Thursday, 3 December 2009

Gadgets Galore!

Today, Gym Ninja became Gadget Ninja.

To be fair, Gym Ninja is always Gadget Ninja, yet this is not a gadget blog, so she hushes her mouth.  So why mention it? Well, they are gadgets for health and fitness, which is right up your street, no? If not, why else would you be dropping by? I guess if you didn't, we'd only talk about you!     ;-)  

So what did Gadget Ninja decide to regale you with today? Three gadgets. How terribly exciting! She would have regaled you with a trip to the gym, but was yet again SABOTAGED by something in her own home. A bowl. Yes, in her haste to get a bowl out to decant her Maximuscle Promax frozen sorbet protein mix, she smacked herself in the lip with it, causing a bit of a cut and swelling. Ow. So back to the gadgety stuff......

The first, is the ever wonderful, splendid and tremendous Tanita BB 545 Innerscan Body Composition Monitor...   Huh? What's that? Ahhhh... scales that measure what % of you wobbles, flexes and sloshes. Body Composition at the advanced level.  Just when you thought you would never get more hung up on how many Kilos you weight, there comes along a potential way of justifying (or berating) your weight gain/loss.  It's a tricky old subject. Very difficult to accurately monitor your true body composition short of dunking you in a big tank of water like a giant Tetley Tea Bag (although to be fair, it is a tad  more technical than how Gym Ninja describes it here). But Tanita are very highly regarded in their field, and this is no cheap Body Composition Monitor. No sireebob!

Gym Ninja knows what you are thinking right now. He's a good looking chap on the box, no? But let us drag your dirty eyes off the fake man on the box and instead look on the back of the box to give us a better idea of what it does and what to expect.  In a Ninja nutshell, it assists the Ninja in monitoring the changes in her fitness regime, along with the effects of her nutrition and supplementation programme. Has she been genuinely adding lean muscle and stripping away the body fat, which is why the scales have moved up? Or is she in fact, a Ninja shaped stack of blubber with a few bones and blood vessels mushed up in the core?  We will soon learn...

The Tanita BC 545's monitor the following:

Body Fat % and Muscle Mass by 'segments' (a bit like a chocolate orange yet less chocolately). A segment is an arm, leg, and trunk (if you are an elephant).

BMR which is Basal Metabolic 'Age', which then gives you a calorie reading for what you need to eat to keep you alive..ALIVE I say.....!

Visceral Fat...the blubbery stuff protecting  (or suffocating, depending on the amount) your internal organs.

Bone Mass...are you strong and healthy or a bit like a Crunchie Bar?

% of Total you slosh when you walk? also tells you your weight. How terribly old school....!

So what's Gym Ninja's readings I hear you ask? Slowly Slowly catch the fatty monkey, as they say. Gym Ninja has yet to build up the nerve to try these stupendous scales. Needs to be in the 'right' frame of mind the first time she tries it..a  bit like shopping for jeans.  But watch this space, as Gym Ninja didn't splash out on these solely for the beefcake on the front of the box!!!!!

Gadget Number 2 is..

Oooooooooh! To be fair, do not assume Gym Ninja is backward. She has an iPhone already, but hers is 17 months old *gasp* and in need of an upgrade to the 'disguise-busting' white model. In hindsight this will make it harder for a black-clad Ninja to seamlessly blend into the background...but hell. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!  The gadget part comes into the Apps. Ooodles of Apps of a Health & Fitness Persuasion to monitor your workouts, your food intake, and even an app to show you the side effects of various e-numbers and chemical additives in foods.  Gym Ninja must now walk away from this paragraph for fear of becoming obsessed...

So the final Gadget? OK, so it isn't a gadget in itself. It is a book... see?

Yep. Gym Ninja's 2010 obsession coming to a blog near you. The gadget (if you will) is a skipping rope and this book describes good old 'Buddy' (!) as 'a wizard of the rope'. Just who of us out there would pass up a chance to be described as a 'wizard of the rope?' Hell, Gym Ninja would settle for being a 'Fairy of Skipping' right now. So she will start to read the book....and digest the facts...and then pass them all on to you. if you then refuse to join it too, she will hunt you all down and give you all Chinese Burns until you do........and then we can all do the 'X-Foot Cross', or the 'Full Twister' moves together.

Happy? It was a bit health and fitness related after all no?

Gym Ninja is signing off for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow she will have an exercise story for you. Until then...remember this saying...

'Man who stand on toilet is high on pot...'

Gym Ninja