Friday, 11 December 2009

Ninja Pie!


 Not an actual pie.  Gym Ninja does not do 'pie'. Think more 'pie chart'. Think 'divisions of a whole.' Think percentages. Stop before you  get to Venn Diagrams as they are neither use nor ornament. No. Go back a step and get to percentages and then....can you guess? Can you?

Yep. Gym Ninja finally took the Tanita Body Composition scales out of the box...and 'stepped on them!'. Yep. Gym Ninja now knows a veritable pie chart of facts about what she is 'made up' of. .... .... Give or take natural fluctuations, wonky floor tiles, too much liquid prior to weighing, too little liquid prior to weighing, the direction of the suns rays, the colour of butterfly wings...OK, so it is never 100% accurate but it gives Gym Ninja a clue as to whether she is on the right track...

It took a fair bit of doing though. Gym Ninja used to weigh herself every Saturday morning after she'd hopped out of bed., but has not done so for a month. Plus she had been eating like a horse recently so was a tad concerned! Plus, ladies, the Tanita scales insist that for accuracy you must NOT use them within 3 hours of food, sleep or workout! That means...weighing without being dehydrated and empty of food (the way us women like to be weighed!!!). EEEK! She would have to get up, eat breakfast and then 3 hours later, weigh herself. Cripes!

So Gym Ninja had an idea. Today she hopped out of bed and hit the normal bathroom scales as per usual. PHEW! Weight pretty much the same. This is her 'control' so now she knows whatever the Tanita scales say, she is similar in weight to how she was before. Gym Ninja proceeded to then have a Promax smoothie for breakfast...let's not tempt fate eh?

She clock watched as she did her admin from home. Then, at 11.40am precisely, Gym Ninja became naked Ninja and stepped on the scales, pulling up the special handles so that the scales would measure her entire body...

The scales are fab. Gym Ninja loves gadgets and these are fantastic. They allow you to set 4 people's user details in such a age, gender, activity level (Gym Ninja programmed herself in under the athlete label as she correctly matched her details in the handbook which suggested she did this).  The scales would then test for the following, and when it came to muscle mass and body fat, would also show individual arm, leg and (elephants) trunk readings as well as collective readings. OOOOOOH! It then records the details and you can refer back to them. There is also a guest mode. Tanita must know you will harp on about this so drunken friends will then insist on trying them, stripping naked in your bathroom.

So...the scales would tell Gym Ninja the following:

Body Weight as in the normal 'OMG how can this be, I hardly ate anything yesterday' type reading.
She registered 4 lbs more as she was not dehydrated and 'empty' ahem! So she measured 8 stone 8lbs.

Total Body Fat registered as 15.6%.
It then gave breakdowns of percentages for her limbs and trunk. Remarkably, she discovered that her right leg is a fattie compared to her left leg. 'Righty' measures at 18.4% fat whilst 'Leftie' measures only 16.3%.
Who knew?  Oh it gave arm readings & torso too but next time Gym Ninja will give individual readings, as she is too tired today!

Total Body Water registered at 62.4% which is normal

Visceral Fat measured on a scale of 1-59 with 1-12 being healthy. Gym Ninja scored 1. YAY!

Basal Metabolic Rate the cals allowed just to stay alive is 1350 kcals.

Metabolic Age which is the average age associated with metabolism  came out at 20! This is fantastic as Gym Ninja is not 20.

Muscle Mass came out as a total in stones. Gym Nina weighs in at 6 stone 12.6lbs of sheer muscle!  The rest  is 'bits and bobs'. Again, individual arm/leg/torso results too.

Bone Mass came out at 5lbs. This is in the right zone apparently according to the book so Gym Ninja is not a honeycomb inside.

Exciting stuff no? Gym Ninja will try it weekly and then start to see where the variations are and then begin to use it to monitor her fitness results. Increase the weights and then see what happens on the scales. Marvelous!!!!!!!!   Gym Ninja is harping on about these scales SO much she may have a word with the company she bought them off to see if they can organize a discount for you? She will report back if successful on this mission of mercy.............

OK. Gym Ninja needs to go now as there is some low fat peanut butter calling her name.  She thinks Fattie Right Leg is the culprit who craves it then stashes it away!

Have a good day!!!!!

'He who eat too many prunes, sits on potty many moons'

Gym Ninja x