat down on the identical leg press next to her, before getting right back up again and adding weight plates to it. He then proceeded to 'trot'. He circled the leg press, kicking up and back towards his bum. Not seen THAT warm up method  before!!!!!!  He sat back down and started to press...he was doing sets of 6 reps....with identical weight to Gym Ninja. She wondered if that meant he had puny legs if he were only pushing the same 120kgs as she was? At least his ego didn't get into it and make him add the weights... Gym Ninja soon finished up there...she felt like Big Bertha Ninja pressing the same weights as the guy.

With her workout complete having thrown in some ab work and stretches, she headed back down to peel off the sausage skins, squinting at the brightness of her new trainers, before mixing up her chocolate Promax protein powder.
WITHOUT FAIL, she always manages to spill a small amount of the powder onto the vanity unit, no matter how careful she is. What is that about? Oh, and whilst GN is on the subject, she has heard that Maximuscle may well be launching a new range in the New Year, so will keep her eyes peeled and blog back as and when. Exciting stuff eh? More yummy flavours or excuses to buy more? After all, her 'Supplement Station' in her kitchen (an area where she piles up her tubs of various flavours of protein powders, meal replacements, creatine if taking it, etc) plus blender and shaker bottles, is looking less full than usual.

Toodle pip!
Hope you are all busy setting 'goals' for 2010? Gym Ninja will do hers tonight, promise!

Gym Ninja x

Would you rather have legs like sausages OR a bum like jelly?