Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Do you like....?

Do you like what Gym Ninja did with the place?

Dressed it up with some Maximuscle banners.

Admittedly it is possibly not a good thing that Gym Ninja admits to being somewhat 'lazy' in whatever form it takes,  however, she thinks it is far easier to have banners that you can click to reach the product links mentioned here than for her to have to type out and manually add the link every time she mentions her most favourite of proteins (Promax) & her guilt-free pleasure (Promax Crisp Bars).  

Trust Gym Ninja-she has tried many many brands in her time, and had varying results from them all. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. Gym Ninja has now been fortunate that she has found a brand (Maximuscle) that appears to suit her very well indeed. Not just by the results-oh and the results have been fantastic. Surely there must be nothing worse that buying a product, trying it and seeing and/or feeling no discernible difference? Gym Ninja has been that girl. Sadly. Shelled out for a 'Moon On a Stick' type protein powder or pill, all enthusiastic about it... and then seen nothing but a very unattractive side effect of gas/bloating or noting whatsoever. Gym Ninja does not do 'gas'. Just so you know...

Gym Ninja has also tried some ranges of supplements, such as Muscletech, whereby the results seemed very good..if only she could bear to take the goddam things. NOOOOOOOO! Gym Ninja did not used to be a fat kid for nothing you know She needs to like how something tastes. If she doesn't, then it stays in the cupboard. Doesn't really  matter how superb it is if she can't bear to drink it.  She cannot drink a protein drink if it tastes like it was dredged up out of the sink plug hole and strained  through something found at the bottom of the sock drawer. Yuk!

Anyhow, this is why she bleats on about Maximuscle stuff all the time. A genuine preference. It works for Gym Ninja. It tastes very very nice. Oh, and it has an ISO type thingie that is linked with standards of purity etc. Basically they test it that extra way and guarantee it is what it is supposed to be in the tub/bottle/pill. Gym Ninja likes rules and regulations. She'd be able to tell you in more depth about ISOs but hell, has to leave the house now so would suggest if you are interested in that then just go and take a peek at their site. See? Now YOU think it's easier to have the banner links! We can ALL be lazy!

She will change the banners occasionally in the way that women redecorate all the time. But for now she has linked the Promax and the Promax Crisp for you just in case you want to see ingredients/calories/special offers etc. Oh and there are offers on the Promax Crisp Bars as she has just taken advantage of them! Yum!

Gym Ninja will be blogging properly later so be sure to check back. But just wanted to explain the decorations as she knows you'd notice!!!!

I'll be checking you came back later so be sure to log in this evening (or tomorrow) for Gym Ninja's events at the gym last night!!!!!

Gym Ninja x